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Update on 2016 Finchley 20 casualty

I thought i would share the below message which I recently received from Kevin Twomey who suffered a cardiac arrest at last year’s Finchley 20.

I thought I’d drop you an email to give you an update from when I last seen you. I was in good spirits back then but did hit some lows over the summer months but managed to get through it all. I picked myself up began walking then swimming then running. Back in June only 3 months after the events of March 13th I ran the St. Albans half marathon with my running group around me keeping a watching eye. From which I finished in a respective 1.48. I celebrated a bit over the following summer months with holidays to enjoy. After which I decided to try my hand back in the triathlon game just, a short sprint, with a swim in the pool in St. Albans again but I did my 5k run in again a respective 21 mins after the bike.

Following on from this I still was unable to run on my own (phsycological) until mid September which is where I began to build on my distances on my own. A visit back at harefield in early October then gave me a boost when they said they weren’t wanting to see me anymore just refer me to my gp. In May my wife had all the confidence in me and I’m glad she did as may never have come that far but for my birthday she had entered me into the Valencia marathon. We travelled there mid November and on the 20th I ran alongside my brother. 3.24 not bad!! I was extremely happy just to even finish let alone in my second best ever time!!

I have since not managed to get into London so booked into Brighton instead for my spring marathon. Training has been ongoing and will be entering your Finchley 20 again this year as a part of the training but determined to finish it this year!! Looking for a 3hr 20 marathon this year.

Hope to see you there on the day