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5km Masterclass Update

The 2nd track session of the Dash for Fitness, 5K Masterclass, in association with Hillingdon Athletic Club (HAC), was held last night. Each Masterclass is limited to 8 runners. Helen, Kate, Stuart, Victoria and Yoko were in action last night (and we also hosted special guest Betsy), with Grace and Sandra being unavailable but coached on what to do in self-managed sessions, and  Lisa unable to start the 12-weeks due to prior injury.

As well as posture, balance, technique, and strength training, the night’s highlight was the 1600m (1 mile) repetitions, with each runner tasked with doing times consistent with the fitness improvements required for their 5k goals (ranging from 7:05-11:34 per 1600m).

These times should be reasonably tough (although not as tough as the last session’s 400s) but everyone put in another outstanding performance, running at consistent paces but still beating their target times by between 1sec and 1min (I think, for at least one person, there might be a review of goals following the next HAC 5K training race!). A special pat on the back for Stuart and Yoko who, after a short break, were asked to do an extra 400m (whilst the other runners were finishing off) and both recorded their fastest lap time. In addition, Grace has reported doing her repetitions 15secs faster than her target time in her self-managed session.

The laughter in the group shot below was at the coaches expense after an unscheduled game of “Find his Phone” resulted in Helen using the iPhone app “Find my Phone” to find his Phone was “At his Home”!  Yeah, yeah, very funny everyone – you wait until next week!