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Return of club training and clubhouse

From today, 29th March, coached sessions can take place in a COVID secure environment ( no COVID group size limits). Non- coached sessions that take place in a COVID secure environment can take place in groups of 6. Such groups can take place at the track and from the clubhouse however the clubhouse will remain closed until week commencing 12th April.
From 12th April the clubhouse will be open on Tuesday and Thursday evenings for toilet facilities, myself and Andy Torrance will open at 6.00 pm and close up by 8.00 pm.       
Sunday mornings we will be open for teas and coffees on the patio area, social distancing rules will still apply so no more than 6 to a table and it will be table service only.     Kathy Davidson will organise the rota for Sunday mornings, from 9.30 am to 12.00 pm, please email Kathy to go onto the rota.
The gym can be used HOWEVER I need a volunteer to organise the booking of the gym as it will need to be used one person or one household at a time.    The gym will be open Tuesday and Thursday nights, Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings.    
Open Tuesdays for training 
Open Thursdays for training and social beers afterwards 
Open Saturday afternoons for training from 2pm to 4pm 
Open Sunday mornings, following restrictions at the time, so no more than 2 households or 6 people at a table, table service inside. 
In order to help prepare for the 12th April I am looking for some help with decluttering the clubhouse, you will have noticed a container has now landed in the car park which we can use for storage.  This means that we can move a lot of chairs and items that are not used regularly out of the clubhouse to give more space and allow social distancing.  
I am planning on Saturday 10th April to have a “spring clean” so I need 5 volunteers to come and help. 
I also need a work party of 6 to do some twig/branch clearing of the car park, give the back area another strim after the autumn cut and do a general litter pick.   This can be done any time from now until the 11th, it can be done as a group or individually.
That’s it for now, we will see how things are panning out before we confirm what the plans are for June and life going forward.