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June 5km training race – post race quiz and curry at the clubhouse

A real treat for those who wish to stay and eat following the next 5km training race. We have external caterers bringing us vegetarian curry, rice, salad and samosas. £5 per head of which 50p goes to clubhouse funds. I need to know numbers by this Friday 2nd June, so let me know by then to avoid being dissapointed. If you wish to bake a cake or bring a dessert along that would be very welcome.

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Clubhouse and car park security

A club member had their bag stolen from the back of their car at the clubhouse whilst out training on Tuesday 30th May. Please remember to secure your car and avoid leaving anything visible that might appear valuable. Please also keep your eyes open for anyone who you don’t recognise in the car park or the clubhouse. It helps to keep the car park barrier closed, so pull it behind you when you leave.

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DNA analysis could help improve your workouts

Zac Purchase and DNA Fitness are offering HAC members a discount on DNA testing, designed to potentially improve Performance, Fitness, Diet & Wellbeing . A quick cheek swab test involves selecting specific genes and analysing them to offer invaluable guidance so you can get the most out of your diet and exercise and unlock your potential! This includes:

Your optimal training style
Injury risk profile
Exercise recovery speed
Sensitivity to fats, carbohydrates, salt, caffeine & alcohol
Potential genetic intolerances to lactose & gluten
Suggested vitamin & macronutrient requirements
12 week nutrition plan for your optimal diet type

The Benefits
Sport, Fitness & Health is becoming ever more scientific to aid general well-being & performance. DNAFit is cutting edge technology which is becoming more and more mainstream. It is hoped that Athletes from HAC will benefit from the test and make small changes to improve personal performance, improve well-being & prolong athletic participation.

The Cost – Based on a full cost of £250

Participants Discount Cost
1 – 5 5% £237.50
6 – 15 10% £225.00
16 – 22 15% £212.50
23 – 30 20% £200.00
30+ 25% £187.50

The Process
1. Testing swab kits sent to participants
2. Collected and given to DNAFit
3. Group walk through of results (approx. 90 mins) by Zac

Further information
DNAFit – www.dnafit.com
Jenni Meadows (800m runner) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1Z64_cDn6E
Greg Rutherford (Long Jumper) – http://www.reuters.com/article/us-dna-workout-idUSKCN0XC06U

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Vitality London 10k

Congratulations to the HAC Team who turned out in force for the Vitality London 10k this morning.   Special mention to the young guns Rob Thompson and James Laing who finished 51st and 77th overall and to Hannah Wells (89th lady).

Provisional results gun times

Rob Thompson 31:57

James Laing 32:41

Andy Moore 34:26

Paul Leppard 37:40

Hannah Wells 41:09

Andy Wood 41:27

Ciara Williams 42:44

Debbie Brown 48:12

Zoe Dobbs 48:12

Karen O’Rourke 48:12

Dennis Carey 53:57

Katherine Wells 54:37

Christina Benjamin 55:48

Lyndsey Browne 57:17

Heather Davidson 58:54

Kirsty O’Rourke 59:31

Taj Randhawa 59:36

Preena Di 1:13:40

Angela Duncan 1:19:25

Lucy Duncan 1:19:25




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May Race Round Up by Hannah Wells

May Race Round UP

Summer series

We had two races of the Summer Series: first up was the Dansfield Dash 10k, followed by the Run Wembley 10k.  The Dansfield Dash had some challenging hills for our runners, whilst the Run Wembley was a little flatter, the grass sections provided a good challenge for all taking part! The Summer Series points table is now hotting up with Zoe Dobbs in the lead of the women’s competition and Dave Shelvey leading the men’s. Well done to everyone who took part!

If you are interested in trail or road running, then get yourself signed up for one of the June events!


The Danesfield Dashers

Lucy, Jackie, Heather, Lyndsey, John, Christina







Southern Athletics League Match 2 Andover

The 2nd of our SAL matches took place at Andover. The men’s team were strong taking the top spots in most of the races. Performance of the day on the Men’s team goes to Clive Wickham for “reaching new heights” literally in the Pole Vault and coming second after a strong competition! The women’s team although small did well, Performer of the day goes to Jen usually battling it out on the Rugby pitches she took one for the team by swinging some large pieces of metal around and outsprinting the sprinters!  we finished 3rd overall only 4 points off 2nd! The next fixture takes place at Uxbridge on the 17th of June, hopefully we can make full advantage of the home fixture and move ourselves up a little higher in the league. If you have ever fancied giving it a go at track and field, then please do come along and try something out!


