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Posts from — April 2018

5km training race – Thursday 10th May

The second 5km training race of the summer is on Thursday 10th May at 6.40pm. Please register at the clubhouse by 6.30pm.

Following the race there will be a quiz and food available at £5 per person. This month it will be curry cooked by Jas who made a lovely curry for one of the races last year. There will be options of a veggie curry or chicken curry both with pilau rice.

If you would like food can you please let John Dobbs know by Tuesday 8th May. As we are using outside catering for this event we will have to pay for the food upfront. Can we ask therefore, that if you put your name down for food and don’t turn up, you still pay for your order.

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Upper YDL Match 1 – 29th April 2018

The first Upper YDL of the season at Horspath Oxford got off to an absolutely freezing start, reports Courtney Clarke. However it was also amazing with many PB’s and SB’s. Every athlete excelled themselves in such cold and windy conditions and I could not be prouder of them all.

Hillingdon AC won the match by a convincing 210 points above second placed Vale of Aylesbury AC.

Thank you to the officials, timekeepers and everyone who came out and helped in the field on an absolutely freezing cold day, you do an absolute amazing job, again thank you.

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First 2018 3k Training Race – 24th April

On the evening of Tuesday 24th April we had the first 3k run of the session with 65 young athletes running, reports Courtney Clarke. Everyone ran with enthusiasm and it was a pleasure to watch.
As always the officials, time keepers and Marshall’s (who responded to my last minute plea) did an amazing job.
Already looking forward to the next one on Tuesday 29th May.

Results can be found here https://www.hillingdonac.co.uk/3k-training-race

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Spring Marathons 2018

Well done to the following Hillingdon AC athletes who completed marathons this spring.

Brighton Marathon 2018

Brett Hutchinson 3:11:23
Zoe Dobbs 3:35:37
Stuart Arundel 3:46:45
Andrew Malyan 3:48:11

Gabriel Segall 4:32:19
Bryony Lycett-Brown 4:36:39
Lucy Duncan 4:36:39
Les Brough 4:47:01

London Marathon 2018

Ben Goddard 2:54:57
Alex Longton 3:28:14
Scott Farley 3:29:14
Anna Harwood 3:34:38
Debbie Brown 3:50.42

Barbara Kedge 4:28:16
Andrew Mansi 4:32:13
Andrew Malyan 4:44:27
James Lane 5:33:21
Angela Duncan 6:19:49

Rotterdam Marathon 2018

Kathryn Carruthers 3:46:15

Krakow Marathon 2018

Iwona Gray-Cauvin 4:07:45

Well done to all our marathoners. Here are some of them with there well earned medals.

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Wilkie Mile 2018

29 Hillingdon AC athletes took part in the annual Wilkie Mile races on Thursday 26th April.

Results can be found here Wilkie Mile Results 2018

The name of the event came about because in 1977 Ted Bamford, who was a leading member of our club at the time, founded the event at Kings College Track and named it after his good friend, Ron Wilkinson. Thanks for confirming Alan Chidley.

Well done to all who supported this event and a big thanks to officials Gavin Collett, Philip Welch and Sharon Talbot.

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Spring 5k Masterclass – Progress Update

Last Thursday night saw the first progress check for the Dash for Fitness Spring 5k Masterclass, in association with HAC, with 8 of the Masterclassers taking part in our 5k Training Race.

It was an incredible night with every runner beating their baseline time, six of them beating their interim goal and, astonishingly, four of those six achieving their end of programme goal (so they will now get new targets!). Very many congratulations to: Beth, Cliff, Fiona, Julia, Kate, Lisa, Tiggy, Victoria.

Congratulations also to Ian, who achieved his 5k progress check time at Monday night’s FREE Dash for Fitness Running group, and to Carey who beat her end of programme goal at a Parkrun.

It’s possibly unfair to single out anyone from Thursday night but I have to call out Tiggy’s performance. She started the Masterclass with a baseline time of 40:00 (her 5k time of a year ago when she last ran) but, after 3 track sessions and diligent completion of homework, achieved a 5k time of 34:04 on Thursday. Wow!

