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Met League XC Votes

Met League XC proposals for equal distances.

I have to say I made a mistake in not putting my proposal to the league for short and long mixed races as these are the options on the agenda listed below.

With the league admin throwing her weight behind a proposal to equalise race distances, I’m sure one of these proposals will pass. If more than 1 passes then it’ll get even more interesting.
I have created an online form for any HAC members to complete to give their opinion on the following…

1. Metropolitan League Proposal

The Met League are proposing that for the forth coming season the senior men’s and senior women’s races be run at an equal distance of approximately 7 – 8k for all 5 races and to be reviewed at the 2020 AGM.

2. London City AC Proposal
Met league motion 1: Equalise senior race distances
We call on the Met league to come in line with the vast majority of running events and welcome women and men equally. We believe a key principle of our running community is that women and men should have equality of competition opportunities and experiences. This means equal race distances, age categories, prizes and status.Currently senior race distances are different – approx. 6k for women and approx. 8k for men.

3. Highgate Harriers Proposal

Highgate Harriers Met League Proposal: RE a change to women’s race distance in 2020
Race 1-3
October, November, December
– Race distance for men (8k) and women (6k) remain the same
Race 4-5
January and February
– Race distance for men (8k) remains the same
– Race distance for women increases to 8k

I have also posed these questions.

What is your favoured distance to race in the Met League?
Please select one of the options for distance preference *

Do you think women and men should race the same distance in the Met League? *

Please take the time to complete the form. I will close the form on the 10th April and share the results. I can then use the results to know how to vote at the league AGM.