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Posts from — December 2017

Ruislip Lido Relays 2017

Well done to the Jackson family, Oliver, Ben and Tony, on finishing first of the nineteen teams that participated in the Lido Relays today completing the three laps in a combined time of 26:45. Thanks go to Phil Welch for timekeeping, Harry Wild, Pete Warburton and Andy Torrance for helping to marshall and organise the race and finally, to Zoe and John Dobbs for the hot drinks afterwards.

Place1st Leg2nd Leg3rd legTotal time
1stOliver Jackson 8:30Ben Jackson 9:30Tony Jackson 8:4526:45:00
2ndTashan Allman 9:04David Smith 9:43Tashan Allman 9:0727:54:00
3rdLiam Holbrook 8:59Rhys Feaviour 10:38Liam Holbrook 8:5428:31:00
4thJo Edwards 11:45Luke Edwards 9:11Charlie Edwards 8:4029:36:00
5thFinn Combe 9:45Angel Doyle 11:14Matthew Crow 9:1430:13:00
6thJenny Laing 13:38James Laing 8:22James Laing 8:3230:32:00
7thHannah Wells 10:19F. Hollingsworth 11:12Hannah Wells 10:2331:54:00
8thSherrylee Doyle 12:12Stevan Dokic 10:55Andy Torrance 11:2334:30:00
9thJason  Taylor 11:06Nicky Tasker 11:57Chris Tasker 12:1335:16:00
10thEdward Spencer 11:25William Spencer 13:04Paul  Spencer 10:5235:21:00
11thAndrzej Warhaftig 11:49Robert Finnigan 12:36Kate Connibre 11:2035:45:00
12thSue Parke 11:34John Brockhouse 11:51Iwona Gray- Cauvin 12:2435:49:00
13thDennis Carey 12:04James Quinn 10:49Christina Benjamin 13:3236:25:00
14thKaren O’Rourke 11:15H. Davidson 13:28Boo Smith 12:0236:45:00
15thElliot Humm 10:14Maria Humm 14:13Peter Humm 13:1337:40:00
16thAlex Farley 14:19Isabella Farley 15:05Scott Farley 9:2238:46:00
17thZoe Dobbs 11:09John Dobbs 11:05Amy Dunton 17:4840:02:00
18thAnnie Birch 14:22Dave Wardle 18:16Ian Birch 11:4444:22:00
19thBob Beales 15:49Heidi Smith 15:25Rebecca Gillett 13:2944:43:00


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2017 Christmas Morning 5K and 2.5K Results

Well done to everyone that competed and helped with the results. There was a great club family turnout and we saw finishers aged 4 up to 85 and also the fastest winning time since 2007. The results can be found here.

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5K Gavin’s Training Group Christmas Handicap at Ruislip

Well done to Dennis Carey who outperformed his handicap to finish over a minute ahead of second placed Dan Spinks and third placed Boo Smith. The event was attended by 25 athletes from Gavin’s group. Our thanks to Gavin, the timekeepers and helpers who made this event possible. A party followed at the clubhouse afterwards and our thanks as always to the clubhouse team for making it such a great place that so many people want to stay and socialise.



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 10.30am start

Register at the clubhouse between 9.30am and 10.15am

You compete entirely at your own risk.

All Club members are welcome to run, with a £3 fee for any non-Club members.

Please bring a wrapped present worth around £3 for a lucky dip raffle after the race.

The course starts and finishes at the bus stop outside the clubhouse in Bury Street and is a loop of Bury Street, Breakspear Road & Ladygate Lane.

3.2 miles (2 laps)

There is a one-lap option (1.6 miles) for the young (minimum age 11), old (maximum age 111) & injured.

This is not an official race, so please keep to the pavement whenever possible and beware of road users and pedestrians.

The licensed bar will be open after the race for a short time for the results announcement and lucky-dip raffle.

Further details if required from Gavin Collett

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Dark Run 2017

Thank you to everyone that took part and helped with the 3rd Dark Run 5K on Sat 16th December. From the entry fees and donations we raised £267.00 and from Zoe and John Dobb’s fantastic food we raised £100 profit for a grand total of £367.00 for the Micheal Sobell House Hospice in Northwood.


Pos  WalkerClubGenderAgeTime
1PaulLeppard HillM3919.43 
2JenniferHarvey HillF3020.32 
3AndyWood HillM3820.38 
4DaveSmith HillM5320.43 
5AdamIreland HillM1420.44 
6DanielWhittaker HillM4321.07 
7AndyMiles HillM6321.43 
8ZoeDobbs HillF4823.04 
9AngelDoyle HillF1123.15 
10StevanDokic HillM6023.21 
11JonathanGawn HillM3523.46 
12VivekUpadhyay HillM3224.15 
13PaulSpencer HillM4724.24 
14BryonyLycett-Brown HillF2724.45 
15BobBurton HillM5824.51 
16AndyMansi HillM6825.10 
17DanSpinks HillM4325.14 
18LotteVisser HillF2525.34 
19IwonaGray-Cauvin UnattF3825.40 
20AndyTorrance HillM6125.47 
21TrevorSteeples HillM6126.12 
22NikkiTasker UnattF3126.32 
23DennisCarey HillM5226.34 
24ChrisTasker HillM6226.36 
25LucyDuncan HillF4327.00 
27PeterHumm HillM5429.20 
28AlanWells HillM5429.42 
29LyndseyBrowne HillF3831.00 
30DebbieBrown HillF4531.02 
31LouisaGawn HillF3631.04 
32ChristinaBenjamin HillF2731.09 
33AnneJones SteynF6331.22 
34JoMiles HillF6231.23 
35PaulMartin HillM5031.24 
36MariaHernandez-Humm HillF5132.17 
37AngelaDuncan HillF7734.08 
38StephanieSungtong HillF5034.51 
39ChloeCharles HillF2136.08 
40TanzinAhmed UnattM2136.08 
41SophieCharles UnattF2036.08 
 1 lappers       
40DanielWong HillM914.07 
41EdwardSpencer HillM814.56 
42IsabelleWong HillF1118.14 
43AmyWong HillF719.43 
44CherileeDoyle HillF921.09 
45LorraineKingston HillF4821.13 
46Ronnie Smart HilM5621.14 
47DeborahWates HillF5524.07 
48WilliamSpencer HillM1328.10 
49HarryWild HillM8528.10 

