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Hillingdon AC wants to give every member the opportunity to train and participate at his or her best level, in a professional and happy environment and be recognised locally as such a club.

Athletics is the sport of competing in track and field events, including running races and various competitions in jumping and throwing.

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5K Masterclass Update (Records Tumble)

Having completed just over a third of the Dash for Fitness 5K Masterclass, in association with Hillingdon Athletic Club (HAC), it was time to check the runners’ progress in last night’s HAC 5K Training Race, and they all passed with flying colours.

Each runner beat their pre-Masterclass 5k time by more than 2 minutes (following on from the June race, when each runner beat their time by at least 1minute), with Victoria beating hers by 3 minutes, and Kate beating hers by 5 minutes! And that’s just the start of last night’s achievements…..Grace, Helen, Stuart, and Kate all set new PBs with Stuart, remarkably, not only beating last night’s target but also his target for the August 5k. Even more remarkably,Grace and Kate beat their targets for the end of the programme – so new ones will now be agreed. In addition, Sandra just missed a PB despite being just back from holiday, and Victoria, who was just outside hers, demonstrated increased stamina by running the last lap 1min/mile faster than the first 3k.

All in all, another truly amazing night with the runners once more leaving their coach open mouthed and very proud of them all.  Once published, full results will be available at http://www.hillingdonac.co.uk/

If you’d like to get yourself a new 5K PB, the next 12-week Masterclass will be held on Saturdays 9.00-10.00am (Kings College Track, Ruislip), starting on 16th September, and will be using Parkruns once a month to check progress. Limited places available. Further information and registration by email to dashforfitness@btinternet.com or call Gary on 07710 105086.

Gosunder Handicap Trophy – Saturday 12th August

Gosunder Handicap Trophy Race and BBQ 12th August

The traditional Gosunder Handicap Trophy will once again be contested over a 5 mile course in Ruislip Woods on Saturday 12th August. For the first time we will also be incorporating the junior athletes’ training race.
Adults will run two laps of the course, junior athletes will be competing in teams of 2, each running one 2.5 mile lap.

Numbers will be issued at the clubhouse from 3.00pm – 3.40 pm with the first runner starting at 4.00 pm.  Race entry is free for HAC members or £3.00 for non-members.

Afterwards we will be having a BBQ back at the clubhouse and watching the evening session of the world athletics championships including Mo Farah’s final ever track race.

Please enter in advance if possible so that we can work out the handicaps and get an idea of numbers for the BBQ although entries will be available on the day for the less organised of you!

Junior athletes, please let Courtney know if you plan on running.

Dan Spinks

Summer Series Points Table Event 8

The summer series is hotting up nicely for the ladies.    Points tally after Event 8 the Trent Park Triffic Trail 10k.

1 Debbie Brown V 105
2 Christina Benjamin S 100
2 Lyndsey Browne V 100
4 Melanie Spencer V 98
5 Zoe Dobbs V 72
5 Lucy Duncan V 72
7 Jackie O’Dowd V 60
7 Karen O’Rourke V 60
9 Ciara Williams S 57
10 Katherine Wells S 53
11 Lorraine McNulty S 35
12 Heather Davidson V 34
12 Caroline Ford V 34
14 Cathy Carruthers V 33
15 Lynn Hyde V 32
16 Nikki Tasker S 29
17 Angela Duncan V 24
18 Gemma Barry S 20
19 Hannah Wells S 19
20 Eva Mack S 18
21 Kate Shockley S 17
22 Stephanie Sungjong V 16
23 Pauline Smith V 15
23 Rebecca Williams S 15
25 Michaelor Mayor S 14
26 Babz Kedge V 13
27 Maria Trujillo V 12
28 Taj Randhawa V 11
28 Lotte Visser S 11
30 Vicky Brownlee V 10
30 Sharon Talbot V 10
32 Sarah Choudhury V 9
32 Carole Mccarthy V 9
34 Sharon Hopkins V 6
35 Jo Miles V 5
36 Ingrid Hansen V 4
HAC Mens Summer Series
1 Dennis Carey V50 78
2 David Shelvey V40 69
3 Dave Smith V50 56
4 Paul Leppard S 55
5 James Manley S 52
6 John Blake V50 43
7 Rob Thompson S 40
8 John Doyle V60 38
9 James Quinn V50 34
10 Stephen Ford V40 33
11 John Bignell V60 32
11 Dave Gaffney V40 32
13 Tim Seal S 26
14 Bob Burton V50 22
14 Bill Harding V60 22
14 Martin Searle V50 22
17 Andy Torrence V60 21
18 Andy Moore S 20
17 Adam Elderfield S/V 19
17 John Hughes V50 19
17 James Laing S 19
17 Alan Wells V50 19
23 Kyle Ramnath S 16
24 Ross Longton S 15
25 John Luscombe V40 14
26 Paul Hull V40 13
27 Dan Whittaker V40 11
28 Chris Tasker V60 10
29 John Dobbs V50 8
30 Paul Spencer V40 7
31 Sam Hurley S 6
31 Mark Hyde V50 6
33 Les Brough S 5
33 Paul McKay V40 5
33 Errol Ramnath V50 5
36 Doug Milsom V70 2
37 Steve McGuiness V50 1
38 Ken Bobet V70 0
38 Paul Burke V50 0
38 Bob Beales V70 0

