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Devil Takes The Hindmost



This year’s competition will take place on Tuesday 25th August at 7pm on the normal course at Rochester Road in Northwood Hills, opposite Haydon School.

Please register at the clubhouse by 6.30pm or be at Rochester Road by 6.50pm.

You compete entirely at your own risk.

All Club members are welcome to run, with a £3 fee for any non-Club members.

This year there will be four competitions:

Women                                                                                   Maximum of eight rounds

Over 40 Men                                                                          Maximum of eight rounds

Under 40 Men                                                                       Maximum of ten rounds

Plate (for those knocked out in early stages of the other three competitions)

Maximum of five rounds


How does it work?

All the runners in each competition start together and run up the hill (just under 300m in length). The last one to the top is eliminated (sometimes more depending on number of entries).

The remainder jog back down again and then repeat the run up the hill. Once again, the last one to the top is eliminated (sometimes more depending on number of entries).

This is repeated until only one runner is left, who is the winner of the competition.

So that everyone gets more than one run, halfway through the event everyone who has been eliminated to that point in the three main competitions can enter the Plate competition.

Further details if required from Gavin Collett