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Posts from — May 2019

Vitality Westminster Mile and London 10k, and Uxbridge 5 mile

There were three races for HAC members to compete in in another race-packed bank holiday weekend.

Congratulations to Doug Milsom who took home two gold medals in the M80-84 class at the Westminster Mile, incorporating the British Masters and Vets AC Championships, on Saturday 25th May. Full results can be found here https://www.vitalitywestminstermile.co.uk/results/2019/

Congratulations also to Joel Pope who won the inaugural Uxbridge 5 mile race on Sunday 26th May.

On Monday 27th May 24 HAC members took part in the Vitality London 10k. Mohamed Mohamed was our first finisher in 15th place with a time of 29.35. Our first lady home was Catriona Paterson in 81st place in a time of 38.33. Full results can be found here: https://www.vitalitylondon10000.co.uk/event-info/race-results/

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Southern Athletics League, Fixture 2

Sunday 19 May saw the second Southern Athletics League fixture at Hemel Hempstead. Hillingdon AC scored a total of 164 points, finishing 3rd. Well done to all who competed.

The next fixtures are Saturday 15 June, Saturday 13 July and Saturday 17 August. Please make yourselves available for these fixtures.

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Vets League – Fixture 1

HACs Ladies Vets team came second from Herne Hill Harrier with 94 points in the first fixture of the season at Battersea. Team Manager Maria Hernandez-Humm send her thanks to all those who competed, for putting the team first, for doing events they had not done before and for getting out of comfort zones.

HACs Men’s Vets team finished the fixture in third position with 138, behind Serpentine and Herne Hill Harriers.

The next vets fixture is at home on 10th June.

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Summer Series Fixture 3 – Wembley 10k

Results are in from the Wembley 10k, our second Summer Series event. Well done all. Congratulations to Debbie Brown who scooped the 2nd lady prize and to Dennis Carey for clearing the raffle table of prizes once again.

Pos 12. Iain BETSON MV40 Gun: 0:42:30 Chip: 0:42:29
Pos 13. Sam HURLEY MS Gun: 0:43:12 Chip: 0:43:11
Pos 20. Micahel ILLING MV60+ Gun: 0:46:18 Chip: 0:46:15
Pos 25. Debbie BROWN FV45 Gun: 0:47:33 Chip: 0:47:28
Pos 37. Dennis CAREY MV50 Gun: 0:50:02 Chip: 0:49:57
Pos 55. Zara CHOWDHRY FS Gun: 0:54:41 Chip: 0:54:39

The next Summer Series fixture is Saturday 25th May at Harrow parkrun. 9.00am at Harrow Recreation Ground. Results will be age graded so a chance for the vets to bag themselves some big points!

The top five men and women in this years Summer Series after three fixtures are as follows:


1)Iain Betson – 69 pts

2) Dennis Carey – 56 pts

3) Sam Hurley – 45 pts

4) Michael Illing – 45 pts

5) Doug Milsom – 29


1)Zoe Dobbs – 48 pts

2) Debbie Brown – 46 pts

3) Christina Benjamin – 33 pts

=4) Hannah Wells – 25 pts

=4) Catriona Paterson – 25 pts

Still all to play for!

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Middlesex Championships – 11th and 12th May

Medals and PBs all over the place at the Middlesex Championships, reports Andy Wilcox.

12.3s 100m for Mia Smith (heat) and Bronze in final
10.98s 100m for Ben Brownlee placed 4th in final
1.75m Silver for Issac Bloodworth High Jump
Silver for Kevin Acreman in Shot
Bronze for Andy Wilcock in Shot (PB)
Silver for Kevin Acreman in Discus
Gold for Imeth Bindusara in Hammer
Gold for Kevin Acreman in Hammer
Silver for Keara Ryan Hammer
Bronze Andre Rai 800m
Silver Ambra Beason 1.50m High Jump
Silver for Ambra Beason Triple Jump (PB)
Gold Holly Hall Discus
Gold Holly Hall Javelin (PB)
Silver Emily Wilcock Javelin (SB)
Silver Ben Hooley Javelin (PB)
Gold Georgie Floyd Javelin
Gold Jack Chesney Javelin (PB)
PB for Lawrence Horswood Javelin
Bronze Nathan Hackney 800m (PB)
Gold Luke Edwards 3000m (PB)


Gold Lucy Wilcock – Discus
Bronze Keara Ryan – Discus
Gold Imeth Bindusara – Discus
Gold Nana Quainoo – 70m H (11s 34.. Champ record)
Silver – Cherilee Doyle – Long Jump
Gold Lucy Wilcock – Javelin
Bronze Mohsin Moallin – 800m
Gold Nana Quainoo – 100m (12.9s U13!!!)
Gold Nicole McGovern – 800m (U13)
Gold Asmah Abdirahmam – 800m (U15)
Gold Aryan Padruth – Javelin

Well done to all the athletes and coaches on such fantastic results.

