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5km Masterclass update

Thursday night saw the first track session of the Dash for Fitness 12-week, 5K Masterclass, in association with Hillingdon Athletic Club. Each Masterclass is limited to 8 runners. Grace, Helen, Kate, Sandra, and Yoko were in action last night, with the others being unavailable but coached on what to do in self-managed sessions.

As well as posture, balance, technique, and strength training, the night’s highlight was the 2 sets of 3-4 400m repetitions, which each runner was tasked with doing in a time consistent with the fitness improvements required for their 5k goal (ranging from 1:38-2:33 per 400m). These times are designed to be tough but everyone rose to the challenge, either beating their time or being within a second of it. In addition, Victoria has reported doing the repetitions within a second of her time.

The picture below was taken after the track session – the smiles demonstrate satisfaction of a job very well done but, if I’d have taken it a few mins earlier, there’d have been more of a “I want to kill the coach” look on at least some of the faces!

Summer Series Points Tables

It’s already been a busy summer and we have reached Event 7 in the Summer Series.    It’s great to see some new names at the top of the leader boards – for a full breakdown please check out the notice boards at the Clubhouse.

HAC Mens Summer Series
1 David Shelvey V40 69
2 Dennis Carey V50 58
3 Dave Smith V50 56
4 Paul Leppard S 55
5 James Manley S 52
6 John Blake V50 43
7 Rob Thompson S 40
8 James Quinn V50 34
9 Stephen Ford V40 33
10 John Bignell V60 32
10 Dave Gaffney V40 32
12 Tim Seal S 26
13 Bob Burton V50 22
13 Martin Searle V50 22
15 Andy Torrence V60 21
16 John Doyle V60 20
16 Andy Moore S 20
18 Adam Elderfield S/V 19
18 John Hughes V50 19
18 James Laing S 19
18 Alan Wells V50 19
22 Kyle Ramnath S 16
23 Ross Longton S 15
24 John Luscombe V40 14
25 Paul Hull V40 13
26 Dan Whittaker V40 11
27 Chris Tasker V60 10
28 John Dobbs V50 8
29 Paul Spencer V40 7
30 Sam Hurley S 6
30 Mark Hyde V50 6
32 Les Brough S 5
32 Paul McKay V40 5
32 Errol Ramnath V50 5
35 Bill Harding V60 3
36 Doug Milsom V70 2
37 Steve McGuiness V50 1
38 Ken Bobet V70 0
38 Paul Burke V50 0
38 Bob Beales V70 0
HAC Womens Summer Series
1 Debbie Brown V 86
2 Lyndsey Browne V 85
3 Christina Benjamin S 84
4 Melanie Spencer V 78
5 Zoe Dobbs V 72
6 Jackie O’Dowd V 60
6 Karen O’Rourke V 60
8 Ciara Williams S 57
9 Lucy Duncan V 54
10 Katherine Wells S 53
11 Lorraine McNulty S 35
12 Caroline Ford V 34
13 Cathy Carruthers V 33
14 Lynn Hyde V 32
15 Nikki Tasker S 29
16 Gemma Barry S 20
17 Hannah Wells S 19
18 Eva Mack S 18
19 Heather Davidson V 17
19 Kate Shockley S 17
21 Stephanie Sungjong V 16
22 Pauline Smith V 15
22 Rebecca Williams S 15
24 Michaelor Mayor S 14
25 Babz Kedge V 13
26 Maria Trujillo V 12
27 Taj Randhawa V 11
27 Lotte Visser S 11
29 Vicky Brownlee V 10
29 Angela Duncan V 10
29 Sharon Talbot V 10
32 Sarah Choudhury V 9
32 Carole Mccarthy V 9
34 Sharon Hopkins V 6
35 Jo Miles V 5
36 Ingrid Hansen V 4



HAC Ladies Take Off at the Concorde 5

Race Report by Debbie Brown

There was a great turn out on very warm morning for the Concorde 5 road race with the HAC team all out in force and clearing up on nearly all the prizes.  Debbie Brown, Melanie Spencer and Karen O’Rourke won the lady’s 1st team prize. Angela Duncan won 1st for age category V75 1.00.35 as did Debbie Brown 2nd V35 37.56, Melanie Spencer 3rd 37.59 and Karen O’Rourke V45 38.15.  Well done to all that took part, Andy Torrance, Lucy Duncan, Katherine Wells, Bob Burton, Gary Horn and Christina Benjamin. Also a big thank you to our very own Harry for marshaling and supporting.


Summer Solstice Fun Relay Race and BBQ

The Summer Solstice Relay Race and BBQ will take place on Saturday 24th of June. This event is for all Hillingdon AC members, family and friends. Registration will be at the clubhouse from 2.30pm-3.30pm with the race starting at 4pm.

The race will consist of 4 x 1 mile relay legs around the woods, with teams of 4 or up to 4 making up the team. If you want to run but do not have a team come along and we will put you into one.

You can sign up teams by posting on our Facebook page, on the sign up sheets at the clubhouse, track or by emailing nigel.ealand@blueyonder.co.uk

The BBQ will start at the clubhouse from 6pm. £5 for Adults and £3 for Children, until late.

Please come along to the race, the BBQ or both and join in the family fun!

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park 10km – Summer Series

The HAC Summer Series got us out of bed bright and early on a sunny Saturday in June. Blurry eyed we met on the 7.30am Met Line to make our way across London to Stratford, taking over the last carriage again; it’s becoming a bit of habit.

This race is a newby to the Summer Series but a couple of us had pounded round the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park before. As we arrived we found memories of the fabulous London 2012 Games greeting us. We knew it would be a great morning.