Bookings are now being taken for the 12-week, Summer, 5k Masterclass that starts on Thursday, June 21st. (sessions will be held in Ruislip on Thursdays at 7.15pm), then please email your interest to dashforfitness@btinternet.com. It costs £20 in advance for the first 4-week block. Alternatively, you can pay for all 12 weeks at a discounted rate of £50.

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Alder Valley Girls – 15th April 2018

Today saw a fantastic start to this year’s Alder Valley Girls league with a lot of solid runs, jumps and throws many of which brought accompanying PBs, reports Courtney Clarke. There was an impressive turnout of 52 girls many of whom were new to competing in athletics and showed their determination to do well both individually, and as a team with cheers and calls of support being heard from the stand throughout the day. Many events, including the 200m, and the longer middle-distance races, as well as javelin and high jump, where hindered mid-afternoon by heavy rain but even this did not dissuade the athletes from putting in their best performances. Well done to all! And to the officials that ensured these events were able to continue in these far from perfect conditions.

The day ended with some incredible relay running with our two out of three of our scoring teams securing solid wins in their heats. Before adding the relay results (two out of three which we won) the overall results put Hillingdon AC in sixth place which equals our position from last season and leaves us with a solid foundation to build on this season.

Altogether, each and every one of our athletes who came today made the coaching team proud. We look forward now to another productive season with each one of the athletes progressing individually and the team building on its strengths throughout the remaining Alder Valley Girls competitions.

I’d like to thank Meryl Dickinson and Trevor who team managed today and done an amazing job.

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Brighton 10km and Marathon 2018

Congratulations to all the Hillingdon AC members who completed the Brighton 10km and Marathon today, Sunday 15th April.

10km results

Freya Hollingsworth 49:47

John Dobbs 49:50

Dan Spinks 52:52

Marathon results

Brett Hutchinson  3:11:23

Zoe Dobbs  3:35:37

Stuart Arundel  3:46:45

Andrew Malyan 3:48:11

Gabriel Segall  4:32:19

Bryony Lycett-Brown  4:36:39

Lucy Duncan  4:36:39

Les Brough  4:47:01

Well done all. Feet up now!


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5km Training Race Results – April 2018

Results from the first 5km training race as follows:

  1.  Catriona Paterson  19.52
  2. Paul Leppard  20.08
  3. Hannah Wells  20.09
  4. Steve O Keefe  20.37
  5. Ciara Williams  21.28
  6. Karen O’Rourke  22.07
  7. Andy Wood. 22.15
  8. John Bignell  22.21
  9. Martin Searle  22.24
  10. James Quinn  22.34
  11. Bob Burton  23.11
  12. Paul McKay  23.13
  13. Debbie Brown  23.25
  14. Dennis Carey  23.39
  15. Boo Smith  24.16
  16. Imogen Wintersohl  24.37
  17. Freya Hollingsworth  24.37
  18. Chris Tasker  24.42
  19. Pauline Smith  24.46
  20. Nikki Tasker  24.46
  21. Pauline Fischer  24.59
  22. Graham Wood  25.12
  23. Cliff Nelson  25.30
  24. Dan Spinks  26.01
  25. Jack Edwards  26.02
  26. Tracey McDonald  26.06
  27. John Doyle. 26.15
  28. Stephanie Sungtong  26.52
  29. Christina Benjamin  27.14
  30. Doug Milsom  27.28
  31. Lyndsey Browne  27.58
  32. Bryony Lycett-Brown  28.13
  33. Lucy Duncan  28.13
  34. Bhavna Shah  28.29
  35. Charlotte Ford  28.45
  36. Alan Wells  29.08
  37. Heidi Smith  30.23
  38. Kate Schiavi  31.22
  39. Angela Duncan  31.41
  40. Lisa Nisbett  31.48
  41. Paul Burke  32.24
  42. Katherine Wells  32.28
  43. Julia Mann 32.44
  44. Beth Nelson  33.18
  45. Tiggy Beyene  34.05
  46. Victoria Evans  34.31
  47. Fiona Hollingsworth  34.37

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Winter Presentation Evening – 22nd April

This year’s Winter Presentation Evening will take place on Sunday 22nd April from 7pm at the clubhouse.

