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Posts from — December 2020

Virtual Lido Relays

So the next in our series of Virtual races for you is the Lido Relay …. Although it is not being held at the Lido and it is not a Relay!
Between Thursday 31 December and Sunday 3 January (four days), you need to submit three times to me (gavin.collett@jti.com), along with your date of birth.
2 miles
2 miles
1 mile
How you do this combination is entirely up to you.
It can be one run of five miles, just giving me the separate splits for 2 miles, 2 miles & 1 mile.
It can be 2 miles on day one, 0 miles on day two, 2 miles on day three, 1 mile on day four. (2021, get it? Humour me, I’m not going out much these days).
So the only criteria really is that only one of your runs can be one mile continuous, you cannot run 5 x 1 mile for example. Shorter distances this challenge obviously, so any ages can enter if you want to get all the family involved.
One mile = 1.60934 kilometres
Two miles = 3.21868 kilometres
Deadline is midnight on the evening of Sunday 3 January.
It’s looking as though we will be without real races for a little while longer, so I am proposing to do a Virtual 10 miles towards the end of January and a Virtual Half Marathon towards the end of February; just a bit of prior notice if any of you want to adjust your training for a few longer runs.
There will also be some other shorter challenges in between, some of which may involve a bit of planning!
Happy New Year everyone! It’s got to be better than the last one.

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Festive Quest


This event is a straight copy of the trail quests that we hosted as a club earlier this year.
The aim is to find 12 hidden festive images as quick as possible, located in and around a number of green spaces in Hillingdon. The time starts when you find the first location and ends when you find the last one. They can be found in any order.

There is no time limit, however there will be a time penalty of 15 mins per unfound image. Please take a photo of each image you find and share your time if you are in our facebook group, or email me at mbateman@hillingdonac.co.uk. A pic of yourself during the quest will be good too. If you do it on a bicycle or walk please mention that when posting your time and images.
This event runs from 7am Sunday 27th Dec to 4pm Thursday 31st Dec.
Current Covid Tier rules should be followed during this event including only mixing with max 1 person not from your household.  Festive Quest Map and Clues to print.
Come prepared for mud!

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Following the UK Government’s announcement on Saturday 19 December of new Tier 4 areas, further details have been released by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) and Sport England as to how sport and physical activity is impacted within this specific Tier:
  • Organised outdoor sport for under-18s (including those who were under-18 on 31 August 2020) and disabled people is allowed. Indoor sport for under-18s is only permitted for education or to facilitate childcare that enables parents or carers to work, seek work or take part in education.
  • Organised outdoor and indoor sport for over-18s is not permitted.
  • People can exercise outdoors or visit some public outdoor places, such as parks, the countryside, public gardens or outdoor sports facilities. They can continue to do unlimited exercise alone, or in a public outdoor place with their household, support bubble, or one other person.
  • Outdoor sports facilities are allowed to open and can be used by individual households, bubbles or two people from different households. This applies to outdoor track and field provision where it is open locally
  • There are no exceptions for disabled people taking part in sport or physical activity indoors.
  • Competition licences within Tier 4 areas are suspended.
I would like to thank runners, coaches, leaders, officials, administrators, volunteers, and parents for your continued support, patience and understanding whilst adhering to the guidance issued in accordance with the UK Government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.
I would like to wish you and your families a merry xmas along with a happy and healthy new year and hope that we can all be back together as a running community early in 2021.
On behalf of HAC Management Committee.

December 21, 2020   Comments Off on ENGLAND ATHLETICS TIER 4 UPDATE (20 DECEMBER)

Tier 3 EA COVID guidance

EA advise that in Tier 3 outdoor organised coached activities for adults and children, carried out within a COVID secure environment, are allowed. Numbers are not limited in such groups but coaches must not exceed a ratio of one coach to twelve runners. Runners should avoid socialising before and after the session. Unorganised and non coached activity is permitted but are required to follow the rule of 6 and socialising before and after should be avoided. If running on the road you should avoid running into tier 1 or 2 areas.

Over 18’s living in tier 3 can travel within their own specific tier 3 area to train or compete. Over 18’s living in a tier 3 area cannot travel into another tier 3 area, nor into a tier 1 or 2 area, to train or compete. As far as we understand all 32 London boroughs are one tier 3 area.

Under 18’s can travel across all tiers to train at their club and/ or compete.

Volunteers (including coaches, leaders and officials) may travel across all tiers where necessary to enable participation to take place. This should be kept to an absolute minimum

In tier 3 you must not meet socially indoors or in most outdoor places with anybody you do not live with, or who is not in your support bubble, this includes in any private garden or at most outdoor venues. In view of this and with great regret the clubhouse will be closed from Wednesday 16th December.

YOU need to do what YOU feel is right and safe. When making these decisions please consider your safety and the safety of others.

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you and your families a happy and peaceful xmas. I look forward to seeing you all back at the clubhouse when the virus has reduced and restrictions have been lifted. Stay safe.