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5km training race – 9th May 2019

Results from Thursday’s training race are as follows:

1BRADLEY BIRCH23Hillingdon17:16
2KIRK O ROURKE20Hillingdon18:47
3PAUL LEPPARD40Hillingdon18:53
4CATRIONA PATERSON30Hillingdon19:23
5DAVE SMITH54Hillingdon19:45
6MICHAELA MAYOR34Hillingdon19:54
7SAM HURLEY20Hillingdon20:11
8JAMES MANLEY36Hillingdon20:22
9IAIN BETSON45Hillingdon20:43
10STEVE EDWARDS49Hillingdon20:47
11JACK EDWARDS21Hillingdon21:04
12JAMES QUINN52Hillingdon21:23
13CIARA WILLIAMS26Hillingdon22:04
14CHRIS BUCKINGHAM36Dashforfitness22:06
15PETE WARBURTON59Hillingdon22:07
16PAUL McCAY45Hillingdon22:08
17DANIEL BUCKINGHAM11Dashforfitness22:10
18KAREN O’ROURKE54Hillingdon22:18
19JOHN BIGNELL67Hillingdon22:29
20MIKE ILLING62Hillingdon22:32
21ZOE DOBBS49Hillingdon22:36
22DAN SPINKS45Hillingdon23:21
23JOHN LUSCOMBE45Hillingdon23:36
24MARTIN SEARLE61Hillingdon23:38
25HOLLIE FORD12Hillingdon23:49
26CAROLINE FORD 46Hillingdon23:50
27DEBBIE BROWN46Hillingdon24:02
28DENIS CAREY53Hillingdon24:08
29LESLEY CONWAY63Hillingdon24:32
30SARAH DUNNAGE45Dashforfitness24:42
31STEPHANIE SUNGJONG51Hillingdon25:12
32GRAHAM WOOD67Hillingdon25:16
33SARAH OVENS28Hillingdon26:37
34DOUG MILSOM80Hillingdon27:02
35JOHN DOBBS58Hillingdon27:09
36NICK KALSI51Dashforfitness27:23
37LIZ HUTCHISON57Hillingdon27:28
38LYNDSEY BROWNE40Hillingdon27:33
39HANNAH WOODWARD26Dashforfitness27:38
40HEIDI SMITH30Hillingdon27:41
41BILL HARDING69Hillingdon28:08
42KATHERINE WELLS28Hillingdon28:47
43ALAN WELLS55Hillingdon29:15
45PREETI SUMAL43Dashforfitness36:19
46SHAMA MCAINE50Dashforfitness39:53


Thank you to officials Andy Torrence, Gavin Collett and Phil Welch. Thanks also extended to Chloe Charles for feeding hungry runners after the race and Maria and Peter Humm for hosting the quiz.

The next 5k training race is Thursday 13th June.

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Summer Series Fixture 1 – Pednor 5

Monday 6th May was a Bank Holiday for most and saw the first 2019 Summer Series points up for grabs.

There were 289 finishers in the race. Results for HAC members are as follows:

28 30:31 Catriona Paterson SEN (2nd Lady)
63 32:50 David Smith M50 (5th M50)
94 34:48 Iain Betson M45 (9th M45)
190 41:41 Andy Torrance M60 (8th M60)
194 41:53 John Dobbs M55
195 41:54 Zoe Dobbs W45
236 45:38 Douglas Milsom M75 (1st M75)
248 46:50 Bill Harding M65 (4th M65)
266 50:24 Dennis Carey M50
267 50:29 Christina Benjamin SEN

Thanks to Doug Milsom for posting the results so quickly.

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YDL Upper – Fixture 1

On a gorgeous Sunday morning on 5th of May was the 1st YDL upper division 1a, reports Courtney Clarke. It was always going to be a tough day but we managed to finish 3rd by five points to Brighton and Hove with the winning club being Harrow.

The athletes put on an amazing performance. It’s a difference from when I first joined the club when the perception was that we were just a sprint club. We are now really strong right across the board – run/jump/throws.

The middle distance boys that turned up were fantastic to watch, absolutely amazing.

As the athletes arrived you could tell they were all up for the day, the atmosphere was buzzing.

