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Summer Series Final Results

The scores are in, the Summer Series 2018 is over, bring on the mud. 98 club members scored points this year but we can only have 2 winners so congratulations Sam Hurley and Ciara Williams.

Full results are up at the clubhouse but for now here’s the top of the tables:

Total (best 8 scores)
Ciara Williams 183
Lucy Duncan 159
Christina Benjamin 155
Lyndsey Browne 135
Karen O’Rourke 115
Debbie Brown 92
Nikki Tasker 90
Angela Duncan 84

Total (best 8 scores)
Sam Hurley 147
Martin Searle 120
Charlie Edwards 118
Dennis Carey 117
David Smith 112
Dan Spinks 105
John Dobbs 88
Steve O’Keefe 81