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Southern Road Relays 24th September 2018

A tough day on a rain soaked day at the SEAA road relays for the Hillingdon AC juniors. The Crystal palace stadium was the centre of the tough course reports Stevan Dokic. With only 4 teams entered any injuries or colds left teams not completed.
The U/13 girls of Angel Doyle, Nicole McGovern and Asmaa Abdirarman found this a hard task over the 3.2K course. 30th team but should have been in the teens. But I am sure that at the next relays will get this right
The U/15 boys started brightly with Luke Edwards coming in 10th 1st leg in 10.32 and Abdi Hamud making a decent come back 10.55 11th. and Sam Knight 12.50 and no 4th leg runner. With some comfort they did come 2nd non complete team.
The U/17s young men were on a potential 5th with 6 decent athletes. The 4 on a 4.8k run the 1st team raced well but came 11th. The B team had 2 racers who ran faster than 1st teamers. So will bring a competitive edge to the teams for the next relays. Ross Mcgarvie 16.14,Haned Ahmed 16.20, Adam Ireland 17.10, Max Mcgarvie 17.09 – 2nd team Josh Lee 16.44, Ayeol Meslin 16.57.

I am looking forward to the next relays were we will see more form our teams. Well done for a great experience
Stef team manager


Congratulations to Abdishakur Abdulle, Mohamed Mohamed, Aramias Zeration, Fahad Abdi, Rob Thompson and Martin Bateman who as the club’s A team representatives in the South of England Six Stage Road Relays, finished in 23rd place to ensure that we qualified for the National Finals on 6 October at Sutton Park Birmingham Reports Paul Leppard.

Abdirahman Hamud ran the first leg for an incomplete B team.

The standard at this year’s SEAA Six Stage Road Relays was extremely high with 78 complete teams contesting the men’s championship and less than five minutes between the team that finished tenth and the team that finished 30th. As such, to finish in the top 25 places and secure a place in the National Six Stage Relays was a good achievement.

Our women’s team of Gemma Barry, Hannah Wells, Freya Hollingsworth and Ciara Williams raced over 4.8km each and finished a creditable 29th out of 46 complete teams.

Full results of the relays may be found here: http://www.seaa.org.uk/index.php/results/road-running

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Lots coming up at the Clubhouse!

Our Clubhouse team have been busy coming up with more social events, mainly centred around food and being silly.

To celebrate the men’s performance in the final of the Vet’s League on 30th September the clubhouse team are guaging interest in Fish and Chips afterwards. The coach should be returning at roughly 8:30pm. If you want Fish and Chips please let a member of clubhouse team know so they know if enough people want to eat.

Up next is the return of Games and Pizza night after the first Met League fixture at Claybury on Saturday 13th October. Will Splat the Rat make a reappearance? There is also a rumour of Twister! Please sign up on the Facebook event page or on the sheet at the Clubhouse so the team have an idea of numbers for food.

There will be a social event after each Met League, so look out for more.

Lastly (for now), the most anticipated event of the year – The HAC New Years Eve Party. This year’s theme is The Wild West, be prepared for a shooting alley, finding who is HACs Most Wanted and a Tequila Tipi. Tickets will be available soon. Last year sold out so get your ticket quick.

Please support these events. All welcome.

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Middlesex Road Relays – Sunday 9th September

Well done to all who competed in the Middlesex Road Relays on Sunday 9th September at Minet Country Park, Hayes.

Congratulations to HAC’s Under 13 Girls who topped their category. Angel Doyle started the girls off with a first leg of 13.21. Angel handed over to Nicole McGovern who ran the second fasted leg of the field in 11.43. Taking over from Nicole was Asmaa Abdirahman who ran the fastest leg in 11.39. Well done girls, here they are with their medals!

It didn’t stop there with our U17 boys also taking the title in their age category.

Running the first leg for the team was Adam Ireland who ran his leg in 09.40. Adam handed over to Hannad Ahmed who clocked the third fastest leg in 09.36. Taking the final leg was Abdifatah Khalif who bought the team home in 09.53. Well done boys, enjoy your bling!

