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SEAA Cross Country Relays Senior Ladies Team – Saturday 19th October

Our small band of runners, Hannah Wells, Pauline Smith and Zoe Dobbs represented HAC Senior Women at the SEAA Cross Country Relays at Wormwood Scrubs on Saturday.

Hannah Wells, in fine form following her new fitness regime of nights out only from Thursday through to Wednesday was first leg. Flying round in just over 13 minutes she took Zoe Dobbs by surprise and was at the change over line before you could say another glass of prosecco please. School girl error by Zoe who was chatting with Pauline rather than watching the race meant a rapid run to the changeover box and handover with seconds to spare.

Setting off in 19th place, Zoe was quickly overtaken by 3 runners up the long drag to the corner before managing to overtake a Ranleagh Harrier along the prison edge. A trudge round the back edge and up the hill through the woods she managed to maintain position supported with a big shout out by Lucy Duncan and Christina Benjamin from the sidelines. The run in to the finish, down the hill and then turning into the wind meant being frustratingly overtaken by one more runner before handing over to Pauline Smith in 23rd place in a time of 14.58.

Pauline brought the cutest support team along with 3 year old Daniel shouting run mum run and so she did.    A great run considering she’s been out of the racing scene for some time, Pauline battled with a London City runner over the last 100 meters and was just pipped on the line in a time of 15.58 to bring us home in 26th place out of 38 teams.

Thank you to Lucy, Christina, James Laing and young Daniel for the support and especially the jammy doughnuts.

Report by Zoe Dobbs

Rugby World Cup Semi-final

The clubhouse will be open from 9am on Saturday 26th October so we can watch England in action in the Rugby World Cup Semi-final. Breakfast rolls with tea and coffee will be served for £2.

Youth Talent Programme

Hillingdon AC have two athletes picked this year for the Youth Talent Programme – Ben Brownlee and Monty Ogunbanjo.

The Youth Talent Programme is the first stage of the Performance Pathway for young athletes in England aged 16. The programme is a collaboration between England Athletics and British Athletics and gives athletes the opportunity to learn, train and develop the necessary skills to progress onto becoming a senior international.

Congratulations Ben and Monty.

Hillingdon 20

Entries are now open for the 2020 race via here

H20 Promo

Social event following Met League Fixture – Claybury

The 12th October sees the first Met League fixture of the winter season, at Claybury. Following the event there will be Fish and Chips and Bingo at the Clubhouse.

If you want to attend please register either on the club Facebook page or on the noticeboard at the clubhouse, stating what you would like to order.

The Clubhouse team

Summer Series 2019 – Results

Sorry to break it to you but Summer is over, reports Dan Spinks. The Middlesex 10k was the last race of this year’s summer series. In the ladies’ competition there was no change at the top as Zoe Dobbs made sure she got enough points to hold onto the lead. In the men’s Doug Milsom moved up a place on the podium while Iain Betson ran a 10k lap of honour having wrapped up the series win some time ago. Thanks to everyone for taking part and congrats to the winners.

Middlesex 10k Road Championships, Victoria Park, Sunday 29/9/2019

Following a one minute silence for Tashan Daniels, which was subsequently warmly applauded by everyone present, Hillingdon AC athletes went about the business of attempting to win medals in the 5 team categories in the Middlesex County 10 Km RoadChampionships, report Andy Torrance and Doug Milsom.

Suffice to say following some very fine performances from the 17 men and 12 ladies who ran, the team results show that Hillingdon AC won medals in EVERY category and we were the only Middlesex club to achieve that.

Following on from his fine performance in the Great North Run, Abdishakur Abdulle (30:28) won individual Gold, for the third consecutive year, 9 seconds clear of Mohamud Aadan of TVH.  Other HAC individual medallists were Catriona Paterson (40:16) 2nd Middlesex Lady, Karen O’Rourke (46:08) and Zoe Dobbs (47:34) 1st and 2nd W45, and Doug Milsom (54:20) who was surprised that they awarded a medal for the M80!  Abdishakur and Catriona also won prizes for the 1st Male and 3rd Female finishers in the open race.

The following Hillingdon AC athletes won Middlesex team race medals, which are to be presented at a later date:

Gold: Senior Men: Abdishakur Abdulle (30:28), Aramias Zeration (32:35) and James Laing (34:13);

This is also the third consecutive year that HAC have won this title. 

Silver: Senior Ladies: Catriona Paterson (40:16), Hannah Wells (41:59) and Ciara Williams (44:22);

Silver: M50 Men: Richard Jenkin (41:53), David Smith (42:23) and John Bignell (45:03);

Bronze: Masters Ladies: Karen O’Rourke (46:08), Zoe Dobbs (47:34) and Melanie Spencer (48:17);

Bronze: M40 Men: Martin Bateman (37:07), Paul Leppard (38:04) and Iain Betson (43:47).

