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Gosunder Handicap Race Report 2017



On a glorious day for barbecuing, around 55 runners plus assorted friends, family, marshals and officials popped over to Mad Bess Woods for the 2017 Gosunder handicap race.

In the junior race the first team home were a pairing more used to jumping and hurdling than distance running- Tariq Arieff and Rhys Feauviour.

Meanwhile over in the senior race the first finisher was Matt Smith whose daughter Mia was running in the relay, however as the rules of the Gosunder dictate that the trophy is won by the first HAC member home, that honour passed to 2nd place finisher and crowd favourite Alan Wells (I’m glad I didn’t give in to his pre race request for a better handicap).

Then it was back to the clubhouse for apres ski, BBQ and some great athletics on the TV. I think it’s safe to say that everyone had a great time as evidenced by the fact that we ran out of both food and beer.

Many, many thanks to everyone who helped make the day run so smoothly. A lot of people contributed in one way or another and it’s very much appreciated.

Gosunder Handicap Trophy results


Matt Smith55.0445.04
Alan Wells57.1352.13
James Laing58.1730.17
Karen O’Rourke58.2141.21
Charlotte Ford58.2349.23
Lynn Hyde58.2442.24
Gemma Barry58.2633.56
Sam Hurley58.4140.11
Paul Spencer58.4941.49
Ed Campbell58.5831.28
Melanie Spencer59.0442.04
Richard Mann59.1731.47
Bob Burton59.2743.27
Debbie Brown59.3246.32
Dennis Carey59.3446.34
John Dobbs59.4440.44
Stevan Dokic59.4840.48
Lyndsey Browne60.0052.00
Jackie O’Dowd60.0156.01
David Gaffney60.5940.29
Zoe Dobbs61.1541.15
Angela Duncan61.2561.25
John Blake61.3541.05
Les Brough61.5944.59
Lucy Duncan62.5051.50
Trevor Steeples62.5745.57
Lotte Visser63.1042.40
Christine Munden63.3559.35
Roy Feaviour64.2559.25



Junior Relays

NamesLap timesTotal Times
Tariq Arieff20.2841.51
Rhys Feauviour21.23
Ellie Djeman31.1649.2
Hannah Wells18.04
Tiarmo Stewart28.2348.25
Noah Lawson20.02
Charlie and Mark Hyde24.0953.02
Patrick Hyde28.53
Mia Smith23.08
Keara Ryan24.56
Ed Spencer23.1645.51
William Spencer22.35
Team Mack part 1, Eva, Ryan and Emma30.5756.09
Team Mack part 2, Courtney Clarke and Seb25.12
Rosie Hickell31.4352.48
Elizabeth Brooks21.05
Brianna Sayamba41.5841.58