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Victory Quest

I have placed all the markers in position for this Bank Holiday weekends, VE Day, Victory Quest Challenge. Shown is the map of the locations and attached is a file with the map and clues to find the 14 markers. The markers are WW2 related images. In keeping with the last 2 excellent quest challenges, organised by John Dobbs and Nigel Ealand respectively, there is a 15 min time penalty for any markers not found. You can run, walk or cycle it. Time yourself from when you find your first marker to when you find your last marker. You can start at any marker. If you have sensitive legs you may wish to wear leggings or long socks.
Please post your times to me at mbateman@hillingdonac.co.uk or onto our FB group and say whether you have found them all or not. Add images if you want. 4 have been draw by my fair hand. You have from 6am Friday 8th to 8pm Sunday 10th to complete the quest.
Just for fun, 1 of the markers has message that has been encrypted cipher. Another marker has the code. You can crack it at home in your on time if you wish.
All 3 are beautiful parks and Dowding Park is packed full of plenty of history so you should find this to be an enjoyable event . Please follow all rules on social distancing during this event.
Please share with your friends and family. All welcome!
The clues:
1: On a tree sapling support in the vicinity of a high curved brick wall.
2: On a laurel bush (shiny leaves) by corner of wall near the Bunker entrance gate.
3: On a log near the large black circle on the gate.
4: Look at the number of the Rifle Range then count 2 bollards to your right and look around back of those trees on the left approx in line with the 2nd bollard.
5: Find 2 back to back goal posts then head direct towards the river to find 4 exercise posts then head right to the large tree.
6: On the main trail through Big Clump find a fallen tree with only 2 large branches. In the direction it has fallen look for the pink flowered bush and head there.
7: On the tree by the small “Attention au Chien” sign.
8: On the cornered dying tall conifer tree.
9: On the tall dead stump in the vicinity of the small red bin.
10: On a fallen tree in the ditch. Find the weeping willow tree and join the ditch near the pink flowers to the willows left.
11: On a branch under a dark low spreading tree which is opposite the concrete fence post with side supports.
12: On a tree nearby a section of metal railing. Find the manmade log structure near the high mounds, then take the small trail on its left.
13: On a dead tree with lots of short branches coming out of its left side. From the summit look to the stadium then take the trail to the right. Take caution where you run on the Ski slope because there is Giant Hogweed on it which can burn skin! They are big fan shaped leaves.
14: On a tree at the trickle crossing.