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SEAA Cross Country Relays Senior Ladies Team – Saturday 19th October

Our small band of runners, Hannah Wells, Pauline Smith and Zoe Dobbs represented HAC Senior Women at the SEAA Cross Country Relays at Wormwood Scrubs on Saturday.

Hannah Wells, in fine form following her new fitness regime of nights out only from Thursday through to Wednesday was first leg. Flying round in just over 13 minutes she took Zoe Dobbs by surprise and was at the change over line before you could say another glass of prosecco please. School girl error by Zoe who was chatting with Pauline rather than watching the race meant a rapid run to the changeover box and handover with seconds to spare.

Setting off in 19th place, Zoe was quickly overtaken by 3 runners up the long drag to the corner before managing to overtake a Ranleagh Harrier along the prison edge. A trudge round the back edge and up the hill through the woods she managed to maintain position supported with a big shout out by Lucy Duncan and Christina Benjamin from the sidelines. The run in to the finish, down the hill and then turning into the wind meant being frustratingly overtaken by one more runner before handing over to Pauline Smith in 23rd place in a time of 14.58.

Pauline brought the cutest support team along with 3 year old Daniel shouting run mum run and so she did.    A great run considering she’s been out of the racing scene for some time, Pauline battled with a London City runner over the last 100 meters and was just pipped on the line in a time of 15.58 to bring us home in 26th place out of 38 teams.

Thank you to Lucy, Christina, James Laing and young Daniel for the support and especially the jammy doughnuts.

Report by Zoe Dobbs