This is a small and friendly 10k which forms part of it’s very own series. With the sun beating down on us we were off to complete the three lap course. Unlike most I actually like lap races and this was no different. The route was up and down both sides of the canal that runs through the park so nice and flat, good underfoot but there were lots of sharp corners and bridges to negotiate to make it interesting. The laps also gave ample opportunity to cheer each other on from the opposite sides of the canal.

I’m pleased to report we all looked where we were going at the top of the lap and didn’t end up misjudging the corner, falling into the canal and making it a duathlon!

We were welcomed across the line with a lovely goody bag and medal.

Wherever the HAC go team spirit is always in abundance, it’s often commented on and today was no exception. The Race Director commented to me how noisy we were cheering each other on. Mission accomplished!

Happy but hot we headed for a post-run coffee and cake – four of us on foot, one on four wheels.

These races run on the first Saturday of every month from October through to March so if you missed this one and fancy it check them out.


5k Training Race 8th June 2017

5k Training Race Results June 2017

1 ROB THOMPSON 26 Hillingdon 15:52
2 PAUL LEPPARD 38 Hillingdon 18:16
3 JAMES MANLEY 33 Hillingdon 18:42
4 LORRAINE MCNULTY 27 Hillingdon 20:17
5 STEPHEN FORD 44 Hillingdon 20:56
6 JOHN BLAKE 51 Hillingdon 20:57
7 CIARA WILLIAMS 24 Hillingdon 21:01
8 DAVID SHELVEY 48 Hillingdon 21:07
9 JAMES QUINN 51 Hillingdon 21:10
10 PAUL HULL 49 Hillingdon 21:21
11 JOHN BIGNELL 65 Hillingdon 21:30
12 MARTIN SEARLE 59 Hillingdon 21:42
13 TIM SEAL 33 Hillingdon 21:46
14 DAVID GAFFNEY 45 Hillingdon 22:22
15 KAREN O’ROURKE 51 Hillingdon 22:29
16 MEL SPENCER 40 Hillingdon 22:35
17 JOHN LUSCOMBE 42 Hillingdon 22:41
18 DAVE SMITH 52 Hillingdon 22:49
19 SAM HURLEY 18 Hillingdon 22:59
20 STUART NISBETT 45 unattached 23:07
21 LYNN HYDE 52 Hillingdon 23:08
22 DAVID DEWBERRY 31 unattached 23:19
23 PAUL MCKAY 43 Hillingdon 24:07
24 CHRIS TASKER 61 Hillingdon 24:23
25 PAULINE SMITH 38 Hillingdon 24:30
26 NIKKI TASKER 30 Hillingdon 25:02
27 GRACE EMINTON 30 Dashforfitness 25:42
28 JOHN DOYLE 100 Hillingdon 26:29
29 STEPHANIE SUNGJONG 49 Hillingdon 26:44
30 LYNDSEY BROWNE 37 Hillingdon 26:53
31 CAROLINE FORD & HOLLY 44 Hillingdon 26:57
32 CHRISTINA BENJAMEN 26 Hillingdon 26:59
33 DOUG MILSOM 77 Hillingdon 27:11
34 SARAH CHOWDHURY 56 Hillingdon 27:17
35 VICKY BROWNLEE 49 Hillingdon 27:24
36 ALAN WELLS 53 Hillingdon 27:54
37 JACKIE O’DOWD 59 Hillingdon 29:01
38 SANDRA SANDOVAL 48 Dashforfitness 29:07
39 REBECCA WILLIAMS 23 Hillingdon 29:19
40 PAUL BURKE 53 Hillingdon 29:26
41 MARIA TRUJILLO 35 Hillingdon 29:35
42 BOB BEALES 78 Hillingdon 32:12
43 HELEN CONIBEERE 51 Dashforfitness 33:06
44 VICTORIA EVANS 24 Dashforfitness 34:26


5km masterclass update

It was literally a flying start as the Dash for Fitness 5K Masterclass, in association with Hillingdon Athletic Club (HAC), went under starter’s orders at last night’s HAC 5K Training Race. It was a slightly daunting prospect to line up with the runners from HAC, but each member of the Masterclass that was able to join the race rose to the challenge and dashed around the 2.5 lap 5K course. And, to the delight (and amazement) of their Coach and themselves, they ran so fast that they all smashed their Personal Bests! Very many congratulations to Grace, Helen, Sandra, Stuart, and Victoria. You’ve all made a fantastic start to the Masterclass. And thanks also to Lisa, who turned up to cheer on the others but ended up also taking lots of photos, including those below. Once published, full results will be available on the club website.

Members rates Physiotherapy

We have struck up a partnership with Ruislip Physiotherapy Sports and Spinal Clinic and  HAC members can now get at least a 10% discounted rate for treatment.

You just need to contact them if you need treatment and state you are a current club member to receive this rate.

They are located nearby Ruislip station and opposite Ruislip Rugby Club. For deatils about their services visit their website here.

If you need financial assistance to cover the cost of treatment please apply to the Don Hirst trust here.

June 5km training race – post race quiz and curry at the clubhouse

A real treat for those who wish to stay and eat following the next 5km training race. We have external caterers bringing us vegetarian curry, rice, salad and samosas. £5 per head of which 50p goes to clubhouse funds. I need to know numbers by this Friday 2nd June, so let me know by then to avoid being dissapointed. If you wish to bake a cake or bring a dessert along that would be very welcome.

Clubhouse and car park security

A club member had their bag stolen from the back of their car at the clubhouse whilst out training on Tuesday 30th May. Please remember to secure your car and avoid leaving anything visible that might appear valuable. Please also keep your eyes open for anyone who you don’t recognise in the car park or the clubhouse. It helps to keep the car park barrier closed, so pull it behind you when you leave.