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HAC Training Schedule can be viewed here.

Hillingdon AC Coaches

Roger Williams (101193/07 MD ST L4)

UKA Middle Distance Coach and Senior BMC (British Miler’s Club) Coach and Technical Advisor

Coaches: Group of 4-10 Juniors to Veterans, Borough standard upwards

When: Tuesday from 6.30pm Track/ Road, Thursday from 6.30pm* Track/Road, Saturday around 10.30am * Summer – Training at Hillingdon Athletics Stadium. Winter – road or hills Thursday/Saturday. Saturday training only if not a track/road/cross country competition.

Contact: Mobile: 0777 8402354  Email: RogW167@aol.com

John Dobbs 3514943                         Dave Smith 2756680   

Leaders in Running Fitness

Middle distance and Endurance (800m-marathon) Coaches: Over 18’s Walkers to five minute milers

When: Tuesday 6.30pm – Clubhouse, Ruislip.  Hillingdon Athletics Stadium (1st & 3rd Thursday of the month 6.30pm on the track)

Contact: johnrdobbs@outlook.com       davidalan.smith2@gmail.com

Idris Hamud

Middle Distance coach. All age groups /Juniors and Senior event group athletes.

Where: Hillingdon Athletics Stadium

When: Tuesday and Thursday

Contact: 07950283451 / ihamud@hotmail.com

Stevan Dokic (1078221/07 L3)

Middle distance Junior boys 13-18

When: Tuesday 6.30pm – Hillingdon Athletic Stadium (Speedwork at latic threshold). Wednesday 6.00pm – Clubhouse, Ruilsip (circuits, strength conditioning). Thursday 6.30pm – Hillingdon Athletic Stadium (Anaerobic) Saturday 9.00am – Clubhouse, Ruilsip (power & endurance) Sunday 9.00am – Clubhouse, Ruilsip (easy aerobic + light weights)

Contact:  07501 083203 / sdokic@live.co.uk

James Flanders (3228003)

U11 Foundation and Throws

Where: Hillingdon Athletics Stadium

When: Tuesday 5.30-7.00pm, Thursday 5.30-7.00pm and Saturday 9am – 10.30am

Contact: jimflanders17@hotmail.com

Lee Milner

Middle Distance 

When: Tuesday and Thursday, 5.30 to 7.30pm

Where: Hillingdon Athletics Stadium

Contact: 00milner@gmail.com 

Susan Williams-Joseph (License No. 2924540)

Events: Javelin, hammer, shot and discus  

Where: Hillingdon Athletics Stadium
When: Thursday 7.00pm to 8.30 pm 


Vicky Brownlee

Coach in Running Fitness

Join us on a Thursday evening. Meet at Hillingdon Athletics Clubhouse in Bury Street Ruislip leaving at 6pm for a coached session. All paces welcome, the aim is to improve style, pace and stamina but most importantly to enjoy yourself. If it is your first session with us please come ten minutes early so we can introduce ourselves.