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DNA analysis could help improve your workouts

Zac Purchase and DNA Fitness are offering HAC members a discount on DNA testing, designed to potentially improve Performance, Fitness, Diet & Wellbeing . A quick cheek swab test involves selecting specific genes and analysing them to offer invaluable guidance so you can get the most out of your diet and exercise and unlock your potential! This includes:

Your optimal training style
Injury risk profile
Exercise recovery speed
Sensitivity to fats, carbohydrates, salt, caffeine & alcohol
Potential genetic intolerances to lactose & gluten
Suggested vitamin & macronutrient requirements
12 week nutrition plan for your optimal diet type

The Benefits
Sport, Fitness & Health is becoming ever more scientific to aid general well-being & performance. DNAFit is cutting edge technology which is becoming more and more mainstream. It is hoped that Athletes from HAC will benefit from the test and make small changes to improve personal performance, improve well-being & prolong athletic participation.

The Cost – Based on a full cost of £250

Participants Discount Cost
1 – 5 5% £237.50
6 – 15 10% £225.00
16 – 22 15% £212.50
23 – 30 20% £200.00
30+ 25% £187.50

The Process
1. Testing swab kits sent to participants
2. Collected and given to DNAFit
3. Group walk through of results (approx. 90 mins) by Zac

Further information
DNAFit – www.dnafit.com
Jenni Meadows (800m runner) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1Z64_cDn6E
Greg Rutherford (Long Jumper) – http://www.reuters.com/article/us-dna-workout-idUSKCN0XC06U