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Posts from — July 2019

Gosunder 5 mile handicap race – 10th August

After the success of The Barkley Marathons event we now turn our attention to next month’s Gosunder handicap trophy. The Gosunder has been running for 60 odd years so is a club race which is in fact older than the club.

It will be contested over a 5 mile course in Ruislip Woods on Saturday 10th August. (2×2 1/2 mile relay option available for juniors or anyone else who fancies a shorter run).

Numbers will be issued at the clubhouse from 3-3.40pm with the first runner starting at 4pm, the last at around 4.30.

Race entry is free for HAC members or £3 for non members.

As tradition dictates, the race will be followed by a bbq and beer at the clubhouse.

Please enter in advance at the following link so we can work out handicaps although entries will be available on the day for the less organised of you. 


This years event will also score Summer Series points for all participants.

For anyone who doesn’t fancy running but would like to support this prestigious club event, we need as many marshalls as possible for this one so please contact Dan Spinks if you can lend a hand.

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The Barkley (not actual) Marathons – HAC Style

With £1.60 in cash and an old race T-Shirt 17 runners entered HAC’s new event The Barkley (not actual) Marathons.

The Barkley Marathons is an ultramarathon trail race held in Tennessee. The course is an unmarked 20 mile loop. The race requires the runner to complete five laps, which would have a total elevation of 16,500m. To date only 15 runners have completed the full five loops. The race is currently subject of a Netflix documentary “The Barkley Marathons; The Race That Eats It’s Young” should you want to learn more.

In a nod to the original event where the race is started by the lighting of a cigarette, John Dobbs downed a shot of Tennessee Jack Daniels.

HAC’s unmarked and unmarshalled 5k course took the runners to three checkpoints where, as in the original race, pages from books had to be bought back to race HQ to prove completion of the course.

The aim was to run five loops in a three hours time limit, with each lap run clockwise and anticlockwise alternately.

Well done to Scott Farley who completed all five loops in 2.27.35 and Catriona Paterson who was the only lady to complete five loops. Paul Leppard was our only other runner to complete the full five laps in the time limit.

True to the original event, Taps was played each time a runner completed their final loop.

Thank you to James Laing for organising the event and Zoe Dobbs, John Dobbs and Andy Wood for managing the event on the day.

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Wycombe (Hell Fire) Half Marathon

This is Paul McCay and Steve Edwards representing Hillingdon AC in the super hilly Wycombe (Hell-Fire) Half Marathon on Sunday 14th July 2019.

Michaela Mayor also swapped the track for hills and dragged her Dad along for the fun too.

Well done all!

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Southern Athletics League – 13th July

Well done to everyone that competed in the SAL today at Aldershot. A superb team spirit combined with high quality performances and a touch of fortune meant we finished 2nd with our highest points tally of the season with 191.5, reports Martin Bateman. This will mean we have moved up 2 or 3 places in the league. This means we live to fight another day and our div 2 league status is in our hands to maintain at the final fixture on 17th August. That will be a tough day as 2 of the teams are well ahead of us and the other will be fighting to stay up. Please where possible be available to compete if asked as we most probably need an even better performance than today. Personally the most pleasing thing from today is we perfectly executed domination of the relays with 1 2nd and 3 1st places which very much left us in high spirits and showed how strong collectively we can be. Winning individually is a great, but together is even sweeter. Well done again!

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Barkley (not an actual) Marathon – HAC Style

One week to go, therefore one more reminder that this event is on NEXT SATURDAY 20 JULY.

If you will be running, please arrive at the HAC Clubhouse by no later than 11:45am to register. Anyone can register on the day – all you need is £1.60 in cash and an old race T-Shirt (see the trailer for the real Barkley Marathon on YouTube as to why!)

The 5km route will be marked out but unmarshalled, with the aim of the game being to complete 5 laps in 3 hours.

Last but not least – there will be a BBQ (£5 each) from around 3:30/4pm onwards!

Happy running!

