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Summer Series Race 7- Gosunder Handicap

The penultimate race in this year’s summer series will be the Gosunder Handicap Trophy on the weekend of 22/23 August. Hopefully we won’t have a repeat of last year’s storms and will be returning to Mad Bess Woods, albeit with a slightly shortened and massively simplified route

This year’s route is a 3 lapper, mostly following the perimeter of Mad Bess for a total of roughly 4.9 miles. It will be minimally marked with flour early on both the Saturday and Sunday mornings so the earlier in the day that you run, the more likely that the markings will be clear and obvious

The route can be seen at-https://www.strava.com/routes/2729736869339654938

But do not go onto Breakspear Road, that’s a Strava glitch. A more accurate route from Clive’s run is https://www.strava.com/segments/25349733?filter=overall

Handicaps will be worked out in advance (any bribes need to go to Screech) but, in a break from tradition, not communicated to you. Run the 3 laps anytime on Saturday or Sunday (Friday also acceptable but the course will not be marked) and send your result (along with strava/garmin link or whatever else you use) to danspinks@yahoo.com by midnight Sunday. We’ll then add on the handicaps to get everyone’s total time and positions

Summer series points to be earned by HAC and D4F members with the beautiful trophy being won by the highest placed, paid up, HAC member.

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