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If you want to be involved in an enjoyable sport, get fit, try to be an Olympic athlete, or just beat your friends, then come and join Hillingdon AC.

Getting involved is straightforward & simple:

  1. Come along to a training session; there’s no need to join first just contact us via the button at the bottom of this page or drop us an email at info@hillingdonac.co.uk prior to coming along so that we can direct you to an appropriate training group.
  2. Bring your trainers and suitable sportswear.
  3. Try it out and meet the coaches and other athletes.
  4. After 4 weeks become a club member (From £25 a year)



Coaching is free to all club members.
The first 4 weeks of coaching are provided free of charge with no obligation to join the club, although athletes must pay entrance fees for training sessions held at Hillingdon Stadium. To use the facilities at the clubhouse after 4 weeks such as the gym and showers you must be a member. Training locations and entrance fees

HAC charge no seperate fees for coaching as this is covered in the HAC membership fee. To see what is included in the membership fee please click here.


If you haven’t been coached at a club before you may find the training a little different to what you usually do. Most of the coached running training is “Repetition” training or “reps”. It’s a training session where a  distance is covered a number of times (repeatedly). The number of times you run the rep may vary from session to session as would the distance and the amount of time between them or the “recovery” period. Rep sessions can happen on the road, up hills or on the track. For example you could run a distance of 800m 6 times with 2 minutes recovery”

Coached sessions start with a warm up jog. If the session is at Ruislip this will involve jogging to the training location which on average is 1 mile from the clubhouse.

  1. Then it is 20 mins approximately of static stretches and active stretches with flexibilty drills and strides.
  2. The group members will then be told of the session and what is required of them depending on their abilities and aims.
  3. The session then starts and on average is 30 mins max including recovery periods. Distance covered is dependent on the session.
  4. At the end of the session the coach may go through aspects of the session and how people did etc.
  5. Cool down jog.
  6. Gentle stretches if required back at base

Optional extras are use of the gym, showers and bar at Ruislip clubhouse.

All our coaches will ease you into their groups, so don’t be intimidated by your perceived ability based on others ability. Groups can range from 3 to 30 people at anyone time.

Away from the group training you still do the standard continuous runs for endurance on your own or with people that you will meet at our friendly club. Some people don’t do coached training but just runs of 3-10+ miles but the best way of making an improvement over any distance is repetition training.


Throws and Jumps are coached at Hillingdon Stadium, Uxbridge or at one of the West London Athletics Networks training locations nearby.

We don’t currently offer coaching for adults just turning up for throws and jumps due in part to the technical nature of the events and also our limited coaching resources in this area. If you would like to try out some of the events, return to the events after a break from the sport or continue with these events please complete the enquiry form at the bottom of this page.


Information on Hillingdon AC coaches  can be found here



Times indicated are the session start time.

The Clubhouse at 206 Bury Street, Ruislip, is open during the following times for training:
Training from the clubhouse is mainly on the roads and in Ruislip Woods and is suitable or everyone from beginner to elite.

Tuesday 6 – 8pm , Group runs, repetition training sessions and gym/weights available
Wednesday evenings around 6pm to 8pm, gym/weights available
(Please enquire before coming along)
Thursday 6 – 8pm, Group runs, repetition training sessions and gym available
Saturday around 12pm to 2pm,  gym available
(Please enquire before coming along)
Sunday from 8.30am to 12pm, Group long runs  and gym available (Group which averages 7 min per mile or quicker for around 9- 13 miles over mix of X country and road leaves at 9am. Slower groups leave around 9.30- 10am and run shorter distances in the main)

All abilities are welcome, from complete beginners to hardened athletes. Come along during any of the above times and you will find someone at the Clubhouse who will tell you about all the different groups that run and train together on the roads, track and in the woods.


Times indicated are the session start time.


Group training is held at Hillingdon Stadium, Gatting Way, Uxbridge.
Training is at the following times from March to October:
Tuesday from 6.30-8pm. Sprints & Middle distance group repetition training sessions plus Throws & Jumps

Thursday from 6.30-8pm Sprints & Middle distance group repetition training sessions.

Saturday from 10am Sprints/jumps group  training sessions.(Please enquire before coming along because these sessions aren’t always held.) Please check before going to the stadium during the winter.


All abilities are welcome to train at the track even if the athlete doesn’t intend to do track and field events because it is a safe controlled environment however the vast majority of adult running complete beginners train from Ruislip where it is a more relaxed, friendly environment in general .
We offer a wide range of coaching for athletes wanting to improve their speed, endurance or do field events.
Our field eventers, sprinters and main women’s middle distance group along with some of the middle distance men are based at the track along with the junior athletes.

We have training groups to suit all levels of fitness and goals so you will be sure to find one that suits you. So whether you’re trying to achieve a personal best or simply want to get fit, we have something for you, no need to run or train alone any more!


If you have any questions about joining and training that aren’t answered on this website, please click the enquiry button

Click Here

or email us at info@hillingdonac.co.uk

Membership forms and details of the benefits of joining HAC are here.