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COVID 19 update

As the restrictions imposed during the lockdown ease further on July 4th further guidance from England Athletics which will allow us to open the clubhouse for training and socialising is anticipated. Although we don’t yet know the detail of this updated guidance, we are making general plans to ensure that the clubhouse will be COVID compliant. A risk assessment is currently being carried out by our COVID 19 co-coordinator which will enable us to put in place the required measures. These will be communicated to you all once this is completed. It is clear however that the clubhouse will need to be manned at all times it is being used by members. It is anticipated that initially the clubhouse will be open from 6-8 on a Tuesday and Thursday and 9.30 -11.30 on a Sunday. I am looking to put together a rota of volunteers to open and close the clubhouse, man the bar and oversee members compliance with social distancing during these times. If we have 12 volunteers that will mean each person will only have to do one session per month. Without a volunteer for each session the clubhouse will not open. Please consider volunteering for this role and if interested  e-mail me at davidalan.smith2@gmail.com