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5K Masterclass: The Great Achievers

The progress check at Saturday’s super-chilly 5k Parkruns marked the end of the Dash for Fitness Autumn 5k Masterclass, in association with Hillingdon Athletic Club (see Facebook for pictures – details below). Across the 12-week programme (3 blocks of 4), the participants have been remarkably successful, working hard in the track sessions, on their “homework”, and in the progress checking races.

Of the non-runners and beginners, Andrea and Sree did brilliantly to run 5k continuously and in sub-40min times, and Jaz, who was only with us for the first 2 blocks, managed to run continuously for 5k in the 2nd progress check run. Then there is Carey, who only started with us in block 3, but completed the 5k an incredible c10mins faster than target. Of the other block-3 joiners, Arunima, did marvelously well to run 5k continuously for the first time (taking 2:30 off baseline), and Jay did brilliantly to beat his baseline by 2:15.

Of the improvers, Karmen’s best progress check time was a superfast 19:33, beating her goal of 19:40, and taking an amazing 35s off her baseline. Bhavesh’s 22:46 beat his goal by an impressive 44s – and took a fantastic 2:14 off baseline. Julia beat her goal by an equally impressive 42s, taking a huge 2:42 off baseline. And Andrew, who joined in block 2, smashed his goal by 1:29, taking a massive 3:29 off baseline. Then there is Angela, who was unable to do Saturday’sprogress check, but has already taken a superb 3:18 off her baseline.

However, it was Rohit who was, perhaps, the highest achiever – following the coaching, advice, and programme planning provided by a UK Athletics Running Coach to improve stamina, stability, and strength so well that he took an astonishing19:20 off his baseline 5k time!

The Winter 5K Masterclass starts this Saturday (December 16th) and all places have been filled. We have a mix of non-runners (looking to start running), beginners (looking to run further) and improvers (looking to run faster). If you’re interested in signing up for all or part (4, 8, or 12 wks) of a future 5k Masterclass (6.15-7.15pm Thursdays in Spring and Summer 9-10am Saturdays in Autumn and Winter), then please get in touch to discuss or to register, via Facebook, email, or mobile.

Gary Taylor