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Southern Athletics League

The SAL starts on the 20th June 2021 at Harrow. The team is in need of more athletes. If you are available please contact Keith Seldon at keith.seldon1957@gmail.com or 07825623096

Fixture details. This is classed as fixture 2. https://www.southernathletics.org.uk/assets/files/SALtimetablex.pdf

Clubs we are competing against https://www.southernathletics.org.uk/fixtures_nwlondon.html

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Cross Country Dates for your Diary

Met League Cross Country Fixtures 2021/22:
Saturday 16th October 2021, Claybury (Hosted by WGEL)
Saturday 13th November 2021, WGC (Hosted by Herts Phoenix)
Saturday 4th December 2021, Uxbridge (Hosted by Hillingdon)
Saturday 15th January 2022, Wormwood Scrubs (Hosted by TVH)
Saturday 19th February 2022, Trent Park (Hosted by Barnet & District)
North London Cross Country Champs
Sat 30th October 2021, Uxbridge

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Dave Cobb and Harvey Trudgett

Hillingdon AC remember two longstanding members we have sadly lost recently.
Dave Cobb at 84 & Harvey Trudgett at 87. Both were former Finchley Harriers and good runners in their day.
Harvey did an enormous amount of work for our club holding committee posts of Club Treasurer and Clubhouse Secretary.
Dave also did a great deal including Club Secretary, Coaching Secretary and was President between 1979 and 1981.
Our thoughts are with their families.

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June 5k Training Race

The June 5k Training Race will be held on 10/6/21 at 6.40pm.
As with the previous events this year this race will be pre-entry only with a limit of 48 runners, paid up HAC members only.
There will again be a bbq at the clubhouse afterwards. Cost id £5 with meat and veggie options available.
Race entrants can order their food on the entry form, anyone else can order by posting on the Facebook thread or informing a member of the Clubhouse team.

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Could I please ask that all coaches and life members complete the membership form on the club website, ticking the relevant box. This will ensure that we have a complete record of club members and their relevant details including medical history and NOK. 

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Congratulations to our 5k course participants

Congratulations to all those who completed the 0-5k course this weekend and celebrated their achievements with a 5k at Rickmansworth Aquadrome. Well done to all of you and we hope to see you at club fixtures soon!

Look out for our next 0-5k course coming soon. 

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HAC Management Committee Meeting dates – 2021

Management Committee dates for 2021 are as follows:

2nd June
13th September
6th December

If you have any questions/ suggestions/ ideas etc that you would like to raise/present to the committee, please send a message to the address below and they will be added to the agenda for discussion.


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May 5k Training Race – Results

Well done all who competed in May’s 5k training race. Please find the results below:

1JACK McVANN16.55A016.55
2SHAUN LAZZARI17.39A017.39
3KIRK O’ROURKE17.44A017.44
4DAN THOMPSON17.56A017.56
6LEE PARKER18.47B1518.32
7HANNAH WELLS19.31B1519.16
8PAUL LEPPARD20.30B1520.15
9ANDY WOOD20.46C3020.16
11DAVE SMITH20.56C3020.26
12RICHARD JENKIN20.44B1520.29
13STEVE EDWARDS21.09C3020.39
14KARMEN PARDOE21.12B1520.57
15PATRICK HYDE21.43C3021.13
16CIARA WILLIAMS21.48C3021.18
17STEVE O’KEEFE21.59B1521.42
18JASON STEEL22.42D4521.57
19STEFAN LAMMEL23.07D4522.22
20MELANIE SPENCER23.26D4522.41
21ZOE DOBBS24.16E6023.16
22PAUL MCKAY24.17E6023.17
24LIZ CLARK24.28D4523.43
25MIKE ILLING24.47E6023.47
26JOHN BLAKE24.48E6023.48
27MARK HYDE24.54E6023.54
29BOO SMITH25.44G9024.14
30PAULINE FISCHER26.00F7524.45
31CHAO COX25.47E6024.47
32VICKY BROWNLEE26.44G9025.14
33SAM HURLEY26.30F7525.15
34PAUL SPENCER26.14D4525.29
35KAREN O’ROURKE27.24G9025.54
36VIVEK UPADHYAY27.31G9026.01
37ALICE COBURN27.38F7526.23
38PREENA DIVECHA32.14H10530.29
39SHARON TALBOT33.09H10531.24
40SALLY BUNDOCK33.51H10532.06
41ALAN WELLS34.03H10532.18
42LYNDSEY BROWNE34.14H10532.29
43ANGELA DUNCAN40.25H10538.40

Many thanks to the organisers and officials who made this event possible

We plan to run the next race on Thursday 10th June, local restrictions permitting.

