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UKA sinks senior competition

UK athletics have stooped to a new low by forcing the SEAA to cancel the Senior Open Events meeting at Crystal Palace in July. This event was a replacement to the full senior SEAA champs that UKA with support of England Athletics wouldn’t permit taking place in the south of England this year. In my opinion UKA and EA have no interest in senior athletes that aren’t elites or joggers and as such I have no interest in them. As webmaster I have removed all links to UKA and EA from this site and won’t post any articles or news relating to UKA/EA events. So below is the last article I will post like that until I see a change.  This includes reports from the UKA trials and events where our elite athletes compete that are promoted by them. It is a very very small gesture that will have no effect on these organisations as they aren’t ones for listening but I’m prepared to make a  stand for what I see as right versus wrong!

There are other people that are able to add items to this site who may be willing to add articles to this site regarding UKA/EA matters.

These are my opinions only and shouldn’t be taken as that of HAC as a whole. I’m still waiting for our club committee to air its opinion.

Copy of letter from SEAA below


We deeply regret that we are forced to cancel the proposed Open Events for Senior athletes in our meeting at Crystal Palace on 7th/8th July 2012.
UKA will not issue a permit for this event and therefore we are unable to stage this promotion. We are returning your entry form and entry fee.

The South of England has appreciated all the support shown to us by the Southern athletic fraternity, and your willingness to support our endeavours
to retain our traditional South of England Athletic Association Senior Track & Field Championships in the Southern area.

We are very sorry that this has occurred at such a late stage.

The Under 20 Track & Field Championships will go ahead as planned.

South of England Athletic Association