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Hillingdon Athletic Club wants to give every member from aged 9 upwards the opportunity to train and participate at his or her best level, in a professional and happy environment and be recognised locally as such a club.

We are club that provides for it’s members from Junior to veteran ages the opportunty to compete in Track and Field, Road and Cross Country events both locally and nationally.

All Standards Welcome!

To help make this website relevant to all its users it needs to be fed information and developed by all its users!
To add any news, results, events or other information that you feel may be of interest or relevance to other Hillingdon AC members please click on the logo below

Cardiac Risk in the Young

In 80% of cases of sudden cardiac death there are no prior symptoms. Screening programmes help to detect underlying problems and enable treatments and lifestyle changes to be put in place to minimise the risk of death in those identified at risk.

A simple ECG which records the electrical activity of the heart will diagnose most cardiac abnormalities resulting in sudden cardiac death. If necessary an ultrasound scan of the heart can also be carried out.

An organisation called CRY ( cardiac risk in the young) provides a screening programme for which there is usually no charge. They operate this for the general public aged 14-35.

Anyone can book a place through www.testmyheart.org.uk

Screenings will start again this summer.

You may not be aware but some years ago a young athlete of another club died during a Met League fixture. These tests can literally be a lifesaver.

Please consider booking a screening if you are within the age category.

April 2021 5k Training Race -Results

After a six months break and a sterling effort by our team of volunteers the 5k training race was back at Ruislip on Thursday 8th April. Hosted within COVID-19 guidelines, 37 HAC members kicked off the return to club events and the 2021 Summer Series.

Congratulations to Kirk O’Rourke who finished first in 17.36 and Hannah Wells who was first lady home in 18.51. Well done to all who competed, full results are below:

1KIRK O’ROURKE17.36A017.36
2SHAUN LAZZARI17.41A017.41
3HANNAH WELLS18.51A018.51
4DAVE SMITH20.23B1520.08
5MICHAELA MAYOR20.25B1520.10
6ANDY WOOD20.21A020.21
7CLARA HIGGS20.37B1520.22
9KARMEN PARDOE20.50A020.50
10SPENCER HARDING21.36C3021.06
11CIARA WILLIAMS21.41C3021.11
12STEVE O’KEEFE21.32B1521.17
13JEREMY COX22.17D4521.32
14CAROLINE FORD22.18C3021.48
15JASON STEEL22.33D4521.48
16LYNN HYDE22.41D4521.56
17MELANIE SPENCER23.20D4522.35
18STEFAN LAMMEL23.41E6022.41
19MARTIN SEARLE23.34D4522.49
20ZOE DOBBS23.55E6022.55
21PAUL MCKAY23.58E6022.58
22JOHN DOBBS23.54D4523.09
24MIKE ILLING24.44E6023.44
26ALICE COBURN25.36F7524.21
27SAM HURLEY25.55G9024.25
28MARK HYDE25.45F7524.30
29BOO SMITH26.08F7524.53
30ELLIE HENDERSON26.13F7524.58
31NASTARAN SEPANJ26.57G9025.27
32VICKY BROWNLEE26.59G9025.29
33BHAVNA QUINN28.10G9026.40
34BILL HARDING28.17G9026.47
35LYNDSEY BROWNE34.09H10532.24
36SALLY BUNDOCK34.56H10533.11
37ANGELA DUNCAN40.25H10538.40


A huge thank you to all involved in making this event happen; Dan Spinks, Gavin Collett and Andy Torrance and all those who marshalled the course.

Keep an eye out for details of the next training race and further Summer Series events.

Clubhouse Gym Reopening

From next week (beginning Monday 12 April) the clubhouse gym will be available for limited use. Only one person at a time (or more than one person if from the same household).

Available days / times are as follows:
Tuesdays: 6-6:45pm and 7-7:45pm
Thursdays: 6-6:45pm and 7-7:45pm
Saturdays: 2-2:45pm and 3-3:45pm (Note – bar closed on Saturdays)
Sundays: 9-9:45am, 10-10:45am, and 11-11:45am

As you will notice, this means there are just 9 available ‘slots’ per week. Availability will therefore be on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. Only 1 ‘slot’ per person per week (unless demand is low).

If demand is high, however, I will look to reduce the length of each ‘slot’ to 30 mins each.

To book a ‘slot’, please:
1. Send me a message on Facebook messenger;
2. Email me at jwlaing@hotmail.com; or
3. Text me on 07791 237931.

Hopefully the above makes sense! Feel free to fire any questions my way.


