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EA Tax office get their sums in a twist

It looks like the England Athletics Tax office might have got their assumptions wrong when they proposed club members pay higher affiliation fees to cover a perceived substantial cut in funding. See below list.
Word is that Southern clubs voted against EA raising fees at last Friday’s consultation meeting so it is going to be even harder for EA to push their plans through for us to pay more for a worthless affiliation scheme. However, let’s wait and see what happens next as potentially there are still many twists and turns possible.
Some figures following Sport England’s announcement on their £493m four-year investment in grassroots sport (funding award in 2009-13 in brackets):
Cycling: £32m (£24.7m)
Football: £30m (£25.6m)
Athletics: £22m (£22.4m)
Cricket: £20m (£35.2m)
Badminton: £18m (£20.3m)
Judo: £6.1m (£9.9m)
Equestrian: £6m (£4.1m)
Boxing: £5.8m (£4.5m)

More on this is here on the Sport England Website.