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Virtual Lido Relays

So the next in our series of Virtual races for you is the Lido Relay …. Although it is not being held at the Lido and it is not a Relay!
Between Thursday 31 December and Sunday 3 January (four days), you need to submit three times to me (gavin.collett@jti.com), along with your date of birth.
2 miles
2 miles
1 mile
How you do this combination is entirely up to you.
It can be one run of five miles, just giving me the separate splits for 2 miles, 2 miles & 1 mile.
It can be 2 miles on day one, 0 miles on day two, 2 miles on day three, 1 mile on day four. (2021, get it? Humour me, I’m not going out much these days).
So the only criteria really is that only one of your runs can be one mile continuous, you cannot run 5 x 1 mile for example. Shorter distances this challenge obviously, so any ages can enter if you want to get all the family involved.
One mile = 1.60934 kilometres
Two miles = 3.21868 kilometres
Deadline is midnight on the evening of Sunday 3 January.
It’s looking as though we will be without real races for a little while longer, so I am proposing to do a Virtual 10 miles towards the end of January and a Virtual Half Marathon towards the end of February; just a bit of prior notice if any of you want to adjust your training for a few longer runs.
There will also be some other shorter challenges in between, some of which may involve a bit of planning!
Happy New Year everyone! It’s got to be better than the last one.