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Hillingdon Athletic Club wants to give every member from aged 9 upwards the opportunity to train and participate at his or her best level, in a professional and happy environment and be recognised locally as such a club.

We are club that provides for it’s members from Junior to veteran ages the opportunty to compete in Track and Field, Road and Cross Country events both locally and nationally.

All Standards Welcome!

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First Aid Course

The club have four spaces available on a First Aid Course being held at the clubhouse. The course is being held on Saturday 18th November 2017 at the Clubhouse from 9am-5pm. It is being attended by some of our Coaches and is a Level 3 Award in First Aid for Sport, Exercise and Fitness.

The certificate lasts for three years.

We do ask that if you attend the course you make yourself available to assist in any capacity at club fixtures, e.g. marshalling, officiating, volunteering, so that the club and our members benefit from the investment.

If you are interested in attending please email lyndseyb16@gmail.com.



Dave Holman RIP

It is with deep regret that I have to inform you of the death of Dave Holman in the early hours of this morning. His funeral will be held in Ruislip, date to be confirmed. For those of you who didn’t meet Dave he was a long time coach at HAC, bringing out the best in many of our junior athletes. He was also a great character who over came many challenges in his life. Many thought of him as Mr HAC, as he lived and breathed the club. Very sad that he will no longer be around.

Summer 5km Masterclass – The Final Reckoning

Thursday’s 5K Training Race marked the end of the Dash for Fitness Summer 5k Masterclass, in association with HAC. The participants have been incredibly successful taking an average of c3:00 mins off their 5k time.

As previously reported Grace and Sandra took 2:50 and 1:32 off their times despite only being with us for the first 8 wks. And Lisa and Lois, who joined for the last 8 wks, did equally brilliantly – taking… 2:26 and 1:07 off their times. In addition, whilst Lois was unable to make the race, Lisa was the star of the night – improving her last race time (of just 4 wks’ ago) by an amazing 1:10.

The results achieved by those that did the full 12 wks were even more impressive. Stuart finished with a PB 2:06 faster than his already speedy 24:18 entry time. Helen finished with a 2:55 faster PB. Victoria finished with a 3:34 faster PB. And Kate finished with a PB that was a remarkable 6:02 faster!

In fact, everyone did fantastically well throughout the programme – working hard in the track sessions, on their “homework”, and in the progress checking races. They left a very proud coach with a satisfied (slightly silly) smile on his face.

The spotlight now turns to the Autumn 5K Masterclass which starts this Saturday (16th). We have a mix of non-runners (looking to start running), beginners (looking to run further) and improvers (looking to run faster). If you’re interested in signing up for all or part (4, 8, or 12 wks) of a 5k Masterclass (9-10 Saturdays in Autumn and Winter, and 6.15-7.15 Thursdays in Spring and Summer), then please get in touch to discuss or to register – email dashforfitness@btinternet.com or call Gary on 07710 105086.



Zoe and John’s Pizza and Games Night

Who doesn’t love pizza? Who doesn’t love games?

The 14th October is not only the first Met League fixture of the season but also the date of Zoe and John Pizza and Games night.

So run super fast up that hill at Claybury to earn your carbs and maintain your competitive edge to beat your team mates at lots of games back at the clubhouse.

All members and family welcome. The evening starts at 7pm.

Please support your club events, a full clubhouse is a wonderful sight!

Final 2017 5km Training Race – Results

Results of the 5km training race below, held on 14th September 2017.

Thanks to the officials Andy Torrence, Phil Welch and Sharon Talbot for organising the race, and to the clubhouse team and volunteers for the quiz and food afterwards.