I’d like to thank all the officials that turn up for all competitions and work so hard in the field. Suzanne and Sue Bishop seem to organise everything.

I’m now going to sit down check the results and try to find those five points that we lost somewhere.

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3k training race – Fixture 1

Well done to the 73 that thrashed the 3k training race on Tuesday 30th April. Plenty of very good performances on a tough course. A big thanks to the timekeeping team of Philip Welch, Harry Wild, Roy Cnudde and Mick Lester and the band of course marshals. Results can be found here: https://www.hillingdonac.co.uk/3k-training-race

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Marathon Season 2019

Congratulations to all Hillingdon AC members who completed marathons this Spring.

London Marathon results for Hillingdon AC member are as follows:

Alex Hutchinson3.24.01
Anna Harwood3.22.57
Boo Smith3.48.34
Catorina Paterson3.03.29
Dan Spinks4.20.45
Debbie Brown4.00.25
Dennis Carey4.27.22
Francesco Cirianni3.13.30
Joanne Shale2.56.34
Jonathan Gawn4.44.55
Kate Shockley4.15.11
Kathryn Carruthers3.54.52
Nicola Ashe3.27.35
Paula Kelly4.09.19
Preena Divecha5.41.51
Steve Edwards3.48.46
Zoe Dobbs3.41.11

Full results can be found here

Special congratulations to:

Kathryn Carruthers who completed the Tokyo Marathon on 3 March. This meant Kathy has completed the six marathon majors and claimed her Six Star Finishers Medal. Well done Kathy.

Michaela Mayor who went from her comfort zone of racing two laps of the track to completing the Brighton Marathon.

Andy Wood for completing the Milton Keynes Marathon in preparation for attempting Endure 24 as a solo.

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The art of fell walking by Howard Pattinson

TWhen fell-walking or fell-running my advice is, let the mountains come to you, do not try too hard. As you get fitter, and do more, it will get easier. The other thing, as Wainwright said ‘watch where you are putting your feet’!

Now to the ‘art’ bit. I have recently updated my website ‘Images of Lakeland’ (sourmilkgill.co.uk) and a number of the new images relate directly to fell-running and fell-walking. For me, creating the work and walking in the lakes are complementary. My hope is, that the work will intrigue you and will encourage you to explore the Lake District to see for yourself the sheer beauty of the place in its various moods.

I include two works to wet your appetite:

The Wainwright Challenge

All 214 Wainwrights in my seventieth year. Why? Because I thought I could and there were a few I had never done. Day 1 was in the Northern Fells: Dodd, Carl Side, Long Side, Ullock Pike, Skiddaw, Bakestall, Skiddaw Little Man, Lonscale Fell and Latrigg. A good start. I never tire of Skiddaw. With my son-in-law, Day 42 was in the Western Fells, finishing on Yewbarrow, the last peak in the last book. I can honestly say I enjoyed every moment of the challenge and would heartily recommend it, at any age. Memories to last a lifetime.

The simple image represents the seven Pictorial Guides to the Lakeland Fells. Using the colour wheel as a compass The Northern Fells, Book 5, is represented by the primary colour red, The Western Fells, Book 7, is the primary colour blue, etc. Three primary colours and three secondary colours for six books and the wheel’s pivotal colour black, for the Central Fells, Book 3.

When I look at the image I am reminded of the 42 walks it took me to complete the challenge.Two that spring to mind are, the white out conditions on Causey Pike, when I nearly lost Kathy, my partner (she never listens), and Pauline Fischer’s anxiety, (she always thinks I am going to leave her) while doing the west wall traverse on Scafell. 

The Night Section

At night, the Helvellyn range is more familiar to me than anywhere else in the Lake District. Dunmail to Threlkeld is the classic night section, on an anti-clockwise, 42 peaks, Bob Graham Round. The ideal weather, is a clear sky, which takes away the anxiety of navigation, and if you are on schedule, can make it celebratory and a real pleasure.

At 7am on Saturday 21 July 1990, I departed from the Moot Hall, Keswick to attempt to complete a round of 58 peaks in 24 hours including the Bob Graham Round. Having traversed 42 peaks I departed from Dunmail Raise to tackle ‘the night section’ to Threlkeld. We were lucky with the weather and everything went to plan. The final section over Blencathra, Great Calva and Skiddaw, brought me back to Keswick at 6.42am on Sunday 22 July. 

The typographic positioning of the fells, in chronological order seemed like a good solution. We were, literally walking south to north, in my case.

To encourage you all, I would be more than happy to donate £100 to club funds, and an image of your choice, to anyone who beats my round. I can supply you with a schedule!

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