This is chance to celebrate our club and individual achievements during the Winter season.

This date is the evening of the London Marathon so also an opportunity for those competing to show off their well deserved medals.

All welcome.

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Hillingdon Athlete at the Commonwealth Games

Good Luck to Sean Crowie who will compete at the Commonwealth Games in the Gold Coast for the Island of his grandfathers birth, St Helena.

He will be the first sprinter to represent the Island and will run in both the 100m and 200m next week.

The opening ceremony is on Wednesday 4th April.

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Club membership

Thank you to everyone that has joined or rejoined HAC before the 1st April. We still have 50% of last years members that haven’t completed the membership form. If you haven’t paid or filled in a form you aren’t a member of HAC anymore and shouldn’t be using any club facilities, making use of club coaching or competing in any club events. Anyone not wanting to renew club membership should write to the membership secretary and formally resign ASAP. The best option though is to excercise your typing finger and fill out the form. https://www.hillingdonac.co.uk/shop/clubmembershippage.html

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This year’s Wilkie Mile will take place on Thursday 26th April at King’s College track (tarmac surface), Ruislip. [Read more →]

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5km Masterclass Progress Update

There was a mixture of joy and sadness at Saturday’s 5k Parkrun progress check, as we concluded the Dash for Fitness Winter 5k Masterclass, in association with Hillingdon Athletic Club. Sadness because, as we’re moving to Thursday nights, some Masterclassers are unable to participate until Saturdays return in September. However, there was also lots of joy, as everyone finished with a fabulous fanfare and when the dust finally settled behind them, the12-week scoreboard showed massive progress by both the improvers and the “non-runners”.

Bhavesh achieved a new pulsating PB of 22:28, despite missing half of the training sessions; Rohit took a tasty 2:45 off his previous PB when running 25:25; Jay took a fabulous 4mins+ off his PB; whilst Arunima and Andrea both took a truly terrific 2mins+ off theirs. As for the previous non-runners: having already done brilliantly to achieve their first goal of completing a 5k, Fauzia and Jane did fantastically to take c4mins off their first 5k times, and Cindy took a superb 6mins+ off hers, finishing Saturday’s run in 31:38. However, my final words have to be reserved for the achievements of Thomas, who went from not being able to do a continuous run of >200m (although it was a very fast 200m) to running a phenomenal PB of 26:03 on Saturday. Congratulations Thomas and to all the Masterclassers, you’ve been a real pleasure to coach, and thanks also to James for his help.

The Spring Masterclass starts on 22nd March and is already fully booked but, if you’d like to sign up for the 12-week Summer Masterclass starting in June (sessions will be held in Ruislip on Thursdays at 7.15pm), then please email your interest to dashforfitness@btinternet.com.   It costs £20 in advance for the first 4 weeks. Alternatively, you can pay for all 12 weeks at a discounted rate of £50.

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Bracknell Open – 31st March

The 31st March saw the 40th annual Young Athletes Open Meeting begin in difficult conditions with rain persisting on and off throughout the day, reports Meryl Dickenson. Despite this a number of athletes arrived keen to begin the season well, and as the day went on they did just that.

On the track, events started with the 75m and 100m, with both girls and boys beginning a roll of PBs. These were followed by some outstanding middle distance runs with some seeing up to 13 seconds knocked off their PBs, and medals achieved in the U13W 600m, U15W 800m and U17M 800m. The track events finished with even more young athletes equalling or bettering their PBs in the 200m.

Meanwhile, on the field there was an impressive array of talent shown with strong performances in all the jumps and throws events with a number receiving PBs and further medals awarded in the U13M Shot and the U13W, U15W and U17M Javelin.

Altogether the day proved a great success with some impressive young athletes conquering difficult conditions admirably and leaving some very proud coaches looking forward to seeing how the new season unfolds.

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