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5km Masterclass update

After the record-tumbling euphoria of last week’s race night, it was back to the track last night for the participants of the current Dash for Fitness 5K Masterclass, in association with Hillingdon Athletic Club. In action last night were: Grace, Kate, Lois, Sandra, Stuart, and Victoria, with the others being unavailable but coached on what to do in self-managed sessions.

As well as posture, balance, technique, strength, and power training, the night’s highlight was the 2 sets of 3-4 400m repetitions, which each runner was tasked with doing in a time consistent with the fitness improvements required for their 5k goal (ranging from 1:30-2:20per 400m).

These times are designed to be tough but everyone rose to the challenge, either beating their time or being within a second of it. They were all stars but Victoria was sparkling brightest of all as, incredibly, she managed to be an average of 15 seconds below her target time (and, even more amazingly, we found a strength/power exercise that she liked – so plenty more line jumping for everyone).

The picture below was taken after the track session – the smiles of satisfaction are not only for achieving their running challenges but also for successfully completing the additional exercise of: “memorizing the times for your 400s, whilst the coach dashes off to get a pen from his car” (idiot!).  Very well done everyone.