Vets League Battersea

The vets showed how it was done at Battersea on the 8th of May coming 2nd in the league! Well done to everyone who competed



Dave Martin and Lynn Hyde showing how to race walk with style!





Parkrun Tourism!

The Hillingdon AC Parkrun Tour has started, first up Osterley Park, a great turn out and an overall win for Andy Wood! Followed by Northala Fields where we recorded a one, two in the women’s run (Hannah Wells and Zoe Dobbs) and a one, two in the men’s run (Rashid Handule and Andy Wood!)   Its always great doing something you love together so see the Parkrun tour list for dates and don’t forget your club vest!


The Osterley Park Crew

Peter, Andy, Alan, Katherine, Mel, Christina, Lucy, James





Middlesex Championships

A massive Junior squad of Hillingdon AC athletes took part in the Middlesex championships on the 13th and 14th of June! Well done to all those who ran, Jump and Threw for the club and to all the coaches for supporting these athletes!

Holly Hall, Javelin Gold & Discus silver u17

Emily Wilcock, Javelin Silver u17

Sam Fraser, Long Jump Gold u20

Kacey Laird, Hammer Silver & Discus Gold u15

Lucy Wilcock, Discus & Javelin Gold u13

Ben Hooley Javelin Gold u117

Aryan Padruth Javelin Gold u13

Marcos Kantaris Javelin Siler u13

Laura Anene 800m Gold u13

Abdi Abdulle 5000m Gold SM

Kevin Acraman Hammer Gold SM




Mohammed Gold u15 1500m, Abdi Gold u13 1500 m, Adam Silver u15 1500m, Hanad Gold u15 800m!






With lots of events going on this month please feel free to write about and put up race reports from other events you have competed in!

Love the clubhouse team x

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Summer Series League Tables

Results so far for the Summer Series after 5 races

HAC Summer Series 2017 Men 5

HAC Summer Series 2017 Ladies 5

Congratulations to Dave Shelvey for leading the men’s table with 54 points closely followed by Dave Smith with 49 points.

It’s all to play for with the Ladies as currently Zoe Dobbs tops the table with 72 points but with holidays in the way of the June races, Debbie Brown (64 points) and Mel Spencer (61 points) have a good chance to go top.

Thank you to Lucy Duncan and Andy Wood for keeping the points tally.

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Summer Series Race No.2 – Run Wembley 10k

The HAC Summer Series Squad turned up in force on Sunday for the Run Wembley 10k.   A great recommendation by Dennis Carey, not as challenging as the Medenham hills in Race 2 but with some grass tracking involved around Sudbury Park, it wasn’t all plain sailing.    This is a small well organised 10k with plenty of marshals around the course at every road junction.     With only 100 or so participants in total it’s well worth a go to get some prize money for a top 3 finish and of course a medal!  The live music and BBQ at the finish in aid of the local St Luke’s Hospice finished the morning off nicely.


Mens Results

Pos  Name              Time

19    Dave Shelvey  45.00

46    Dennis Carey  51.59

57    Alan Wells        58.47

Ladies Results

2      Zoe Dobbs   45.56

5      Debbie Brown  47.09

6      Mel Spencer 47.19

7      Karen O’Rourke 48.57

11    Katherine Wells 53.57

13    Lucy Duncan 54.17

16   Christina Benjamin 56.29

21   Lyndsey Browne 59.38


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Big up John Bignell

Congratulations to John Bignell who broke the club’s V65 5k training race record on Thursday evening with a time of 21.06.


