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4×4 Fest

To mark the loss and celebrate the life of Tashan Daniels we will be holding a fun club event where all club members and family can get involved.
One of Tashan’s favourite events was 400 metres so we will be running a 4 x 400m relays team competition at the track this Thursday 3rd October 2019.
All welcome.
Races will be graded and mixed by gender, age and ability where possible.
There will be 4 teams.
Each person will be allocated a team colour.
Each team has a manager.
Each person runs once
Team points for each relay race will be scored 5pt, 3, 2, 1. Points at the end will be tallied up to show overall team scores.
If we have enough officials, leg and team times will be available too.
The first race is at 6pm. We expect around 10 to 15 races
Please arrive in good time to get a team and warm up.
Support your team mates from lane 3.
Track should be kept clear during the event but training can be done as usual before and afterwards.
Help needed with time keeping, officiating and logistics.