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Lee Valley Minithon races – Angel Doyle

We went to the Lee Valley Minithon races event on Saturday 24th February, reports Angel Doyle.

My coach Stef didn’t have enough girls for the national X/C races. Myself and my little sister Cherilee entered the 60m, 200m, and the 600m all on the same day. Our 1st race was the 60m. Cherilee was at 12.45 and I was at 1.15. We aren’t sprinters and we were nervous and scared.

Cherilee came equal 1st in 9.6 and I didn’t start well but got back into 3rd place in 9.3. We both PB’d racing off of a standing start.

We had a long wait for the 200s and had a light chicken salad meal with some fruit after. We also rested and relaxed. I was waiting at the waiting area for the 200s. There was a delay because of the many juniors competing. Cherilee raced 32.2 a debut time and came 2nd. I ran a PB of near 3 seconds in 31.6 and came 2nd.

Our 600m were an hour later and most of the girls didn’t race the 200m. Cherilee took 8 seconds off of her indoor time from last years indoor minithon. She came 2nd in 2.11.3. I ran a PB just in 1.55.1 and took 6 seconds for my PB from last years minithon. I started the race with the led runners taking the pace. At half way 300m I was boxed in and a led runner took off. My Coach Stef was telling me to come out. I managed to find a gap and took chase. I caught her at 140m to go and went passed her. I heard the tannoy say my name and club. I sprinted to the win. My 1st win.

Cherilee won a gold for her 3 performances and I a silver. Because it was all about the points we were so pleased and Stef said that we were now competing and challenging to win races. This is giving us confidence.

The following Monday we went to see Cherilee compete for the North Hillingdon borough x/c primary school cup. Cherilee won and beat a girl that had never been beaten before.

This was our best weekend in athletics and we know there will be more……