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Festive Quest


This event is a straight copy of the trail quests that we hosted as a club earlier this year.
The aim is to find 12 hidden festive images as quick as possible, located in and around a number of green spaces in Hillingdon. The time starts when you find the first location and ends when you find the last one. They can be found in any order.

There is no time limit, however there will be a time penalty of 15 mins per unfound image. Please take a photo of each image you find and share your time if you are in our facebook group, or email me at mbateman@hillingdonac.co.uk. A pic of yourself during the quest will be good too. If you do it on a bicycle or walk please mention that when posting your time and images.
This event runs from 7am Sunday 27th Dec to 4pm Thursday 31st Dec.
Current Covid Tier rules should be followed during this event including only mixing with max 1 person not from your household.  Festive Quest Map and Clues to print.
Come prepared for mud!