December 16, 2020   Comments Off on Tier 3 EA COVID guidance

Xmas day run

Hi All,
If you have no intention of running with Hillingdon AC on Christmas Day, there is no need for you to read this marathon length message. May I wish you, on behalf of myself and Hillingdon AC, a very Merry Christmas and a Much More Normal New Year!
Forename & Surname:
Date of Birth:
Predicted current 5K time:
Telephone No:
Emergency Contact No:
Confirm paid-up HAC member: Yes / No (delete as required)
A volunteer Hillingdon AC team have been working extremely hard behind the scenes for the last fortnight to explore the possibility of staging the Hillingdon AC Christmas Morning Road Race. The compromise we have reached will not be universally popular or of interest to many, we are aware of that, but we truly believe we have come up with an alternative (under the current regulations) that allows us to maintain a club tradition that dates back to the early 1950’s. There are quite a few differences from the normal race.
Friday 25 December 2020
Hillingdon AC Christmas Morning Road Run
10.00am start
2.7 miles one lap route on pavements and footpaths in Uxbridge
Start/Finish at bus stop on Park Road, Uxbridge, opposite North Common Road
Route: Clockwise, Park Road, Swakeleys Roundabout, A40 Western Avenue, Hercies Road, Honeycroft Hill, Park Road.
The route will not be marshalled
For insurance purposes, paid up Club members only, aged 16 or over on day of run
Pre-entry only to Gavin gavin.collett@jti.com, by providing the information requested in bold at the beginning of this message. There is no charge for entering. If you have not entered in advance please do not attend the event, you will not be able to run, there will be no exceptions to this rule
Entry will be limited to 48 on a first come first served basis, who will be seeded into waves of six according to predicted current 5K time. Please be realistic and do not put don’t know or any other unhelpful comments!
The waves (maximum of eight) will start at one minute intervals, the fastest starting first. If you miss your starting group then you will not be able to run
No numbers will be worn
The run will be hand-timed and a result produced
The stadium & leisure centre car parks at Uxbridge will be shut, so parking is your own responsibility in residential roads nearby, either side of the A40. It is your responsibility to check local parking restrictions, but many do not apply on Christmas Day according to the Hillingdon Council website
There will be no toilets or changing facilities, the stadium & leisure centre at Uxbridge will be shut
Spectators are discouraged from coming to the start/finish area to help with social distancing. However, some volunteer stewards are required for the start/finish area. Please contact Gavin
Do not travel to the event if you are showing any symptoms of Covid-19 as outlined by the NHS
Respect social distancing guidelines at all times, including keeping a 1m+ distance when running
Be aware of other users of the area and give way to them where necessary, we do not have priority on any part of the course. In particular be aware that the footpath narrows for a while just before turning right into Hercies Road
Avoid spitting and nasal clearance
If you experience COVID symptoms soon after the event, then please make this known through the Government’s Track & Trace system
Further instructions in the form of a full race briefing will be sent to entrants prior to the event
You take part entirely at your own risk
This run is obviously subject to cancellation or change depending on rules & regulations of the Government, Local Authority and England Athletics at the time.
The route can be viewed here https://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/view/3742804075
Did you know?
This very course was used for the race in 1965 before it transferred to the “normal” course from the clubhouse!

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COVID Guidance update

Now that the lockdown is over and we are returning to running it is important that we all adhere to the guidance issued by England Athletics and the UK Government.

EA advise that in Tier 2 outdoor organised coached activities for adults and children, carried out within a COVID secure environment, are allowed. Numbers are not limited in such groups but coaches must not exceed a ratio of one coach to twelve runners. Runners should avoid socialising before and after the session. Unorganised and non coached activity is permitted but are required to follow the rule of 6 and socialising before and after should be avoided.

The UK Government advise that you can only meet indoors with people you live with or have formed a support bubble with. You can see people you do not live with outdoors in groups of up to 6 people. You should continue to follow guidance on social distancing when you meet.

The clubhouse will be open on a Tuesday and Thursday for toilet facilities only. On a Sunday the patio area will be open for socialising in groups of no more than 6 people observing social distancing with table service only. Under no circumstances should you congregate inside the clubhouse unless it is with someone with whom you live. If you are waiting for your session to start you should wait outside or in your car. Come prepared for all weathers!

Please take personal responsibility for following this guidance, it is not the job of club officials to have to enforce it. This will ensure that you are keeping yourself and fellow club members safe. 

Dave Smith, Club Chair

December 9, 2020   Comments Off on COVID Guidance update

Ruilsip Run Hub – 0 to 5k Beginners Programme January 2021 – POSTPONED

Unfortunately, our next 0-5k course is postponed due to the current COVID-19 restrictions. As soon as restrictions are lifted the course will be rescheduled. 

Hillingdon Athletic Club is pleased to announce our next Ruislip Run Hub 0 to 5k beginners programme. Our next course starts on Saturday 9th January at 11am and will run every Saturday for 8 weeks.

The cost is just £2.50 a session and you will be fully supported by qualified England Athletics Run Leaders every week.

More information and where to book sessions can be found here.

December 2, 2020   Comments Off on Ruilsip Run Hub – 0 to 5k Beginners Programme January 2021 – POSTPONED