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A Letter from America and a big thank you

As some of our members may know the time has come to bid a fond farewell to the Janke family as they return to America very soon. This is the start of a thank you letter sent by Kurt Janke to all members of HAC. The full letter will be published in HAC’s forthcoming On The Limit newsletter, but here’s a sneaky peak to pass on the family’s thanks now.

We wish them safe travels and pass our thanks right back to them.

“Tonight was our last night of practice at Hillingdon Athletic Club and we have been overwhelmed with gratitude to the members of HAC who have impacted our life over the past three and a half years. It is sad to leave a place we love so much. We have come to love the United Kingdom and its people. We have tried so hard to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity and we have found that we have so much left undone here. That means we will probably be back at some point, but in the event we do not make it we do not want to leave without expressing our thanks to all the members of the club that made our time here so memorable.

We hope our paths cross again. If you are in the Washington DC area please stop by for a run or tour. We would love to host you.”

Kurt, Crystal, Olivia and Anna