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5k training race results – Thursday 12th July

Results from July’s 5k training race results are as follows:

1 RYAN McDONALD 28 Hillingdon 19:15
2 CATRIONA PATERSON 30 Hillingdon 19:36
3 FILIPE DE-COSTA 30 Dashforfitness 20:11
4 DAVE SMITH 54 Hillingdon 20:34
5 IAIN BETSON 45 Hillingdon 20:46
6 STEVE EDWARDS 49 Hillingdon 20:52
7 JACK EDWARDS 21 Hillingdon 21:07
8 CAROLINE FORD  46 Hillingdon 22:11
9 JOHN BIGNELL 67 Hillingdon 22:15
10 PAUL McCAY 45 Hillingdon 22:16
11 KAREN O’ROURKE 54 Hillingdon 22:27
12 JAMES QUINN 52 Hillingdon 22:30
13 PETE WARBURTON 59 Hillingdon 22:40
14 JOHN LUSCOMBE 45 Hillingdon 23:36
15 CHLOE CHARLES 23 Hillingdon 23:44
16 DEBBIE BROWN 46 Hillingdon 23:52
17 DENNIS CAREY 53 Hillingdon 23:54
18 MELANIE SPENCER 42 Hillingdon 24:21
19 EMMA McDONALD 27 Hillingdon 24:26
20 LESLEY CONWAY 64 Hillingdon 24:31
21 MARK HYDE 53 Hillingdon 24:32
22 NIKKI TASKER 33 Hillingdon 24:33
23 STEPHANIE SUNTONG 52 Hillingdon 24:36
24 SARAH DUNNAGE 45 Dashforfitness 24:38
25 EDWARD SPENCER 13 Hillingdon 25:13
26 CLARE STOKES 21 Dashforfitness 25:25
27 HANNAH WELLS 26 Hillingdon 25:32
28 MICHAELA MAYOR 34 Hillingdon 25:32
29 ELLIE HENDERSON 22 Hillingdon 25:41
30 GRAHAM WOOD 67 Hillingdon 25:46
31 KAREN TRUNKFIELD 49 Hillingdon 26:26
32 CHARLOTTE FORD 29 Hillingdon 26:51
33 TRACEY McDONALD 57 Hillingdon 27:32
34 SIMON NORBERRY 64 Dashforfitness 28:33
35 KATHERINE WELLS 29 Hillingdon 31:06
36 ALAN WELLS 55 Hillingdon 31:09
37 PAUL BURKE 56 Hillingdon 31:49
39 PREETI SUMAL 43 Dashforfitness 35:29
40 HELEN CHANDLER 36 Dashforfitness 36:32
41 VICTORIA EVANS 26 Dashforfitness 38:25
42 SHAMA MCAINE 50 Dashforfitness 39:11
43 MARGARET MAKHAN 71 Dashforfitness 42:53

Thank you to officials Andy Torrance, Phil Welch and Jim Leith for officiating. Thanks also to Lynn and Chloe for preparing the food and John Luscombe for the quiz.

The next 5K training race will be on Thursday 8th August, where Lesley Conway will be cooking and Bradley Birch will be quizmaster. Please do come along if you can make it.

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Southern Athletics League – 13th July 2019

Last minute plea for any members who can compete in the Southern Athletics League on 13th July at Aldershot. Please contact Hannah Wells or James Manly if you can compete.

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London Youth Games team meet the Mayor

Hillingdon AC athletes picked up their London Youth Games medals and t-shirts from the Mayor of Hillingdon on Thursday evening, reports Courtney Clarke. The girls team finished in 2nd position and the boys team finished in 10th position. Congratulations to you all.

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Thursday 11th June – 5k training race

Thursday 11th July is the fourth 5k training race of the season. There will be a quiz after the race, hosted by John Luscombe and also food available. This month Lynn Hyde will be cooking lasagne, with both meat and vegetarian options at £5 per person. If you would like food, please can you sign up on the club Facebook page or on the lists at the clubhouse stating your choice, so that Lynn can then prepare for the meal. Thank you.

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YDL Upper – June 2019

Hillingdon AC had our 3rd YDL upper of the season today at Kings Meadow, Kingston on 30th June 2019, reports Courtney Clarke.

A very hot day for all of us especially those competing and officiating. 
A big thank you to all the athletes who competed. We are so lucky to have such dedicated officials who worked tirelessly throughout the whole day.

The results are not published yet but we put out a strong team who all exceeded our expectations. Proud to be Hillingdon!

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