Inspired by the talent of HAC’s youngsters our Senior Ladies team of Zoe Dobbs (12.33), Pauline Smith (12.55) and Lotte Visser (13.34) took third place. Our ladies are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the postman/postlady who is going to deliver their medals. Photo of the ladies team with medals to follow!

Well done to all the HAC members who competed and thank you to the many members who came along to support, it really does help, especially to Harry was was waving cake at me as ran past!

Relays are great fun and HAC always perform well. If you haven’t tried a relay event yet there are some cross country relays during the Winter season so get involved.

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Final 5km Training Race 2018

The final 5km  training race of 2018 took place on Thursday 13th September. Results as follows:

1JAMES LAING26Hillingdon16:32
2BRADLEY BIRCH22Hillingdon17:09
3PAUL CUDDIHY44Hillingdon17:25
4CHARLIE EDWARDS20Hillingdon17:34
5KIRK O’ROURKE19Hillingdon18:43
6JENNIFER HARVEY30Hillingdon19:37
7DAVE SMITH53Hillingdon19:46
8DAVID SHELVEY49Hillingdon19:52
9HANNAH WELLS25Hillingdon19:55
10ANDY WOOD39Hillingdon20:13
11SAM HURLEY19Hillingdon20:23
12IAIN BETSON44unatt20:31
13RICHARD JENKINS58Hillingdon20:35
14PATRICK HYDE13Hillingdon20:38
15STEPHEN O’KEEFE49Hillingdon20:47
16STEVE EDWARDS48Hillingdon20:50
17DAVID FORD55unatt20:54
18JOHN BLAKE52Hillingdon21:06
19GARY HORN40Hillingdon21:06
20ROB POULTER51Hillingdon21:25
21NICOLE MCGOVERN12Hillingdon21:26
22CIARA WILLIAMS25Hillingdon21:27
23JOHN DOBBS57Hillingdon21:27
24MICHAELOR MAYOR33Hillingdon21:29
25CLARA HIGGS15Hillingdon21:32
26JOHN BIGNELL66Hillingdon21:32
27JAMES QUINN51Hillingdon22:22
28ALAX CROWLEY29unatt22:24
29JASON STEEL46Hillingdon22:29
30KAREN O’ROURKE52Hillingdon22:44
31GABRIEL SEGALL20Hillingdon22:48
32CHLOE CHARLES22Hillingdon23:12
33LYNN HYDE43Hillingdon23:14
34JACK EDWARDS19Hillingdon23:44
35LESLEY CONWAY63Hillingdon23:56
36DENIS CAREY52Hillingdon23:56
37JOHN LUSCOMBE44Hillingdon24:15
38ALAN SEGALL53unatt24:21
39GRAHAM WOOD65Hillingdon21:34
40JOHN DOYLE60Hillingdon24:59
41KAREN TRUNKFIELD48Hillingdon25:11
42NIKKI TASKER31Hillingdon25:16
43CHRIS TASKER62Hillingdon25:27
44CAROLINE FORD & HOLLY45Hillingdon25:28
45STEPHANIE SUNGJONG50Hillingdon25:41
46PETER HUMM55Hillingdon26:19
47CHRISTINA BENJAMEN27Hillingdon26:34
48DEBBIE BROWN45unatt26:36
49BHAVNA SHAH53Hillingdon26:46
50VICKY BROWNLEE50Hillingdon26:46
51ROHIT GHOSH38Dashforfitness27:06
52LYNDSEY BROWNE38Hillingdon27:23
53HEIDI SMITH29Hillingdon27:28
54CHARLOTTE FORD28Hillingdon27:47
55KATHERINE WELLS27Hillingdon28:56
56EMMA HOOPER32Dashforfitness29:15
57GRAHAM SWANSON43Dashforfitness29:44
59ROGER BORMAN75unatt30:45
59SALLY BUNDOCK71Hillingdon31:02
60PAUL BURKE54Hillingdon31:27
DNF      STEVE WELLS62unatt

Well done to all those who raced. Thank you to the organisers and officials who make these events happen.