Altogether a very successful morning out in Hackney for the club.  The Middlesex AA has suggested we arrive at Claybury with a security van to pick up all the prizes.

Full results in http://www.middlesexaa.org.uk/ and https://www.runbritainrankings.com/results/results.aspx?meetingid=313549&pagenum=1

Thanks to the County officials and to Victoria Park Harriers & Tower Hamlets AC for a well organised event and for producing the individual results and medals so soon after the finish.  They even managed to postpone the heavy rain which had been forecast!

4×4 Fest

To mark the loss and celebrate the life of Tashan Daniels we will be holding a fun club event where all club members and family can get involved.
One of Tashan’s favourite events was 400 metres so we will be running a 4 x 400m relays team competition at the track this Thursday 3rd October 2019.
All welcome.
Races will be graded and mixed by gender, age and ability where possible.
There will be 4 teams.
Each person will be allocated a team colour.
Each team has a manager.
Each person runs once
Team points for each relay race will be scored 5pt, 3, 2, 1. Points at the end will be tallied up to show overall team scores.
If we have enough officials, leg and team times will be available too.
The first race is at 6pm. We expect around 10 to 15 races
Please arrive in good time to get a team and warm up.
Support your team mates from lane 3.
Track should be kept clear during the event but training can be done as usual before and afterwards.
Help needed with time keeping, officiating and logistics.

Gosunder Handicap Race 2019

The results of the rescheduled Gosunder Handicap Race 2019 are below. This year the race was run over the 5k training race route. Congratulations to Christina Benjamin who was first over the line. Well done to all who competed.

Finish TimeHandicapActual TimeFastest
Christina Benjamin38m 2s0m 0s38m 2s46
Bill Harding38m 26s10m 15s28m 11s36
Edward Spencer39m 18s16m 0s23m 18s20
John Doyle39m 32s13m 45s25m 47s31
Julie Stokes39m 55s9m 0s30m 55s42
Ellie Henderson39m 56s14m 30s25m 26s28
Andy Torrance39m 57s14m 30s25m 27s29
Sally Bundock40m 14s9m 0s31m 14s43
William Spencer40m 23s19m 0s21m 23s6
Mel Spencer40m 33s17m 15s23m 18s21
James Quinn40m 36s18m 30s22m 6s12
Alan Wells40m 42s10m 0s30m 42s41
Agi Steinert40m 44s16m 0s24m 44s25
Sharon Talbot40m 50s10m 30s30m 20s40
Karen O’rourke40m 51s18m 30s22m 21s14
Steve Edwards40m 52s20m 0s20m 52s5
Mike Illing40m 53s18m 15s22m 38s16
Pauline Fischer40m 54s16m 15s24m 39s23
Heidi Smith40m 54s14m 30s26m 24s33
Bhavna Shah40m 56s14m 0s26m 56s34
Jim Arora40m 56s11m 0s29m 56s39
Bryony Lycett-Brown40m 57s16m 15s24m 42s24
Hannah Woodward40m 57s13m 0s27m 57s35
Chris Buckingham40m 59s19m 0s21m 59s11
Karen Trunkfield41m 8s16m 0s25m 8s26
Stephanie Sungtong41m 8s16m 0s25m 8s27
John Bignall41m 13s19m 0s22m 13s13
Iain Betson41m 16s20m 30s20m 46s4
Jack Edwards41m 23s20m 0s21m 23s7
Sarah Dunnage41m 27s16m 0s25m 27s30
Kirk O’Rourke41m 28s22m 15s19m 13s2
Spencer Harding41m 29s20m 0s21m 29s9
Lyndsey Browne41m 31s12m 45s28m 46s38
Chloe Charles41m 37s18m 0s23m 37s22
Zoe Dobbs41m 41s18m 30s23m 11s19
Paul McCay41m 43s19m 0s22m 43s17
Paul Spencer41m 45s19m 0s22m 45s18
Paul Leppard41m 51s22m 45s19m 6s1
Tony Shaw41m 51s16m 0s25m 51s32
John Blake41m 56s20m 0s21m 56s10
Paul Burke41m 58s10m 0s31m 58s44
Gabriel Seagall42m 3s22m 0s20m 3s3
Simon Norbury42m 18s14m 0s28m 18s37
Sam Hurley42m 34s20m 0s22m 34s15
Dave Smith42m 42s21m 15s21m 27s8
Helen Chandler43m 14s8m 0s35m 14s45

Tashan Daniels Vigil

Message from Revd Reg Craig, minister of Hillingdon Park Baptist Church: A prayer vigil will be held tomorrow evening (Thursday) at 6pm in memory of Tashan. This will happen outside the main entrance of Hillingdon Station. The purpose of this event is for us to show solidarity as a community of all faiths and none and to stand together against the violence on our streets.