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Hillingdon AC wants to give every member the opportunity to train and participate at his or her best level, in a professional and happy environment and be recognised locally as such a club.

Athletics is the sport of competing in track and field events, including running races and various competitions in jumping and throwing.

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Women’s Met League Round Up

Firstly – huge thanks and congratulations to Gemma Barry who has consistently impressed over the whole competition and finished a creditable 5th lady out of all of the Met League’s 5 fixtures and 200 ladies reports Donna Nash. Gemma was rewarded by Start Fitness, the league sponsors with a £200 gift, very well deserved.
Overall, the A team managed to retain our place in Division 1 finishing 6th.
Next season we will have 2 teams in the senior D3 as the C team finished 15th whilst the B team move down from D2.
Similarly the vets will have 2 teams in D2 as the B team move up from D3 and the A team move down from D1. The Vets B team performance was pretty amazing as we only had a full team at 4 of the 5 fixtures and still finished 2nd!
The challenge this season was always to stay up in D1 and we totally achieved that with stunning and solid performances from Stacey Ward (who managed 2 fixtures before retiring with injury but made a great contribution to our overall points total with a 4th and 3rd finish), Gemma Barry (already mentioned!), Hannah Wells and Ciara Williams who have a little healthy rivalry developing – Ciara managed to finish ahead of Hannah at 3 of the 5 fixtures but Hannah’s performance at the last 2 were stronger; Kate Shockley who has had a great season and the incredible Zoe Dobbs who scored for both seniors and vets. All of these ladies made up the A team in all of their appearances.
Others who also helped to make up the A team on occasion included Natalie Wickings from Hillingdon Triathletes and Claudia Cherubini who both made their debuts for us this season; and Lynn Hyde who made it into the A team at the last fixture.
Our fabulous vet A’s Zoe, Melanie Spencer, Lynn and Karen O’Rourke are all quality runners and didn’t deserve demotion, proving how tough the competition is in this division. B Team of Lesley, Pauline, Lucy and Heather deserve their promotion and well done.
As for the final race – we had a fab fifteen including 2 making their debut, Claudia Cherubini and Ingrid Hansen. Regulars sorely missed included Mel and Kate(holiday), Lesley Conway and Lyndsey Browne both suffering with nasty colds.
Everyone fought the course valiantly and the most impressive finish has to be that by Lucy Duncan who managed her signature sprint at the end!
Thank you to each and every one who has taken part in the Met League this season. It has been a season to be proud of and we have set ourselves up nicely for next season.


Full results can be found here

Watford Half Marathon

Well done to the 12 Hillingdon runners who took part in today’s Watford Half Marathon. Special mention to James Laing for coming 2nd in a time 01:11:06. Also to Angela Duncan, 1st V75 in 2:18:32. Other club results are

Paul Leppard 110th 01:26:01; Dave Smith 370th 1:37:40; Zoe Dobbs 495th 01:41:01; Mel Spencer 496th 01:41:01; Gary Taylor 718th 01:48:04; Lucy Duncan 1118th 01:59:39; John Hughes 1333th 02:09:43; Taj Randhawa 1334th 02:09:51; Dennis Carey 1365th 02:11:02; Christina Benjamin 1368th 02:11:04. A mention also for our old friend Brian Feldman 1486th 02:20:01.

Thanks to all the club members who turned out to support the runners. Full results are here 



South of England Cross Country Championships Men’s Result

Congratulations to the 11 Hillingdon AC male athletes that completed the toughest race of the cross country season by racing over nine miles in the South of England Cross Country Championships at Parliament Hill last Saturday. Rob Thompson was first scorer for the club in 24th place with the scoring six completed by James Laing (112th), Joel Pope (274th), Ed Campbell (305th), Paul Leppard (438th) and Dave Smith (748th) with the club finishing 27th out of 69 clubs that finished a team. Andy Torrance (959th), John Luscombe (1006th), John Bignell (1050th), Curtis Allman (1057th) and Graham Wood (1061st) were the remaining club athletes out of the 1068 who completed the course within the 90 minute time limit.