Racing resumes for Easter

HAC members completed the St Alban’s Easter 10k on Good Friday & the Dorney Lake Marathon on Saturday.

The return to racing kicked off this weekend with some epic performances & personal bests from club members.

Good Friday saw the return of the fast & flat St Alban’s Easter 10km.

Freya Hollingworth    126th    4th U40 Lady    41m 57s

Jemma Twine              233rd    45th U40              47m 28s

Michael Illing              250th    9th M60              48m 09s

Bill Harding                 380th    2nd M70             53m 52s

Easter Saturday saw the 4 Hillingdon AC members take on the Dorney Marathon. Rob Thompson finished in an incredible 3rd place with a time of 2 hours 27 minutes. Josh Crowther finished with a speedy performance of 2:34! Jack McVann fuelled with lots of smiles finished with a time of 2 hours 45 minutes. James Laing’s quads seized & so had a chilly walk back to the finish area but still ran a speedy 23 miles in 2 hours 34 minutes.

Well done all!

April 5k Training Race

After a short, 6 month, hiatus, real life racing is returning to HAC. The first 5k training race of the year will be taking place in Ruislip on Thursday April 8th at 6.40 pm.
Full details to follow over the weekend but for now entries are open for HAC members only at https://danspinks.typeform.com/to/frQOOp.
The race will be pre-entry only with the field limited to 48.
This will be the first event in the 2021 Summer Series, more details to follow when available.

Membership fees due

Membership fees for 2021/22 are now due. Please renew or begin your membership as soon as possible.

For the 2021/22 year membership fees have been reduced by up to 50%.

Membership prices and online form can be found here http://www.hillingdonac.co.uk/how-to-join

Return of club training and clubhouse

From today, 29th March, coached sessions can take place in a COVID secure environment ( no COVID group size limits). Non- coached sessions that take place in a COVID secure environment can take place in groups of 6. Such groups can take place at the track and from the clubhouse however the clubhouse will remain closed until week commencing 12th April.
From 12th April the clubhouse will be open on Tuesday and Thursday evenings for toilet facilities, myself and Andy Torrance will open at 6.00 pm and close up by 8.00 pm.       
Sunday mornings we will be open for teas and coffees on the patio area, social distancing rules will still apply so no more than 6 to a table and it will be table service only.     Kathy Davidson will organise the rota for Sunday mornings, from 9.30 am to 12.00 pm, please email Kathy to go onto the rota.
The gym can be used HOWEVER I need a volunteer to organise the booking of the gym as it will need to be used one person or one household at a time.    The gym will be open Tuesday and Thursday nights, Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings.    
Open Tuesdays for training 
Open Thursdays for training and social beers afterwards 
Open Saturday afternoons for training from 2pm to 4pm 
Open Sunday mornings, following restrictions at the time, so no more than 2 households or 6 people at a table, table service inside. 
In order to help prepare for the 12th April I am looking for some help with decluttering the clubhouse, you will have noticed a container has now landed in the car park which we can use for storage.  This means that we can move a lot of chairs and items that are not used regularly out of the clubhouse to give more space and allow social distancing.  
I am planning on Saturday 10th April to have a “spring clean” so I need 5 volunteers to come and help. 
I also need a work party of 6 to do some twig/branch clearing of the car park, give the back area another strim after the autumn cut and do a general litter pick.   This can be done any time from now until the 11th, it can be done as a group or individually.
That’s it for now, we will see how things are panning out before we confirm what the plans are for June and life going forward. 

Club Secretary needed

The current club secretary, Alan Wells, is standing down at this years AGM after five years in post. This creates a vacancy on the Management Committee which we need to fill to ensure that the club can function effectively. The role involves attending and contributing to management committee meetings. These are currently on Zoom and take place every couple of months. In addition to being an active member of the committee the club secretary is responsible for creating the agenda for meetings, taking the minutes and distributing these to the other members of the committee. Once a year the club secretary ensures that the AGM takes place according to the club constitution. Finally the club secretary will be the named person who will receive information from external organisations and disseminate this to the appropriate person within the club. In terms of time commitment it would be no more that 2-3 hours a month. This is a great opportunity to contribute to the club and I would encourage you to contact me if you are interested at davidalan.smith2@gmail.com



Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Hillingdon Athletic Club will be held on Wednesday 31st March 2021 at 7.00pm via Zoom (details to follow).

All club members are entitled to attend and to vote.

If you wish to place an item on the agenda or make a resolution, please notify the Club Chairman Dave Smith in writing by 10th March 2021 at the latest.  All resolutions will require a proposer and seconder.