1 ROB THOMPSON 26 Hillingdon 16:20
2 JAMES MANLEY 34 Hillingdon  18:28
3 SCOTT FARLEY 45 Hillingdon 18:40
4 PAUL LEPPARD 39 Hillingdon 19:09
5 ROSS LONGTON 35 Hillingdon 20:12
6 DAVE SMITH 53 Hillingdon 20:20
7 JOHN BLAKE 51 Hillingdon 21:07
8 DAN WHITTAKER 42 Hillingdon 21:12
9 SAM HURLEY 19 Hillingdon 21:24
10 KAREN O’ROURKE 52 Hillingdon 21:40
11 ALEX LONGTON 30 Hillingdon 21:41
12 MARTIN SEARLE 59 Hillingdon 21:42
13 CATHY CARRUTHERS 52 Hillingdon 21:47
14 JOHN BIGNELL 65 Hillingdon 21:50
15 ZOE DOBBS 48 Hillingdon 21:53
16 CIARA WILLIAMS 25 Hillingdon 21:55
17 STUART ARUNDEL 51 Hillingdon 22:08
18 LOTTE VISSER 25 Hillingdon 22:24
19 PAULINE SMITH 39 Hillingdon 22:48
20 MEL SPENCER 41 Hillingdon 22:54
21 PAUL MCKAY 43 Hillingdon 23:43
22 DENIS CAREY 52 Hillingdon 24:06
23 BRYONY LYCETT-BROWN 27 Hillingdon 24:15
24 DEBBIE BROWN 44 Hillingdon 24:16
25 GRAHAM WOOD 65 Hillingdon 24:47
26 HEATHER DAVIDSON 36 Hillingdon 25:27
27 JOHN DOYLE 100 Hillingdon 25:31
28 BILL HARDING 67 Hillingdon 26:18
29 PETER HUMM 54 Hillingdon 26:26
30 LYNDSEY BROWNE 38 Hillingdon 26:26
31 CHRISTINA BENJAMEN 27 Hillingdon 27:42
32 ALAN WELLS 53 Hillingdon 27:54
33 REBECCA WILLIAMS 24 Hillingdon 29:32
34 KATHERINE WELLS 27 Hillingdon 29:56
35 SALLY BUNDOCK 70 Hillingdon 30:16
36 LISA NISBETT 46 Dashforfitness 31:21
37 PAUL BURKE 54 Hillingdon 31:25
38 HELEN CONIBEERE 51 Dashforfitness 32:11
39 KATE SCHIAVI 45 Dashforfitness 32:28
40 VICTORIA EVANS 24 Dashforfitness 34:37

Devil takes the Hindmost 5th September 2017


  Men Women & Over 60 Men Plate
1 John Ellis (ESM) Chris Tasker (M60) Gary Horn (M40)
2 Scott Farley (M45) Anna Harwood Jonathan Gawn
3 John Blake (M50) Zoe Dobbs (W45) Martin Searle (M55)
4 Paul Cassels Nicky Tasker Vivek Upadhyay/Dan Spinks (M40)
5 Sam Hurley Bryony Lycett-Brown  
6 Daniel Whittaker Heather Davidson (W35) Lucy Duncan (W40)/Andy Torrance (M60)/Paul McCay (M40)
7 Tim Seal Louisa Gawn (W35)  
8 Gary Horn (M40) Lucy Duncan (W40)/Andy Torrance (M60)  
9 Jonathan Gawn   Elisa Morse (W45)/Louisa Gawn (W35)/Graham Wood (M65)
10 Vivek Upadhyay/Paul McCay (M40) Elisa Morse (W45)/Graham Wood (M65)  
12 Dan Spinks (M40)/Martin Searle (M55)    
Officials: Gavin Collett, Sharon Talbot, John Bignell, John Dobbs  


Hillingdon AC Ladies Veterans team do us proud, finishing the season in third

The Hillingdon AC Ladies Veterans team did the club proud again over the 4 x SCVAC competitions this summer, coming third overall behind tough competition from Serpentine (the winners) and Herne Hill, reports team manager Maria Hernandez-Humm. Delighted to welcome some new faces to the team, Caroline Ford, Kathryn Curruthers and Boo Smith, but we also had a number of injured athletes who were sorely missed. Hope you are recovering well ladies!

The first fixture at Battersea was a rather cold and wet affair, but we are used to this British summer weather! We were able to fill every event with a Hillingdon AC athlete and had some stand out performances from Sharon Dooley and Caroline Ford winning the 100m A & B stream, Pauline Fischer winning the 400m in the W60 category and Jo Miles winning the 2000m walk in the W60 category. Must thank a reluctant Lynn Hyde for stepping up in the W35 2000m walk, really appreciated, ensuring the team came a close 3rdoverall. [Read more →]

August 3K Training Race Results

Well done to everyone that competed tonight in the 3K Training Race in perfect conditions. Plenty of great performances once again. Thanks as ever to the team of timekeepers and marshals that made the event happen! Results can be found here.

