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Social Media Policy


  • Strive to always share useful and factual information. Information shared on the group should be actionable information and the group as a whole should aim to be a place for members to share insights and experience.
  • Always be kind and courteous to other members – the group should aim to create a welcoming environment where every member is treated with respect – even when we disagree!
  • No hate speech or bullying will be tolerated. (Hate speech might include comments about race, gender, religion, culture, sexual orientation etc. (this is not an exhaustive list). Anyone seen to be repeatedly making bullying or offensive comments will be removed and blocked from the group and may be subject to the club disciplinary process.
  • You can report posts/comments by clicking on the arrow/three dots in the right hand corner and choosing “find support or report comment” or “report to group admins”. Any comments or posts which are deemed inappropriate for the group/or any comments flagged as rude/offensive or unsupportive will be removed. That said, don’t report posts or comments that don’t break any rules just because you disagree with them.
  • Once a comment is removed, the admin who removed it can choose to comment why it was removed by listing which rule it broke either on the post or personally over messenger (whichever is felt is more appropriate). If the comments section of a post remains unsupportive or overly divisive, the admins can consider turning off the comments temporarily for that post.
  • The group should aim to respect everyone’s privacy. Authentic discussions on the group are great but must remain sensitive and private as it is a closed group. For example, screenshotting any post or comments and sharing them elsewhere on other platforms would go against this rule.
  • Please don’t share any personal information on the group eg. Personal phone numbers/addresses (unless a member specifically requested this or it is necessary to do so for club business.
  • No spam or promotion posts should be posted eg. buying and selling/advertising posts not relevant to the group.
  • If you have any questions at all about the content of the group, speak to one of the admins.
  • Please aim to also respect facebook’s community standards, which can be found at the following link: https://transparency.fb.com/en-gb/policies/community-standards/