Thank you also to Freya Hollingsworth and Dan Thompson for cooking after the race and to John Luscombe for hosting the quiz.

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Great North Run 2018

Well done to the six HAC athletes who travelled to the North East and completed the Great North Run on Sunday 9th September.

First over the line was Abdishakur Abdulle in 21st position in 01:10:28

Following Abdi was:


Alex Vellasco  01:33:47

Iwona Gray-Cauvin  01:50:13

Simon Herbert  01:57:35

Heather Davidson  02:11:07

Lucy Duncan 02:12:50


Well done all!

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Devil Takes the Hindmost – Results

On Thursday 4th September, 29 HAC members took part in the annual Devil Takes the Hindmost race, held at Rochester Road, Northwood Hills.

Results were as follows:

Men Under 50Men 50 – 65Women & Over 65 MenPlate
1.Bradley BirchSteve Hirons (M55)Ciara WilliamsGary Horn
2.James LaingDavid Shelvey (M50)Caroline Pretty (W35)Gab Segall
3.Martin Bateman (M40)Andrew Malyan (M50)Zoe Dobbs (W45)Vivek Upadhyay/Mike Illing/Trevor Steeples
4.David Knight (M40) HTSJames Quinn (M50)Debbie Brown (W45)
5.Laurence ManningMartin Searle (M60)Iwona Gray-Cauvin (W35)
6.Iain Betson (M45)Jason Sewards (M50) (unatt)Paula KellyGraham Wood/Paula Kelly/Jason Sewards/Dan Spinks
7.Jason Steel (M45)Trevor Steeples (M60)Graham Wood (M65)
8.Gary Horn (M40)Mike Illing (M60)Lyndsey Browne (W35)
9.Gabe SegallAlan Wells (M50)Doug Millsom (M75)
10.Vivek UpadhyayAlan Wells/Doug Millsom/Lyndsey Browne
11.Dan Spinks (M40)

Thank you to the officials: Gavin Collett, Sharon Talbot, Katherine Wells, Phil Welch, John Bignell, John Dobbs and Andy Torrence.

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Hillingdon A.C. Boys Fourth in Alder Valley League Trophy

Sunday 2nd September was the last Alder Valley boys competition of the season, reports Diane Gibbons. It was at Reading on a very hot day.

We had out the largest number of boys this season with the u11 boys almost at 20 which is going to be great for the future.

The boys had been competing well over the previous 4 events and we were in 3rd before the final. This meant we were in the Trophy final.

There was some great performances by all of the age groups but we were up against some really strong teams and eventually finished fourth.

Thanks must go to all of the boys who have competed over the summer, their parents for supporting them and us , the officials who do a great job, our coaches who give hours of their time to support our athletes and lastly the team managers whose job is to try and fill all of the events with our strongest athletes.

Think we did a great job this year !

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Hillingdon A.C. Junior Girls win Alder Valley League Plate

On Saturday 1st September the girls competed in the finals for the Alder Valley, reports Courtney Clarke. Before the competition I had to find the safe place I put the Plate we won last year. After many hours I can confirm that it was not in my house. So Shirl was right (that is disappointing).

Next stop was the clubhouse. There it was in the cabinet. No keys!!! I drag poor Stefan down because he knows where the keys are (errrrr no he doesn’t). So we call Zoe Dobbs. I leave triumphant with the plate.
Now the day begins!!

So I arrived on Saturday for the finals of the Alder Valley league.

The girls were fantastic and earned the most points we’ve had all season to win the plate back again for the second year on the trot. Wish I had not spent so long trying to find it!

Meryl Dickinson was team manager of Alder valley girls obviously with my help but I actually didn’t have to do any work because Meryl did everything. Even more impressive we actually had six or seven of our best athletes competing at the inter Counties today.

Congratulations Hillingdon Athletics Club Juniors Girls.

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