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Posts from — August 2015

Senior and Vets Summer Presentation Evening

Hillingdon AC finished a close second to Yeovil Olympiads in the final Southern Athletics League meeting of the season at Andover. This result meant that the senior team finished in an excellent seventh place, above local rivals Ealing, Southall and Middlesex, Barnet and Shaftesbury Harriers and Highgate Harriers. Congratulations to all the athletes, and team managers Clare Thompsett and James Manley. With a number of juniors coming through the ranks to the seniors, next year looks even more promising.

The victorious team were welcomed back to the clubhouse with a free barbecue and each competing athlete, along with those who had turned out in the Vets League, claimed their well earned free drink. Thanks go to Peter Humm, Maria Hernandez-Humm and Jill Miller for preparing and cooking an excellent spread.

With everyone now well fed and hydrated it was time for the awards presentation. Dave Smith, HAC Chairman, and the team managers, Jason Steel and Maria Hernandez-Humm for the Vets, and Claire and James for the seniors, gave short speeches and handed out the awards. In addition to the awards listed below the Management Committee presented gift vouchers to over 50 dedicated volunteers, coaches and club officials as a small gesture of appreciation for their work in 2015.

Senior Men’s Track: 1st- James Laing; 2nd- Liam Holbrook; 3rd- Clive Wickham

Senior Men’s Field: 1st Keith Seldon; 2nd- Sam Fraser; 3rd Alex Barker

Senor Female Track: 1st- Hannah Wells; 2nd- Eva Mack; 3rd- Michaela Mayor

Senior Female Field: 1st Clare Thompsett; 2nd- Christine Heemskerk; 3rd- Leslie Conway

SAL female athlete of the year- The Tom Fevyer Trophy-Eva Mack

SAL male athlete of the year- The George Ives Trophy- Sam Fraser

SAL Most Supportive club member Male- The R.W Gale Cup Clive Wickham

SAL Most Supportive club member Female- The Jim Tozer Cup- Hannah Wells

Vets W35 Track-Sharon Dooley; W35 Field- Maria Hernandez- Humm

Vets W50 Track- Karen O’Rourke; W50 Field- Sharon Talbot

Vets W60 Track- Lesley Conway; W60 Field- Cathy Girvan

Vets M35 Track- Martin Bateman; M35 Field- Vaughan Ramsay

Vets M50 Track- Dave Smith; M50 Field- Keith Seldon

Vets M60 Track- Roy White; M60 Field Bob Densley

Vets League Female Super Vet- The Female Masters Shield- Lesley Conway

Vets League Male Super Vet- The John Turpin Trophy- Dave Smith

Vets League Most supportive club member- The Hillingdon Trophy- Dave Martin

Vets League Most Supportive Club Member-The Kennett Cup- Lucy Duncan

Ultra Marathon Trophy- Donated by Brian Feldman- Brett Hutchinson

Ladies Summer Series Trophy- Zoe Dobbs

Male Summer Series Trophy will be decided at the last race of the series.

To all who won the special awards, I will be getting the trophies engraved over the next week or two and will get them back to you to hold until the next Summer Presentation evening in 2016.

Thank you for everyone who came on the night, it was great to see the clubhouse full of members both young and old appreciating each others efforts.

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Devil Takes The Hindmost



This year’s competition will take place on Tuesday 25th August at 7pm on the normal course at Rochester Road in Northwood Hills, opposite Haydon School.

Please register at the clubhouse by 6.30pm or be at Rochester Road by 6.50pm.

You compete entirely at your own risk.

All Club members are welcome to run, with a £3 fee for any non-Club members.

This year there will be four competitions:

Women                                                                                   Maximum of eight rounds

Over 40 Men                                                                          Maximum of eight rounds

Under 40 Men                                                                       Maximum of ten rounds

Plate (for those knocked out in early stages of the other three competitions)

Maximum of five rounds


How does it work?

All the runners in each competition start together and run up the hill (just under 300m in length). The last one to the top is eliminated (sometimes more depending on number of entries).

The remainder jog back down again and then repeat the run up the hill. Once again, the last one to the top is eliminated (sometimes more depending on number of entries).

This is repeated until only one runner is left, who is the winner of the competition.

So that everyone gets more than one run, halfway through the event everyone who has been eliminated to that point in the three main competitions can enter the Plate competition.

Further details if required from Gavin Collett


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Fixture list

An updated list of club fixtures through to April 2016 can be viewed here.

The team managers for the Southern Road Relays will be contacting those athletes likely to make the standard to compete in these champs in the next couple of weeks.

SRRS Poster 2015

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