June Race Round Up by Hannah Wells

It’s been a busy month and hard to keep up, here are some of the highlights!!!

Summer Solstice

The Speedy Spencers

Inaugural Summer Solstice Race and BBQ 24th June! A really fun event for all family and friends of Hillingdon AC. Well done to Rob Thompson who ran as a solo team and still won the title! A special mention to Richard Mann who completed the fastest lap with 05:17, Anna Harwood for completing the fastest female lap with 06:20 and Patrick Hyde fastest junior lap with 06:40. Our next Big Hillingdon AC race and BBQ is  the infamous Gosunder on the 12th of August!

The Hutchison Harriers



3rd SAL Match Uxbridge
Home advantage at the 3rd SAL meant we were able to walk away with 2nd place in a very hard fixture! It was great to see so many new faces taking part for the first time in the SAL. Woman of the Match goes to newcomer Lorraine McNulty for being brave enough to try out the steeplechase in her first time competing!  Man of the Match goes to Liam Holbrook for his impressive dive to the line of the men’s 4x400m! The next League event is on the 8th of July at Reading, please let your team managers know if you are available, all competing athletics and first timers welcome!

L is for Lorraine, Lotte and Lyndsey



“The Vets”
The Vets team continues to go from strength to strength and following a balmy summers evening in June at Battersea Park, they remain 2nd place in the league! The next meet takes place on Wednesday 12th of July at Perivale – why not try something new or give something a go you haven’t done for a long time!

The Vets Team at Battersea Park

Kids Fly High
The latest 3k run took place on Tuesday 27th June. The weather wasn`t very pleasant but 51 athletes/parents turned out to run which was great to see. Thanks to all the volunteers who helped marshal the event whether it was as a timekeeper or as a field marshal to make sure everyone kept on the right route, your support is much appreciated.
The first athlete to finish was Josh H Lee who ran an impressive 11:16 and was followed in by, Patrick Hyde 11:43 and Arun Forrest 12.04. The first female to finish was Millie Loran in 13.39 and 11th place overall. Well done to all who took part.


Lucy Wilcock broke club record for U13 Javelin with a throw of 28.70m!
Amy Hillier broke the club U17 record for 300m!
Lara Anene is now ranked 2nd in the country for 600m!
Well done to all who have been competing in this month’s league races, fantastic results!!!

HAC Clean Up at the Ickenham 5

The start of July saw the Hillingdon AC team out in full force at the Ickenham 5.

The 5th anniversary of the race bought a mega 35 members out in the sun to complete two laps of the road route around Ickenham.

This year the race organisers kindly altered the already fairly flat route to make it faster for us.

There was lots to celebrate in the way of  individual performances as well as both the Ladies and Men’s team prizes heading our way.

Ladies team:
Gemma Barry (31:01) and 1st Lady
Hannah Wells (33:30) and 3rd Lady
Lynne Hyde (35:48)

Mens team:
James Laing (26:59) and 3rd Man
Richard Mann (28:27)
Tashan Allman (30:01)

Well done also to Karen O’Rourke who picked up the W50 prize.

