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5km Masterclass update

Thursday night saw the first track session of the Dash for Fitness 12-week, 5K Masterclass, in association with Hillingdon Athletic Club. Each Masterclass is limited to 8 runners. Grace, Helen, Kate, Sandra, and Yoko were in action last night, with the others being unavailable but coached on what to do in self-managed sessions.

As well as posture, balance, technique, and strength training, the night’s highlight was the 2 sets of 3-4 400m repetitions, which each runner was tasked with doing in a time consistent with the fitness improvements required for their 5k goal (ranging from 1:38-2:33 per 400m). These times are designed to be tough but everyone rose to the challenge, either beating their time or being within a second of it. In addition, Victoria has reported doing the repetitions within a second of her time.

The picture below was taken after the track session – the smiles demonstrate satisfaction of a job very well done but, if I’d have taken it a few mins earlier, there’d have been more of a “I want to kill the coach” look on at least some of the faces!