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HAC BACKYARD CHALLENGE – Sunday 30th May 2021

We’re a week away from the next event at the HAC clubhouse, the HAC Backyard Challenge on Sunday 30th May. In case you’ve forgotten, next weekend is a longer one thanks to the bank holiday on Monday 31st May!

If you plan to participate in the race and/or want food from the BBQ, please complete the following form:


This is especially important if you want to eat, so we can buy the correct amount of food!

As mentioned previously, the ultimate aim is to complete all 10 laps of 5km. Anyone is free to complete as many (or little) laps as they like though, with the first lap starting at 10am and the last at 7pm. You can also start at whatever time works for you (i.e. if you fancy running a couple of laps only towards the end, you can join the race from 6pm).

Hopefully the above makes sense…if not, feel free to fire any questions to James Laing.


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Eulogy for our friend and club member Jim Leith- rest in peace

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COVID surge testing in Ruislip

In view of the surge testing to detect any further cases of the South African variant in some Ruislip postcodes it is even more important that you follow COVID guidelines when attending the clubhouse and track. Hands Face Space Ventilation. If you live in one of the affected postcodes please register for a test.

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Jim Leith funeral

Jim’s funeral will be held on Friday 7th May at Breakspear Crematorium. Attendance at funerals is currently limited to 30 people due to COVID restrictions. Therefore the hearse will be doing a lap of the club car park at 11. 45am for those who wish to pay their respects. Please observe social distancing if you plan to attend.

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Jim Leith

It is with deep regret that I have to inform you of the news that our dear friend and club member Jim Leith has sadly passed away. May he rest in peace.

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Cardiac Risk in the Young

In 80% of cases of sudden cardiac death there are no prior symptoms. Screening programmes help to detect underlying problems and enable treatments and lifestyle changes to be put in place to minimise the risk of death in those identified at risk.

A simple ECG which records the electrical activity of the heart will diagnose most cardiac abnormalities resulting in sudden cardiac death. If necessary an ultrasound scan of the heart can also be carried out.

An organisation called CRY ( cardiac risk in the young) provides a screening programme for which there is usually no charge. They operate this for the general public aged 14-35.

Anyone can book a place through www.testmyheart.org.uk

Screenings will start again this summer.

You may not be aware but some years ago a young athlete of another club died during a Met League fixture. These tests can literally be a lifesaver.

Please consider booking a screening if you are within the age category.

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April 2021 5k Training Race -Results

After a six months break and a sterling effort by our team of volunteers the 5k training race was back at Ruislip on Thursday 8th April. Hosted within COVID-19 guidelines, 37 HAC members kicked off the return to club events and the 2021 Summer Series.

Congratulations to Kirk O’Rourke who finished first in 17.36 and Hannah Wells who was first lady home in 18.51. Well done to all who competed, full results are below:

1KIRK O’ROURKE17.36A017.36
2SHAUN LAZZARI17.41A017.41
3HANNAH WELLS18.51A018.51
4DAVE SMITH20.23B1520.08
5MICHAELA MAYOR20.25B1520.10
6ANDY WOOD20.21A020.21
7CLARA HIGGS20.37B1520.22
9KARMEN PARDOE20.50A020.50
10SPENCER HARDING21.36C3021.06
11CIARA WILLIAMS21.41C3021.11
12STEVE O’KEEFE21.32B1521.17
13JEREMY COX22.17D4521.32
14CAROLINE FORD22.18C3021.48
15JASON STEEL22.33D4521.48
16LYNN HYDE22.41D4521.56
17MELANIE SPENCER23.20D4522.35
18STEFAN LAMMEL23.41E6022.41
19MARTIN SEARLE23.34D4522.49
20ZOE DOBBS23.55E6022.55
21PAUL MCKAY23.58E6022.58
22JOHN DOBBS23.54D4523.09
24MIKE ILLING24.44E6023.44
26ALICE COBURN25.36F7524.21
27SAM HURLEY25.55G9024.25
28MARK HYDE25.45F7524.30
29BOO SMITH26.08F7524.53
30ELLIE HENDERSON26.13F7524.58
31NASTARAN SEPANJ26.57G9025.27
32VICKY BROWNLEE26.59G9025.29
33BHAVNA QUINN28.10G9026.40
34BILL HARDING28.17G9026.47
35LYNDSEY BROWNE34.09H10532.24
36SALLY BUNDOCK34.56H10533.11
37ANGELA DUNCAN40.25H10538.40


A huge thank you to all involved in making this event happen; Dan Spinks, Gavin Collett and Andy Torrance and all those who marshalled the course.

Keep an eye out for details of the next training race and further Summer Series events.

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