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5K Masterclass: The Great Achievers

The progress check at Saturday’s super-chilly 5k Parkruns marked the end of the Dash for Fitness Autumn 5k Masterclass, in association with Hillingdon Athletic Club (see Facebook for pictures – details below). Across the 12-week programme (3 blocks of 4), the participants have been remarkably successful, working hard in the track sessions, on their “homework”, and in the progress checking races.

Of the non-runners and beginners, Andrea and Sree did brilliantly to run 5k continuously and in sub-40min times, and Jaz, who was only with us for the first 2 blocks, managed to run continuously for 5k in the 2nd progress check run. Then there is Carey, who only started with us in block 3, but completed the 5k an incredible c10mins faster than target. Of the other block-3 joiners, Arunima, did marvelously well to run 5k continuously for the first time (taking 2:30 off baseline), and Jay did brilliantly to beat his baseline by 2:15.

Of the improvers, Karmen’s best progress check time was a superfast 19:33, beating her goal of 19:40, and taking an amazing 35s off her baseline. Bhavesh’s 22:46 beat his goal by an impressive 44s – and took a fantastic 2:14 off baseline. Julia beat her goal by an equally impressive 42s, taking a huge 2:42 off baseline. And Andrew, who joined in block 2, smashed his goal by 1:29, taking a massive 3:29 off baseline. Then there is Angela, who was unable to do Saturday’sprogress check, but has already taken a superb 3:18 off her baseline.

However, it was Rohit who was, perhaps, the highest achiever – following the coaching, advice, and programme planning provided by a UK Athletics Running Coach to improve stamina, stability, and strength so well that he took an astonishing19:20 off his baseline 5k time!

The Winter 5K Masterclass starts this Saturday (December 16th) and all places have been filled. We have a mix of non-runners (looking to start running), beginners (looking to run further) and improvers (looking to run faster). If you’re interested in signing up for all or part (4, 8, or 12 wks) of a future 5k Masterclass (6.15-7.15pm Thursdays in Spring and Summer 9-10am Saturdays in Autumn and Winter), then please get in touch to discuss or to register, via Facebook, email, or mobile.

Gary Taylor

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5K Dark Run 2017


Online entries and food orders are now being taken here. Payment is on the night. last year we raised £283.00 for Micheal Sobell Hospice.

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Met League Uxbridge- Senior Men’s report

A much improved turnout at the third Met League fixture of the season at Uxbridge saw the A team finish second on the day in Division One behind Highgate Harriers, scoring 823 points to Highgate’s 1246 reports Paul Leppard. This was the club’s best performance in the Met League for many years and just shows what we are capable of when our younger and faster athletes turn out to compete with the A team boosted by Met League season’s debuts from Ben Goddard (66th), Joe Carton (80th), Andy Moore (88th), Paul Corney (97th) and Ed Campbell (121st).

At the front of the race Abdishakur Abdulle finished third, Kadar Abdullahi fourth, Rob Thompson tenth, James Laing 22nd and Aramias Zeration 42nd. However, Abdishakur was not allocated any league points after running in the wrong race number (if Abdi had been counted in the team competition we would have scored in the region of 910 points). The league administrator has been warning that they would exclude athletes who run with the wrong number and unfortunately for us, it was at this fixture that they decided to implement this new rule.

As a result of the A team’s improved performance, the B and C teams also had their best placings in the Met League this year with the B team finishing fifth and the C team finishing 11th in Division 3.

In total , Hillingdon AC had 45 athletes competing in the men’s race which may be the most we have ever had competing in one fixture. Thank you to all that raced, marshaled or volunteered to help on the day.

Full results of the Met League may be found here: http://www.trentparkrc.org/

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Tom Gordge funeral

The funeral of Tom Gordge will take place on Monday 18th December at 11.15 at Breakspear Crematorium. Following the service there will be a reception at the Ruislip clubhouse afterwards.

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Lido Relays Friday 29th December

The Lido relays are a long standing event held over the festive period for both adults and children. The course is three laps of the lido and you can configure your teams however you like. For example, one runner may do two laps and another one lap, or you may be a team of three and do a lap each. Of course if you are feeling fit you can do all three laps yourself. Each lap is 1.6 miles. Please register at the clubhouse by 9.30 am and ideally know your team or be there earlier to team up with others. Race starts at 10 am.

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