Update on Summer 5K Masterclass and Autumn enrolment

On Thursday night, runners from the Dash for Fitness Summer 5K Masterclass, in association with Hillingdon Athletic Club, took part in HAC’s August 5k Training Race to check on their progress with 4 of the 12 training weeks to go.

Lois, Stuart, and Victoria all beat their pre-Masterclass baseline times, with Helen achieving a new PB (2:55 better than baseline and only 5 secs away from her end of programme goal). In fact, having taken an average of over 3 mins off their baselines, all the runners are now within striking distance of their goals. And it wasn’t just the current Masterclass runners that shone in the race, two of those planning to join our next Masterclass took part and performed amazingly: Karmen WON the women’s race in 20:06 – taking 2 secs off her baseline, and Lisa improved hers by a whopping 54secs.

If you’d like to run a faster 5k, then why not sign up for the Autumn 5k Masterclass taking place on Saturdays 9.00-10.00 (Kings College Track, Ruislip), from 16th September, with 5k Park Runs used every month to track progress. Beginners welcome. You can pay for the 12-week course in 20 monthly installments (works out as 5/week), or for all 12 weeks in advance at a discounted rate of 50. There’s also a pay as you go price of 10/week set deliberately high because the course works best with regular attendance.

Further info and registration by email to dashforfitness@btinternet.com or call 07710 105086.

Gosunder Handicap Race Report 2017



On a glorious day for barbecuing, around 55 runners plus assorted friends, family, marshals and officials popped over to Mad Bess Woods for the 2017 Gosunder handicap race.

In the junior race the first team home were a pairing more used to jumping and hurdling than distance running- Tariq Arieff and Rhys Feauviour.

Meanwhile over in the senior race the first finisher was Matt Smith whose daughter Mia was running in the relay, however as the rules of the Gosunder dictate that the trophy is won by the first HAC member home, that honour passed to 2nd place finisher and crowd favourite Alan Wells (I’m glad I didn’t give in to his pre race request for a better handicap).

Then it was back to the clubhouse for apres ski, BBQ and some great athletics on the TV. I think it’s safe to say that everyone had a great time as evidenced by the fact that we ran out of both food and beer.

Many, many thanks to everyone who helped make the day run so smoothly. A lot of people contributed in one way or another and it’s very much appreciated.

Gosunder Handicap Trophy results


Matt Smith 55.04 45.04
Alan Wells 57.13 52.13
James Laing 58.17 30.17
Karen O’Rourke 58.21 41.21
Charlotte Ford 58.23 49.23
Lynn Hyde 58.24 42.24
Gemma Barry 58.26 33.56
Sam Hurley 58.41 40.11
Paul Spencer 58.49 41.49
Ed Campbell 58.58 31.28
Melanie Spencer 59.04 42.04
Richard Mann 59.17 31.47
Bob Burton 59.27 43.27
Debbie Brown 59.32 46.32
Dennis Carey 59.34 46.34
John Dobbs 59.44 40.44
Stevan Dokic 59.48 40.48
Lyndsey Browne 60.00 52.00
Jackie O’Dowd 60.01 56.01
David Gaffney 60.59 40.29
Zoe Dobbs 61.15 41.15
Angela Duncan 61.25 61.25
John Blake 61.35 41.05
Les Brough 61.59 44.59
Lucy Duncan 62.50 51.50
Trevor Steeples 62.57 45.57
Lotte Visser 63.10 42.40
Christine Munden 63.35 59.35
Roy Feaviour 64.25 59.25



Junior Relays

Names Lap times Total Times
Tariq Arieff 20.28 41.51
Rhys Feauviour 21.23
Ellie Djeman 31.16 49.2
Hannah Wells 18.04
Tiarmo Stewart 28.23 48.25
Noah Lawson 20.02
Charlie and Mark Hyde 24.09 53.02
Patrick Hyde 28.53
Mia Smith 23.08
Keara Ryan 24.56
Ed Spencer 23.16 45.51
William Spencer 22.35
Aleeyah 31.42 56.38
Malank 24.52
Team Mack part 1, Eva, Ryan and Emma 30.57 56.09
Team Mack part 2, Courtney Clarke and Seb 25.12
Rosie Hickell 31.43 52.48
Elizabeth Brooks 21.05
Brianna Sayamba 41.58 41.58