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AVIVA Sports Hall London regional finals

On Saturday 11th February, HAC junior coaches took a team of Under 13’s consisting of 12 boys and 12 girls to represent West London at the Aviva Sportshall London Regional Finals which was held at the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre.

This was the first time the club has taken part in this event and on top of this we only had about 6 weeks of training.  During this period, both teams trained very hard and there were several new club athletes in the team. Despite the short preparation both teams finished 2nd overall and the boys were only four points away from the national finals at Birmingham.

There was great team support throughout the whole day and the atmosphere inside was electric, you definitely knew where the Hillingdon AC team were sitting.  It was fantastic to see so many parents supporting the club and we hope to see you all during the summer track season.

Click “more” for some of the outstanding individual performances to mention:

NiamhMcGuigan1st2 lap relay22.6 sec
NiamhMcGuigan1stShotput8.16 m
Callie Sinclair3rdVertical jump42
Maisie Morris2nd2 lap relay24.1 sec
Shade Owomoyela2ndStanding Long Jump2.02 m
Cameron Russell2nd2 lap replay22.8 sec
Cameron Russell3rdSpeed Bounce68 jumps
Kirk O’Rourke3rd4 lap replay51.7 secs
Alexander Kotelawala2ndStanding Triple Jump6.62 m
Aaron Connell2ndHigh Jump1.39m
D’ShauneMcWayne2ndStanding Long Jump2.05 m
Kyle Watson3rdHigh Jump1.10 m
Kyle Watson2ndStanding Triple Jump6.62 m


Team results

4 x 2 Relay1stNiamhMcGuigan
  Celine Clarke
  Callie Sinclair
  Maisie Morris
4 x 1 Relay1stShade Owomoyela
  Callie Sinclair
  Celine Clarke
  Lauren Medcalf
4 x 2 Relay1stD’ShauneMcWayne
  Alexander Kotelawala
  Kyle Watson
  Michael How

 Full boys results

Full girst results

Many congratulations to everyone on a fantastic team result. Thank you to the athletes, parents and officials but most of all a big thank you to our Team Managers Diane Gibbons and Courtney Clarke for making this event possible.  We are already looking forward to next year’s event!

By Alison Alford

What is sports hall athletics?

If you have never seen sports hall athletics before it condenses the skills and events from a full outdoor programme into a safe indoor environment for younger athletes. Events like foam javelin need little description but speed bounce is a matt with a 20cm hurdle in the middle of it. The competitor jumps two footed either side of the hurdle as many times as they can in 30 seconds.  To watch video’s of sports hall events go to http://www.sportshall.org/VTL/Sportshall_Primary_Video.aspx