Seeing so many members running together certainly made it a morning to remember. Well done to everyone who competed; the team spirit was evident with lots of PBs, cheering, singing (happy birthday again Zoe) and 5 miles of smiles.

SAL Social Saturday

After the Southern Athletics League meeting this Saturday, 8th July we will be organising a fish & chip supper for any athletes, officials, volunteers, supporters or just hungry members back at the clubhouse.     Costs to be confirmed, but if you would like to join us please sign up at the Clubhouse by this Thursday evening.

The Clubhouse Team

5km Masterclass Update

The 2nd track session of the Dash for Fitness, 5K Masterclass, in association with Hillingdon Athletic Club (HAC), was held last night. Each Masterclass is limited to 8 runners. Helen, Kate, Stuart, Victoria and Yoko were in action last night (and we also hosted special guest Betsy), with Grace and Sandra being unavailable but coached on what to do in self-managed sessions, and  Lisa unable to start the 12-weeks due to prior injury.

As well as posture, balance, technique, and strength training, the night’s highlight was the 1600m (1 mile) repetitions, with each runner tasked with doing times consistent with the fitness improvements required for their 5k goals (ranging from 7:05-11:34 per 1600m).

These times should be reasonably tough (although not as tough as the last session’s 400s) but everyone put in another outstanding performance, running at consistent paces but still beating their target times by between 1sec and 1min (I think, for at least one person, there might be a review of goals following the next HAC 5K training race!). A special pat on the back for Stuart and Yoko who, after a short break, were asked to do an extra 400m (whilst the other runners were finishing off) and both recorded their fastest lap time. In addition, Grace has reported doing her repetitions 15secs faster than her target time in her self-managed session.

The laughter in the group shot below was at the coaches expense after an unscheduled game of “Find his Phone” resulted in Helen using the iPhone app “Find my Phone” to find his Phone was “At his Home”!  Yeah, yeah, very funny everyone – you wait until next week!

Summer Solstice Relays 2017

This was a new event to the Hillingdon AC fixture list and it proved popular.

A chance to team up with family or club friends saw 56 individuals carry 14 batons around Mad Bess Woods. “I know a great route through the woods” is Nigel Ealand’s clubhouse nickname and he certainly lived up to it.

The mile loop was certainly challenging, starting with a gentle climb up to the first corner. The event bought the young, not so young and all ages in between out into the fresh air for some friendly competition.

The Summer Solstice Relay 2017 title was won by Rob “Mr Consistency” Thompson who completed all four laps himself in 05:36, 05:47, 05:50 and 05:51.

Once everyone had successfully got their batons round (there was only a few drops but we won’t tell Nigel) all headed back for a fabulous evening BBQ and music by DJ Steve Thompson, conga anyone?

Well done to all who took part, special mentions go to:

Richard Mann who completed the fastest lap with 05:17

Anna Harwood for completing the fastest female lap with 06:20

Patrick Hyde fastest junior lap with 06:40

Full results can be seen here HAC Solstice relay results

Thanks to Nigel who organised the event and all the volunteers who helped at the clubhouse or marshalled the course.

June 3K training race results

The rain didn’t stop the June 3k play.  Well done to all that completed the race and a big thank you to the officials that had to contend with challenging weather, finshers with washed off numbers and a very busy finish area. Results can be found here.

A Letter from America and a big thank you

As some of our members may know the time has come to bid a fond farewell to the Janke family as they return to America very soon. This is the start of a thank you letter sent by Kurt Janke to all members of HAC. The full letter will be published in HAC’s forthcoming On The Limit newsletter, but here’s a sneaky peak to pass on the family’s thanks now.

We wish them safe travels and pass our thanks right back to them.

“Tonight was our last night of practice at Hillingdon Athletic Club and we have been overwhelmed with gratitude to the members of HAC who have impacted our life over the past three and a half years. It is sad to leave a place we love so much. We have come to love the United Kingdom and its people. We have tried so hard to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity and we have found that we have so much left undone here. That means we will probably be back at some point, but in the event we do not make it we do not want to leave without expressing our thanks to all the members of the club that made our time here so memorable.

We hope our paths cross again. If you are in the Washington DC area please stop by for a run or tour. We would love to host you.”

Kurt, Crystal, Olivia and Anna