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May 11th 2017

5k Training Race Results


1 ROB THOMPSON 26 Hillingdon 16:02
2 JAMES LAING 25 Hillingdon 16:39
3 PAUL LEPPARD 38 Hillingdon 18:16
4 JAMES MANLEY 34 Hillingdon 18:49
5 GEMMA BARRY 25 Hillingdon 19:02
6 KYLE RAMNATH 20 Hillingdon 19:16
7 HANNAH WELLS 24 Hillingdon 20:03
8 ROSS LONGTON 34 Hillingdon 20:09
9 EVA MACK 32 Hillingdon 20:17
10 KATE SHOCKLEY 100 Hillingdon 20:41
11 DAVID SHELVEY 48 Hillingdon 20:46
12 CIARA WILLIAMS 24 Hillingdon 20:48
13 LORRAINE MCNULTY 27 Hillingdon 20:48
14 DAVE SMITH 52 Hillingdon 20:52
15 JOHN BLAKE 51 Hillingdon 20:58
16 DAN WHITTAKER 42 Hillingdon 21:02
17 MICHAELOR MAYOR 32 Hillingdon 21:03
18 JOHN BIGNELL 65 Hillingdon 21:06 V65 RECORD
19 DAVID GAFFNEY 45 Hillingdon 21:18
20 CATHY CARRUTHERS 52 Hillingdon 21:34
21 ZOE DOBBS 47 Hillingdon 22:01
22 LOTTE VISSER 25 Hillingdon 22:07
23 DAVID FORD 54 unatt 22:08
24 CAROLINE FORD 44 Hillingdon 22:13
25 JAMES QUINN 51 Hillingdon 22:20
26 TIM SEAL 33 Hillingdon 22:27
27 MEL SPENCER 40 Hillingdon 22:34
28 KAREN O’ROURKE 52 Hillingdon 22:40
29 MARK HYDE 51 Hillingdon 22:51
30 ERROL RAMNATH 54 Hillingdon 23:24
31 DAVID DEWBERRY 31 unatt 23:34
32 CHRIS TASKER 61 Hillingdon 23:54
33 DEBBIE BROWN 44 Hillingdon 23:54
34 JACINTA KEENE 38 unatt 24:09
35 STUART NISBETT 45 unatt 24:14
36 BECCA GILLETT 16 unatt 24:32
37 YOKO GONOURIE 49 unatt 24:55
38 KATHERINE WELLS 26 Hillingdon 25:34
39 STEPHEN FORD & HOLLY 44 Hillingdon 26:12
40 LUCY DUNCAN 42 Hillingdon 26:22
41 INGRID HANSEN 37 Hillingdon 26:29
42 LOUISE SAUTSCHAK 48 unatt 26:29
43 STEPHANIE SUNGJONG 49 Hillingdon 26:41
44 RICHARD PRICE 52 unatt 26:58
45 BILL HARDING 67 Hillingdon 27:03
46 STEVE MCGUINESS 52 Hillingdon 27:51
47 DOUG MILSOM 78 Hillingdon 28:02
48 VICKY BROWNLEE 49 Hillingdon 28:05
49 ALAN WELLS 53 Hillingdon 28:15
50 JACKIE O’DOWD 59 Hillingdon 29:07
51 REBECCA WILLIAMS 24 Hillingdon 30:19
52 PAUL BURKE 53 Hillingdon 31:10
53 LISA NISBETT 46 unatt 32:53


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5km Masterclass

“Dash for Fitness, in association with Hillingdon Athletics Club (HAC), will be running a 5K Masterclass to help you Get Fitter, Go Further, Go Faster. It’s suitable for Absolute Beginners (“Couch to 5k”) and for Improvers (i.e. you run but are not yet able to complete 5k, or you want to improve your current 5K time).

You’ll work towards your own goal, following a 12-week Training Plan created especially for you by a UK Athletics Running Coach. Group training sessions will be held every Thursday (6.15-7.15pm) starting June 15th at the running track in King’s College Road, Ruislip. It’s FREE for members of Dash for Fitness and Hillingdon Athletics Club – £3 per session for non-members (payable on the night).

If you don’t know your 5k time or how far up to 5k you can run, you can join HAC’s June 8th 5k Training Race (£3 for non-HAC members, includes use of car park, showers, bar, and gym) – meet at HAC Clubhouse (206 Bury Street, Ruislip) at 6.30pm. And you can assess your progress and achievement of your goal at Parkruns or at HAC’s 5k Training Races on July 13th, August 10th, and September 14th.

