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England Athletics Raise Affiliation fees

England Athletics have announced they are raising athlete affiliation fees to £10.00 for 2013. This is contary to the position of the vast majority of club reps that voted against a rise of any kind at the recent consultation meeting.

If they can spend it wisely and on competitive athletes and systems then £10 is a fair price to pay in the grand scheme, however it is not clear that EA will or have done so previously. Despite putting out a statement saying they want to listen and work with clubs they have ignored the clubs on this matter which doesn’t bode well for the future. People don’t like being ignored so no doubt this will rumble on with clubs and athletes boycotting these fees maybe out of principle or for economic reasons.

England Athletics statement can be found here. Minutes from the North, Midlands and South meetings can be found under “Consultation Sheets” here.