Full results may be found here: http://www.seaa.org.uk/index.php/results/cross-country

Brighton Marathon Club Places

Brighton Marathon are offering guaranteed club places for this year’s race, although the entry fee is £69.50. I think we are entitled up to 8 places. Those that missed out on VLM club places will have first refusal for these places. ( Zoe Dobbs, Jeremy Collis, Taj Randhawa, John Hughes, Lucy Duncan and Gary Taylor) Anyone else that wants a place should email me at martin.bateman@btinternet.com If I receive more applications than places I will hold a straight ballot for any leftover places Deadline to let me know is 10th February 2017.
Brighton Marathon are offering FREE elite places to women sub 1.30 HM and sub 3.15 marathon and men sub 1.15 HM and sub 2.45 marathon since Jan 15.
There is also an opportunity for masters/vet athletes (V35 (Women only), V40, V45, V50, V55, V60, V65 and V70 Men and Women) to get places and compete for the right to represent England in a future marathon.
More detail on this can be found by clicking this link below.

Dan and Stevie T’s Chilli Night

chilli nightAfter the final Met League fixture on the 11th February 2017 there will be a Chilli con Carne night at the clubhouse. ALL MEMBERS WELCOME! As usual there will be 3 different levels of heat. In Dan’s vernacular the categories are Pussy, Average and Lad. There will be a veggie option too. Further details of pricing and timing to come. It’s worth coming just to see the two chef’s argue over who is best at cooking fluffy rice!


This Sunday 22nd January the Middlesex Air Training Corps will be using the clubhouse for their XC championship event. The clubhouse and car park will be closed to members.

Update on 2016 Finchley 20 casualty

I thought i would share the below message which I recently received from Kevin Twomey who suffered a cardiac arrest at last year’s Finchley 20.

I thought I’d drop you an email to give you an update from when I last seen you. I was in good spirits back then but did hit some lows over the summer months but managed to get through it all. I picked myself up began walking then swimming then running. Back in June only 3 months after the events of March 13th I ran the St. Albans half marathon with my running group around me keeping a watching eye. From which I finished in a respective 1.48. I celebrated a bit over the following summer months with holidays to enjoy. After which I decided to try my hand back in the triathlon game just, a short sprint, with a swim in the pool in St. Albans again but I did my 5k run in again a respective 21 mins after the bike.

Following on from this I still was unable to run on my own (phsycological) until mid September which is where I began to build on my distances on my own. A visit back at harefield in early October then gave me a boost when they said they weren’t wanting to see me anymore just refer me to my gp. In May my wife had all the confidence in me and I’m glad she did as may never have come that far but for my birthday she had entered me into the Valencia marathon. We travelled there mid November and on the 20th I ran alongside my brother. 3.24 not bad!! I was extremely happy just to even finish let alone in my second best ever time!!

I have since not managed to get into London so booked into Brighton instead for my spring marathon. Training has been ongoing and will be entering your Finchley 20 again this year as a part of the training but determined to finish it this year!! Looking for a 3hr 20 marathon this year.

Hope to see you there on the day

Met League 4- Trent Park

A good turn out across the board at the latest Met League on 14th Jan 2017. Well done all those who competed.

Under 11 boys A team 3rd of 15 teams, leaving them 2nd in the league. The B team were 15th of 15 teams and lie 15th in the league.

Under 11 girls team were 7th of 14 teams, leaving them 7th in their leaue.

Under 13 boys A team were 9th of 20 teams, now 5th in the league. The B team were 19th of 20 teams, leaving them 16th in the league.

Under 13 girls were 8th of 16 teams and are now 7th in their league. Of note Lydia Louw finished an individual 2nd.

Junior men’s team were 2nd of 24 teams and are now top of their league. Mohamed Sharifah was 1st under 15. The B team 10th, leaving them 12th in the league.

Junior women’s A team were 8th of 18 teams, leaving them 9th in the league. B team was 18th of 18 and are now 24th in the league.

Senior Women A team were 6th of 10 teams, leaving them 4th in Division 1. Gemma Barry was first home for HAC in 9th place. The B team were 7th of 10 and are now 8th in Division 2. The C team were 11th of 21 teams and lie 13th in Division 3.

