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Update on Summer 5K Masterclass and Autumn enrolment

On Thursday night, runners from the Dash for Fitness Summer 5K Masterclass, in association with Hillingdon Athletic Club, took part in HAC’s August 5k Training Race to check on their progress with 4 of the 12 training weeks to go.

Lois, Stuart, and Victoria all beat their pre-Masterclass baseline times, with Helen achieving a new PB (2:55 better than baseline and only 5 secs away from her end of programme goal). In fact, having taken an average of over 3 mins off their baselines, all the runners are now within striking distance of their goals. And it wasn’t just the current Masterclass runners that shone in the race, two of those planning to join our next Masterclass took part and performed amazingly: Karmen WON the women’s race in 20:06 – taking 2 secs off her baseline, and Lisa improved hers by a whopping 54secs.

If you’d like to run a faster 5k, then why not sign up for the Autumn 5k Masterclass taking place on Saturdays 9.00-10.00 (Kings College Track, Ruislip), from 16th September, with 5k Park Runs used every month to track progress. Beginners welcome. You can pay for the 12-week course in 20 monthly installments (works out as 5/week), or for all 12 weeks in advance at a discounted rate of 50. There’s also a pay as you go price of 10/week set deliberately high because the course works best with regular attendance.

Further info and registration by email to dashforfitness@btinternet.com or call 07710 105086.