Elections for the following positions will be held at the AGM. If you wish to be nominated for any position, please notify the Club Secretary by 10th March 2021 at the latest with details of your proposer and seconder.

  • Chairperson
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Auditor

Chairs of the following sub-committees:                            

  • Competitions: Seniors and Veterans
  • Competitions: Juniors
  • Coaching & Development
  • Race Promotions
  • Clubhouse
  • Communications

The Club Chairman can  be contacted via the email :- davidalan.smith2@gmail.com

The Formal Notice for the AGM will be sent out on or around 16th March 2021

Dave Smith

Club Chairman

XC Equalisation of Distances; Statement from the ECCA and 3 areas

Please find below a joint cross country “Equalisation of Distances” statement on behalf of ECCA and the 3 Areas which has been placed on the SEAA website.
The SEAA is keen for all athletes to make their views on XC distances known to UKA by answering the on-line survey. We urge all to complete the survey – if you put 0 (zero) into the question re distance that events should be equalised at, you can then proceed to the later questions and add your comments there.
Alternatively, could you please email DAN ISHERWOOD – disherwood@englandathletics.orgto voice your concerns and views. He has agreed that he will feed any views, sent directly to him, into the subsequent discussions. The survey is available at https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/crosscountryequal.
The Cross Country representatives of the Northern, Midland & Southern Areas and the English Cross Country Association held their inaugural meeting, on the 14 th January 2021. This is the first of a series of meetings aimed at delivering a unified response on behalf of the sport of cross country through the sport’s major competition providers and in particular within the coming discussions with UK Athletics and England Athletics over the controversial issue of equalisation of cross country distances.
It is worth emphasising that these organisations have been organising the Area and National championships for the sport of cross country for many years. They do this without any support or input from either UKA or England Athletics. None of the athlete registration fee income or the club affiliation fee income paid to England Athletics is routed directly into the sport of cross country.
The events, the selection and development pathway for athletes and representative teams are all organised by volunteers and funded by event entry fees. The people involved also voluntarily organise and deliver local leagues and County Championships in their areas. The sport is in the ascendancy in terms of numbers and local events.
We know, from contact with our championship competitors, that the vast majority have made it clear over the past two or three years that they are not in favour of equalising distances. Northern Athletics will be carrying out its own survey over the coming weeks to ascertain the views of its affiliated clubs and their athletes.
Our unified group look forward to considering the results of the recent UKA survey but we are, however, convinced that that survey is flawed and the questions skewed to obtain a certain result. Both the ECCA and the Areas had been asked to comment on the proposed survey prior to its launch. Our concerns regarding the questions were sent to Donna Fraser and requests were made that the survey be sent only to the people involved with cross country. The detailed e mail on the questions from the ECCA was not acknowledged and no reply has yet been received. The reply to Northern Athletics from Donna Fraser stated that equalisation was not a matter of whether but how. The survey then went out without our concerns being considered. We are concerned this unfortunate approach may be indicative of the future.
The survey is biased, as it only allows respondents to state how equalisation should be achieved not whether it should happen. We know that this has caused many of those, who wish to state their views, not to complete the survey. We are also concerned that, in the first week or so of the survey being live, it was possible to make multiple submissions; and whilst this now appears to have been corrected, we believe this could invalidate the survey results.
We also know that many of the athletes who we would have expected to have received the survey link have not done so. The above reasons justify our position that the survey is flawed. It is apparent, from the extensive views expressed on social media, that the “pro and anti-equalisation” camps do not agree but we are encouraged that many successful and experienced cross country runners and coaches have outlined genuine concerns, about athlete welfare, retention and development, as these are key concerns for us – particularly for female athletes.
We accept, as is their right, that some organisations (Scottish Athletics and Essex County) have taken the decision to equalise distances to 10Km. However, many other organisations and leagues have decided, after consulting all their members, to retain the unequal distances for Senior, (including European Athletics) Junior & U17 age groups. Early indications are that both Wales and Northern Ireland are not yet convinced by the equalisation aims. In addition, emerging analysis, which compares the results and performances of equalised distance events with the unequal distance events, shows that the equalised distances impact adversely on the performance of the female athletes and as such appear unfair to female performance.
We urge all those who love the sport to complete the survey and make your views known especially in the box provided for further comments.
Our unified group will continue to represent the majority views of those in the sport and we look forward to the open debate and discussions as promised over the coming months. We will continue to discuss at subsequent meetings the need to ensure our sport of cross country does not have imposed upon it rules which are against the wishes and feelings of the majority.
ECCA and the Area Associations