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5k Training Race – August 2019

Results from the 5k training race held on 8th August in Ruislip are:

1ROB THOMSON28Hillingdon16:27
2CHARLIE EDWARDS21Hillingdon18:15
3PAUL LEPPARD40Hillingdon18:55
5CATRIONA PATERSON31Hillingdon19:24
6LEWIS GEAR28Hillingdon19:39
7FILIPE DE-COSTA30Dashforfitness19:40
8HANNAH WELLS26Hillingdon20:01
9BEN DOYLE34Hillingdon20:55
10PAUL HULL52Hillingdon20:59
11STEVE EDWARDS50Hillingdon21:05
12JACK EDWARDS21Hillingdon21:17
13ANDY WOOD40Hillingdon21:38
14CIARA WILLIAMS27Hillingdon21:51
15STEPHEN FORD46Hillingdon22:01
16PETE WARBURTON59Hillingdon22:18
17PAUL McCAY45Hillingdon22:20
18JOHN DOBBS58Hillingdon22:53
19ZOE DOBBS50Hillingdon23:04
20CHLOE CHARLES23Hillingdon23:15
21JOHN LUSCOMBE45Hillingdon23:53
22DAN SPINKS45Hillingdon24:04
23MELANIE SPENCER42Hillingdon24:10
24PAULINE FISCHER62Hillingdon24:47
25MARTIN SEARLE61Hillingdon24:57
26GRAHAM WOOD67Hillingdon24:59
27MARK PARRISH45Unatt25:03
28AGNIESZKA STEINERT41Dashforfitness25:13
29STEPHANIE SUNTONG52Hillingdon25:15
30BOB TREASE75Hillingdon25:18
31CHARLOTTE FORD29Hillingdon26:24
32HEIDI SMITH30Hillingdon26:38
33JOHN DOYLE63Hillingdon27:10
34DOUG MILSOM70Hillingdon27:32
35LYNDSEY BROWNE40Hillingdon28:19
36BILL HARDING69Hillingdon28:44
37HANNAH WOODWARD26Dashforfitness28:57
38SADINA SIDIK39Dashforfitness30:21
39SALLY BUNDOCK72Hillingdon32:40
41SHAMA MCAINE50Dashforfitness38:46
42NIKKI DURAND51Dashforfitness41:46

Thank you to the officials Phil Welch, Andy Torrance, Jim Leith and Phil Warburton. Thank you also to Lesley Conway for providing the food afterwards and to Bradley Birch for hosting the quiz.

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Gosunder 5 mile race – CANCELLED

Due to the current high winds it is unsafe for today’s Gosunder race to go ahead. A revised fixture date will be posted in due course.

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Southern Athletics League Fixture 5 – Saturday August 17th (OX4 2RR)

Calling all HAC members. WE NEED YOUR HELP. Please read.

Five years ago today, Hillingdon officially gained promotion to Division 2 of the SAL. Although my call back then for two successive promotions was a tad optimistic, we have managed to secure excellent mid-table positions in this highly competitive league for the last half decade. In 2015, we finished 7th. In 2016, we went one better to 6th. In 2017, we slipped down to 9th, and last year earned another 7th position. Many talented athletes have passed through our ranks over this period. All the while, the SAL Division 2 has provided an excellent platform upon which young athletes can build their careers. It has also brought together many senior athletes who have always worked hard for the collective pride of sustaining this competitive position on the UK’s track and field circuit. When local rivals Ealing, Shaftesbury Barnet, Serpentine and Highgate have all suffered relegation over this period, we have stayed strong.

OUR POSITION IS NOW IN JEAPORDY! Despite an excellent effort in fixture 4 to earn a superb second place on the day, early season clashes and injuries have left us languishing one position above relegation. The situation is made even more precarious by the fixture layout, which favours the teams below us.

Yes, we need all our best athletes there, and we ask they move mountains to make it. But we also need all positions filled. This is especially the case in the Ladies’ team where we often rely on a handful of SAL stalwarts to cover numerous events.

There is a 3k ladies’ race and a 1500m race too. If you were thinking of doing a park run in the morning, don’t. Come along to Oxford and get a PB in either of these events.

The SAL is the club’s summer equivalent to the winter Met League or the spring/autumn road relays. It is why group coaches turn to the track in the summer.

There is a coach from the clubhouse at 9.30am or you can travel direct. If you wish to compete please get in contact through the HAC SAL Facebook page Or email jmanley@mtsn.org.uk.

With another generation of excellent young athletes breaking into the SAL team this year, we, as a club, need to secure our position in this league to offer them a competitive platform for success as they graduate from the YDL to the senior leagues over the next half decade.

Thanks for reading,
James Manley and Keith Seldon – HAC SAL managers

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Devil Takes The Hindmost – 3rd September 2019

This year’s competition will take place on Tuesday 3rd September at 7pm on the normal course at Rochester Road in Northwood Hills, opposite Haydon School.

Please register at the clubhouse by 6.30pm or be at Rochester Road by 6.50pm.

You compete entirely at your own risk.

All Club members are welcome to run, with a £3 fee for any non-Club members.

