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5k Training Race Results – 11th April 2019

The results for the first 5k training race of 2019 are as follows:

1PAUL CUDDIHY45Hillingdon17:49
2SCOTT FARLEY47Hillingdon18:33
3HANNAH WELLS26Hillingdon19:30
4ROSS LONGTON36Hillingdon20:39
5STEPHEN O’KEEFE50Hillingdon20:49
6SAM HURLEY20Hillingdon21:00
7IAIN BETSON45Hillingdon21:25
8DAVE GAFFNEY47Hillingdon21:26
9JAMES QUINN52Hillingdon21:44
10ZOE DOBBS49Hillingdon22:20
11PAUL McCAY45Hillingdon22:26
12CHLOE CHARLES22Hillingdon22:29
13FREYA HOLLINGSWORTH24Hillingdon22:34
14MIKE ILLING62Hillingdon22:37
15DEBBIE BROWN46Hillingdon22:38
16KAREN O’ROURKE53Hillingdon22:46
17DENIS CAREY53Hillingdon22:49
18JOHN BIGNELL67Hillingdon23:00
19DAN SPINKS45Hillingdon23:06
20JOHN LUSCOMBE45Hillingdon23:09
21HOLLY FORDHillingdon23:10
22NIKKI TASKER32Hillingdon23:17
23CAROLINE FORD 46Hillingdon23:17
24MEL SPENCER42Hillingdon23:24
25MARTIN SEARLE61Hillingdon23:42
26LESLEY CONWAY63Hillingdon23:56
27EDWARD SPENCERHillingdon24:09
28STEVE EDWARDS49Hillingdon24:16
29ELLIE HENDERSON22Hillingdon24:26
30STEPHANIE SUNGJONG51Hillingdon25:03
31KAREN TRUNKFIELD49Hillingdon25:20
32GRAHAM WOOD66Hillingdon25:23
33MARK ADEBOYE24unatt25:51
34CLAIRE STOKES20Dashforfitness26:00
35PAUL STOKES57Dashforfitness26:07
36VICKY BROWNLEE51Hillingdon26:24
37MARK PARISH44unatt26:26
38CHARLOTTE FORD29Hillingdon26:28
39NIKKI DINAN43Dashforfitness26:33
40DOUG MILSOM79Hillingdon26:45
41CHRISTINA BENJAMIN28Hillingdon26:51
42SARAH CHOWDRAY58Hillingdon27:24
43LYNDSEY BROWNE39Hillingdon27:29
44HEIDI SMITH30Hillingdon27:46
45BILL HARDING69Hillingdon28:14
46BHAVNA SHAH54Hillingdon29:37
47PAUL BURKE55Hillingdon30:16
48LAUREN GREEN24Dashforfitness31:22
49JULIE STOKES56Dashforfitness33:48
50FIONA HOLLINGWORTH54Dashforfitness34:07
51SHAMA MCAINE50Dashforfitness39:37
52MARGARET MAKHAN71Dashforfitness40:49

Many thanks to Officials Andy Torrance, Gavin Collett and Phil Welch.

Thanks also extended to Freya Hollingsworth and Dan Thompson for feeding over 50 hungry runners and to Paul Cuddihy for hosting the quiz.

The next 5k training race is Thursday 9th May.

The next club fixture is the Wilkie Mile on Thursday 18th April at Kings College Track, further details can be found earlier on this website or on the clubhouse noticeboards. Following the race there will be a bring and share buffet at the clubhouse.