To register: email dashforfitness@btinternet.com stating if you’re a beginner. Otherwise, please state your current 5k time and your goal; or the distance you can run, if you can’t currently complete 5k. Be quick because there are limited places available, and the 9th June is the deadline for registration.”

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Track Catering Vacancy

For a number of years Jill Miller has led the catering team at our junior and senior home track events. In addition to providing excellent food, Jill has also generated significant funds that helps support our young athletes. At the end of this year’s season Jill is standing down from this role. The club would like to thank Jill for her tremendous support over the years.
Therefore we are looking for a member to volunteer to take over from Jill. There are a number of people who are happy to help on a regular basis but we need someone to co-ordinate and lead this team. The commitment is for 5 or 6 fixtures across the summer months. Jill will be happy for anyone interested to shadow her at 1 or 2 of this seasons fixtures to gain insight into the role. Contact Dave Smith or Jill Miller if you would like to know more.

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Under new management!

Following three years of sterling hard work in managing the Clubhouse, John Doyle and John Bignall have decided to hang up their beer mats.      A new band of volunteers has been formed to take on the running of the Clubhouse with the remit of providing a welcoming environment for all members to relax and socialise after their training runs and races, together with social events and much much more.

We are all learning on the job and don’t promise to get it right every time, but we would value your feedback both good and bad on how the Clubhouse is run and what suggestions you have for improving the Clubhouse and ideas for events you would like to attend.   With this in mind, Hannah has provided a Suggestions Box which you will find by the noticeboards which is already filling up!

The new committee members are

Jeremy (disguised as Captain Birdseye) Collis, John (cooler than a Vindaloo) Dobbs (Chair), Natalie (bakes a mean cake) Ealand (Clubhouse Secretary),  Zoe (I’ve just volunteered for the Clubhouse) Dobbs (Joint Chair), Peter (I Love Metal) Humm, James (another Trophy) Laing, Hannah (amaze balls) Wells, Graham (show me the money) Wood (Clubhouse Treasurer), Nigel (I know a good route through the woods) Ealand, Tracey (track side) Harvey.

You will normally find one of the team at the track or in the Clubhouse on training nights and Sunday mornings so please do come and talk to us.


The Clubhouse Team

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Park Run Touring

Here is a list of Park Runs Katherine Wells would like club members join her in and make it a big turnout from HAC.

13th May – Osterley

20th May – Northala – followed by the spring cleaning at the clubhouse

27th May – Cassiobury Park

3rd June – *No parkrun* Summer series Olympic Park 10k

10th June – South Oxhey

17th June – *No parkrun* SAL Uxbridge

24th June – Rickmansworth

1st July- Harrow

8th July- *No parkrun* SAL Reading

15th July – Tring

22nd July- Bedfont Lakes

29th July – High Wycombe

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County Fell Running Champs

Middlesex County are looking for representives in the inter-counties fell running champs in Scotland on 13th May. No ability criteria has been shared with me but I’d expect the county would take those people that finish in top 15/20% of a Met League standard race as a guide. Please contact Andrew Owen for more info at Andrew.Owen@bfi.org.uk

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Summer Series Race 2 – Danesfield Dash 10k

Martin Bateman set a devilish challenge for the second race in the Summer Series.

Described on the website as “woodland trails, stunning scenery and lovely countryside lanes, this multi-terrain 10k route is guaranteed to please.  There are some challenging hills thrown in to make it even more interesting and give a sense of achievement to all runners, whether you are an experienced competitor or a novice.  Scenic, interesting and fun – no boring road race this!”

It certainly didn’t disappoint and our intrepid runners made mole hills out of the mountains.   Full race results can be found on the link


David Shelvey             46:22

Debbie Brown             50:06

Lucy Duncan               57:43

Christina Benjamin   59:56

Heather Davidson    1:00:38

John Hughes             1:03:53

Lyndsey Browne       1:03:54

Jackie O’Dowd          1:06:06

Ready to dash

A job well done.


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