This year there will be a maximum of four competitions, with the exact make-up formulated after the entries close at 6.50pm:

Competition One –Maximum of ten rounds

Competition Two –Maximum of eight rounds

Competition Three –Maximum of eight rounds

Plate Competition (for those knocked out in early
stages of the other three competitions) – Maximum of four rounds

In 2018 the three competitions were:

(1) Under 50 Men; (2) 50-64 Men; (3) Women & Over 65 Men

How does it work?

All the runners in each competition start together and run up the hill (just under 300m in length). The last one to the top is eliminated (sometimes more depending on number of entries).

The remainder jog back down again and then repeat the run up the hill. Once again, the last one to the top is eliminated (sometimes more depending on number of entries).

This is repeated until only one runner is left, who is the winner of the competition.

So that everyone gets more than one run, halfway through the event everyone who has been eliminated to that point in the three main competitions can enter the Plate competition.

Further details if required from Gavin Collett


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Clubhouse events this week

The clubhouse has two events this week.

First up is the 5k Training Race on Thursday 8th August. Register at the clubhouse by 6.30pm for a 6.40pm start. Lesley Conway is kindly cooking a choice of lamb or lentil moussaka with Greek salad and pitta bread. If you would like food can you please post your choice on the Facebook page, on the sheet at the Clubhouse or let Lesley know. We will also have a new quizmaster in Bradley Birch, so please come along and support the club.

Secondly on Saturday 10th August we have the Gosunder 5 mile Handicap Race. Registration is from 3pm at the clubhouse, with the race starting at 4pm. Please register here https://danspinks.typeform.com/to/tiPhf1 or on the day if you wish to take part.

The clubhouse team are also lighting the BBQ after the Gosunder so please let them know if you will want food so they have an idea of numbers.

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St. Albans 10k

Nine HAC members took part in Summer Series fixture the St. Albans 10k on Sunday 4th August.

Congratulations to Doug Milsom for picking up the M80 prize. Congratulations also to Zoe Dobbs for finishing 3rd W50, Bill Harding finishing as 4th M60, and everyone else for finishing on a rather humid morning!

The next Summer Series event is the Gosunder Handicap on Saturday 10th August. Register at the clubhouse from 3pm.

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Upper YDL 28th July

HAC had an absolute amazing day at Withdean Athletics track Brighton, finishing in 3rd position reports Courtney Clarke. Would like to thank all the coaches for your hard work all year. And officials, not sure where to start, you all work hard in all competitions saying thank you feels a little light. But Thank you, Sue And Suzanne, Alan, Phill, Mike and Lorraine and other officials I apologize not mentioning all your names.

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England Athletics 5000m Championships

Well done Mohamed Hassan Mohamed for running 13:57 finishing 2nd and to Abdishakur Abdulle for getting a big pb of 14:07 in the England Athletic 5000m Championships.

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Gosunder 5 mile handicap race – 10th August

After the success of The Barkley Marathons event we now turn our attention to next month’s Gosunder handicap trophy. The Gosunder has been running for 60 odd years so is a club race which is in fact older than the club.

It will be contested over a 5 mile course in Ruislip Woods on Saturday 10th August. (2×2 1/2 mile relay option available for juniors or anyone else who fancies a shorter run).

Numbers will be issued at the clubhouse from 3-3.40pm with the first runner starting at 4pm, the last at around 4.30.

Race entry is free for HAC members or £3 for non members.

As tradition dictates, the race will be followed by a bbq and beer at the clubhouse.

Please enter in advance at the following link so we can work out handicaps although entries will be available on the day for the less organised of you. 


This years event will also score Summer Series points for all participants.

For anyone who doesn’t fancy running but would like to support this prestigious club event, we need as many marshalls as possible for this one so please contact Dan Spinks if you can lend a hand.

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The Barkley (not actual) Marathons – HAC Style

With £1.60 in cash and an old race T-Shirt 17 runners entered HAC’s new event The Barkley (not actual) Marathons.

The Barkley Marathons is an ultramarathon trail race held in Tennessee. The course is an unmarked 20 mile loop. The race requires the runner to complete five laps, which would have a total elevation of 16,500m. To date only 15 runners have completed the full five loops. The race is currently subject of a Netflix documentary “The Barkley Marathons; The Race That Eats It’s Young” should you want to learn more.

In a nod to the original event where the race is started by the lighting of a cigarette, John Dobbs downed a shot of Tennessee Jack Daniels.

HAC’s unmarked and unmarshalled 5k course took the runners to three checkpoints where, as in the original race, pages from books had to be bought back to race HQ to prove completion of the course.

The aim was to run five loops in a three hours time limit, with each lap run clockwise and anticlockwise alternately.

Well done to Scott Farley who completed all five loops in 2.27.35 and Catriona Paterson who was the only lady to complete five loops. Paul Leppard was our only other runner to complete the full five laps in the time limit.

True to the original event, Taps was played each time a runner completed their final loop.

Thank you to James Laing for organising the event and Zoe Dobbs, John Dobbs and Andy Wood for managing the event on the day.

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