The Veteran Women’s A team were 8th of ten teams and are now 9th in Division 1. The B team came 2nd of 11 teams are are now 2nd in Division 3.

Senior men’s A team were 5th of 10 teams, and now sit in 6th place in Division 1. Abdi Abdulle was first home for HAC finishing in 8th position. The B team had a disappointing result finishing 10th of 10 and now sit bottom of Division 2. The C team finished 21st of 25 and are now 19th in Division 3.

Vet’s men A team were 7th of 10 teams and sit 9th in Division 1. The B team were 9th of 10 and are 8th in Division 2. The C team were 16th of 19 teams and are now 12th in the league.

Full results can be found here

The next and final Met League of the season is Alexandra Palace on 11th February 2017

Women home wins on home ground


Middlesex Championships – Saturday 7th January 2017
Where to start with our Fab 14 at the Middlesex reports Donna Nash
Headline has to be Gemma Barry’s individual 3rd place completing the course in 30:26. Gemma has been invited to represent Middlesex at the inter county Championships. Strong, determined run from Gemma who judged the race perfectly and has put in amazing performances at all races for Hillingdon – making Gerry Archer a very proud coach. She said she really enjoyed the course – although was slightly surprised that it wasn’t as ‘flat’ as the map suggested and this was her first experience of the infamous ‘ski slope’!
It was a close run result whether Hillingdon A team were to achieve gold or silver award and for those that may not have been on FB on the day, the colour was GOLD! This was thanks to the 3 following Gemma across the finish line:
Ciara Williams – 9th place in 32:59. Fantastic progress from last year’s appearance at the Championships at Wormwood Scrubs when she made the top 20.
Hannah Wells – 10th place in 33:09. Same position as last year’s Championships but 41 seconds quicker on arguably the more challenging course.
& Kate Shockley, (in Olivia Janke’s spikes!) inside the top 20 at 18th in 33:59.
I was very proud to stand in for Kate to accept her medal 
News of our other 10 competitors:
‘B’ Team comprised Karmen Pardoe (24th in 34:36 and running despite recent op in the week to have a wisdom tooth removed); Zoe Dobbs – literally flew across the finish line in 39th place (37:19) and whilst our main concern was Zoe’s health, the first question was whether she had crossed the finish line before falling; next came Alex Longton (40th in 37:26) and who managed a little extra distance having taken a wrong turn. A welcome return to racing for Alex who suffered injury at the start of the season. Mel completed the B team in 52nd place in 38:50 (marshals at the top of the ski slope may still be reeling from Mel’s ‘Death Stares’).
‘C’ Team comprised Lesley Conway (59th in 40:02), Pauline Fischer (60th for Angela Duncan in 40:14) Lucy Duncan (63rd in 42:04) and Boo Smith (74th in 44:17) who also put in that ‘extra ‘mile – in the wrong direction.
Lyndsey Browne and Christina Benjamin finished 79th and 80th in 46:29 and 46:46 respectively – working well together.
A truly fantastic performance from everybody and top team spirit as ever.
Well WELL done

Middlesex Medal Mayhem

At the Middlesex cross country champs, our junior athletes excelled in their races reports Diane Gibbons. There was many individual successes and several great team results with an impressive medal haul for Hillingdon. Congratulations go to all that competed – special mention must go the following :

U11 girls – Nicole McGovern – 1st
Hope Rodgers – 11th
U11 boys – Arthur Louw – 7th
Harvey Williams – 8th
U13 girls – Lydia Louw – 5th
U13 boys – Nathan Hackley -2nd
Abdi Hamud – 4 th
Matthew Crow – 7th
U13 Team gold
U15 girls -Anna Janke – 5th
U15 boys – Mohamed Sharif Ali -1st
Adam Ireland -2nd
Hanad Ahmed – 8th
Andre Rai – 9th
U15 boys team gold
U17 men – Abdi Hamud – 5th
Alex Hutchinson -12th
U17 women – Olivia Janke – 4 th
U20 men – Ermias Zeration -5th
Liam Holbrook – 12th
U20 men team Bronze

A fantastic result!

results can be found here